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Alejandro Herrera

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Alejandro Herrera
Portrayed by Shalim Ortiz
First appearance Four Months Later...
In-story stats
Known ability Alejandro's ability
Date of marriage November 2006
Date of death March 19, 2007
Home Dominican Republic
Significant other Gloria Herrera (deceased)
Sibling Maya Herrera (fraternal twin sister)

Alejandro Herrera was an evolved human who was on the run with his twin sister Maya.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Maya y Alejandro

While riding with his sister on the back of a flatbed pickup truck, Alejandro explains to their driver that his sister is sick, and that he and his sister want to go to Brooklyn to get help. However, he learns the truck driver can only take them as far as San Cristobal.

Four Months Later...

Alejandro and Maya are running from border patrol in a Honduran town. They finally lose them in a small home. Maya admits that she is too tired to keep running, but Alejandro reminds her that them stopping means people will die. He then says they will be in America soon and they will find the answers they need there.

After running a little more, the twins fix a deal with a man who will drive them close to the American border. The coyote says that Maya has to sit up front with him, but Alejandro demands that Maya stay next to him. Eventually, the coyote stops the car, gets out, and tells Alejandro to get out. He says that the deal was Maya sits up front and Alejandro in back, but Alejandro says that wasn't the deal and punches the driver. He then points a gun at Alejandro and then punches him back. Maya is taken with the others as Alejandro is left behind. He begins running after the truck to catch up with them.

Later, Alejandro finds the truck is stopped in the middle of the road. Everyone is dead with their eyes bleeding black. He finds Maya crying on the side of the truck and tells her that they'll come back later to bury everyone.


Alejandro and Maya arrive at the home of Nidia, a family friend in Guatemala who also helps people cross the border into Mexico. While waiting for night to make the crossing, another woman waiting there claims to be a healer and tries to cure Maya. She appears to sense a terrible blackness inside Maya, pronounces her cursed, and refuses to be in a group with her crossing the border.

That night, they attempt the crossing into Mexico. When border guards start searching in the area, Maya and Nidia become separated from Alejandro. Distressed by the situation, Maya's eyes start to leak black fluid. She tells Nidia to run, but the border guide soon sheds black tears of her own and collapses. Alejandro catches up and comforts his sister. He holds Maya's hands, and the black tears on her face become clear, his own eyes becoming dark. His power also revives Nidia, who declares that Alejandro and Maya are evil and runs away.


In Mexico, Alejandro tells Maya that she needs to rest. He breaks the window of a Cadillac to help Maya rest, but a police officer sees it. The officer chases the two down, and catches Alejandro and arrests him. He whispers to Maya to run. In jail, Alejandro sees his mugshot while being arrested. The cops pass by the mugshot, and Alejandro is put in a cell. A white man in the next cell tells him he "looks like ass" in English, but Alejandro tells him that he doesn't speak English.

Alejandro hears something going on in the police station, and the white man in the next cell's eyes turn black and collapses, and Alejandro calls out to Maya. She arrives at his cell, black tears streaming from her eyes. Alejandro notes that she killed the police. Maya mentions that she couldn't leave him, and unlocks the cell. He holds her hands, and his eyes fill with darkness as the darkness leaves her face. The people in the precinct begin to awaken, but the twins begin to leave. The white man asks for them to take him too, and tells them that he has a car, and will take them. They leave in a Nissan Rogue with a "Conquistadors" logo on his bumper.

The Kindness of Strangers

Alejandro calms his sister down to stop her ability.

In Mexico, Derek, Maya and Alejandro are driving. Maya asks Derek if he can take them to America, but he tells them about the problems at the border. Derek stops the car and finds Sylar in the middle of the road. While driving, Sylar claims he's been robbed and has been walking for three days. Alejandro, unable to speak English, relies on his sister's translations of her conversation with Sylar about where they are going. Maya tells Sylar that she and Alejandro are going there, and shows Sylar Chandra's book.

