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Akihiro Kitamura

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Akihiro Kitamura
Akihiro Kitamura.jpg
Character Tadashi
Date of birth 1979
Origin Kochi, Japan
Gender Male
IMDb profile

Akihiro Kitamura is the Japanese television and film actor who plays the character Tadashi.


Akihiro Kitamura has written, directed, and starred in two feature films, "Porno" and "I'll Be There With You" (starring Daniel Baldwin) in the United States. Akihiro studied acting in Beverly Hills Playhouse for 5 years and filmmaking at North Carolina School of the Arts and Los Angeles City college. In 2007, He founded a production company "Disco Cherry" to create the most original and compelling work for commercials, music videos,motion pictures and television series in both American and Japanese industries.