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Abbazia di San Giovanni

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Abbazia di San Giovanni
Location: Spilimbergo, Italy
Purpose: Worship

Claire Bennet moved to Abbazia di san Giovanni after the destruction of the Highland Dream.

Notable Residents

  • Benedictine monks
  • Claire Bennet (deceased)
  • Sister Domenica
  • Several evos

Notable Visitors


Heroes Evolutions

Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

After the headquarters of the Petrelli Movement, the Highland Dream, was destroyed, many members of the movement found themselves in need of a new home. Angela Petrelli used her late husband's family connections in Italy to offer the evos sanctuary at Abbazia di san Giovanni. Several members of the movement took up Angela's offer, including Claire Bennet, who moved there in December 2012. Over the next ten months, most of the other evos gradually moved on from the abbey, but Claire did not. Claire loved living at the abbey due to its peaceful atmosphere, kind staff, and beautiful landscape. One of the nuns at the abbey, Sister Domenica, treated the evo guests like family.

On September 27, 2013, Claire opens the door to her room and finds Hammer standing there. Hammer tells her that he came because he misses her and and because he needed a break from the rest of the world. Claire embraces him, and she and Hammer spend the day together. She shows him around the abbey and they have dinner together. That night they go into the mountains and make love under the stars. When Claire wakes up, Hammer is nowhere to be found, and she becomes nauseous a few days later. She realizes that she needs to go into town to buy a pregnancy test.

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