Later, Alejandro wonders to Maya what is taking Sylar and Derek so long during a pit stop when Sylar returns and asks Maya if it is them on the mugshot. Alejandro tells her to say no, but she tries to explain the situation to Sylar. Sylar tells them that Derek is calling the police. Maya's eyes go black, and Sylar feels its effects. Alejandro uses his ability to reverse it, and Sylar realizes they both have abilities. Sylar decides to drive without Derek, as Derek is dead, having been killed by a brick to the head.

The Line

Alejandro, Maya, and Sylar continue towards America. Alejandro wakes up to Sylar and Maya talking about their abilities.

When they finally get to the border, they find an opening. When the group passes through, they are surrounded by the Citizen's Border Patrol. Sylar tells Maya to drive around them. While the Border Patrol harasses the twins and Sylar, Alejandro and Sylar begin to yell at Maya, which upsets her. Her eyes turn black and the men fall down as Sylar holds Alejandro back from using his ability, allowing them to escape.

When he and Sylar fight, Maya separates the two. Maya tells him she had to do what she did because it was necessary. Alejandro calls her a killer, blaming Sylar. He then then tells Maya that she needs to pick between him and Sylar. Maya tells him that she needs both of them. He says he will stay, but he will not save Sylar again. When Maya leaves, Sylar, knowing Alejandro can't understand English, tells him that the only reason he is helping the twins is so that when his powers return he can kill them and steal their powers. He says that even if he cannot get his powers back, he still has Maya as a "shiny new toy."

Four Months Ago...

Alejandro is married to a girl in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He tries to convince Maya, while dancing, that Gloria is a good person, but Maya refuses to believe him, insisting that his heart will be broken. but when Maya discovers the bride kissing her ex-boyfriend from two years prior, Maya wishes the girl dead and, as her powers first manifest, kills everyone at the wedding except for Alejandro.

Three months later, Alejandro finds her at a convent in Zulia, Venezuela turns her into the police, but her power manifests again and the policeman falls to the ground. Alejandro holds her tight and discovers that he can reverse the effects of her power. Alejandro notices the policeman stirring and they escape from the town together.

In the present, he, Maya and Sylar continue on towards New York.

Truth & Consequences

Alejandro is killed by Sylar.

Alejandro, Maya, and Sylar are in Virginia on their way to New York. Sylar convinces Maya to use her powers and try to control them on her own. Maya is able to control her powers and runs to tell Alejandro the good news. When she gets to their motel room Alejandro shows Maya a newspaper article of Sylar's dead mother and tries to convince Maya that Sylar is a killer. Sylar admits he killed his mother, but claims it was not his fault and his mother was trying to kill him. Alejandro then tries to leave with Maya, but Maya refuses to go and stays with Sylar. After that Alejandro leaves the room furious.

Later Alejandro goes to Sylar's room and barges in, declaring that he is taking Maya and leaving. The two begin to fight and end up wrestling on the floor. Sylar then grabs a knife on a table and stabs Alejandro, killing him.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Alejandro is remembered as a victim of Sylar's.

Tabula Rasa

While regaining his memories, Sylar remembers stabbing Alejandro.

Evolved Human Abilities

Alejandro is able to use his power to suppress and counteract the effect of Maya's fatal ability.

Memorable Quotes

"Duermete Maya, que estás en manos antiguas, Maya no llores, que eres linda y encantadora (Sleep Maya, you are in old hands, Maya don't cry, you are beautiful and charming...)"

- Alejandro (to Maya) (Lizards)

"Está bien, él se queda, pero la próxima vez que se oscurezcan tus ojos no busques mi mano, porque no va a estar ahi, lo voy a dejar morir. (Okay, he stays. But the next time your eyes blacken don't look for my hand, because it won't be there. I'm gonna let him die)"

- Alejandro (to Maya) (The Line)

"No confío en él, Maya. (Don't trust him, Maya.)"

- Alejandro (to Maya) (The Line)

"!¿Pensabas que iba a dejar a mi hermana contigo?!... (You thought I was going to let my sister alone with you?!... I'm taking my sister!)"

- Alejandro (to Sylar) (Truth & Consequences)


  • Press releases have placed Maya and Alejandro in their mid-20s.


  • In Spanish, Alejandro means the defender or helper of mankind.

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