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Alexa Konig

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Alexa Konig
Book A Long Way from Home
In-story stats
Known ability Pheromone manipulation
Residence TAC Hale (formerly)

Alexa Konig is a member of a group of evos who escaped imprisonement at TAC Hale. She is an evolved human with the ability to manipulate pheromones.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

A Long Way from Home

Alexa walks by the guard's break room and informs TQ that he would have to keep himself warm that night. She later joins Andrew Meek, Dorian Avey and Laina Jacobsen for some lunch before continuing on to Deborah Ruthers's office. While talking to Ruthers she convinces her to swap out Laina's broken mattress for a newer one through manipulating her pheromones. Alexa also reflects how in the past her ability has given her a lot of unwanted attention and that no one at TAC Hale knows the true extent of her powers, lest she be locked up with the other "dangerous" evos.

After an incident involving a fire Alexa and Laina once again join the boys for lunch. Alexa is no longer her usual beautiful self and is instead wearing her hair in a mess, attempting to avoid unwanted attention. She explains that Laina overheard Ruthers receiving orders from Erica Kravid to put even the harmless evos in maximum security. The four campers agree that they should attempt to escape with Alexa mentioning an underground railroad that will help them get to Canada. The group are then joined by Sam Conlon who begins to use his ability to formulate a plan. Following Sam's instructions Alexa begins to practice her ability and later convinces TQ to retrieve some restricted files Ruthers's office. Upon receiving the files Alexa uses her ability on him yet again, revealing his nickname to mean "Too Quick."

As the night of their escape attempt finally arrives, Alexa heads out to subdue Antonio, the keeper of the sniffer dogs. Alexa leads him to his office and knocks him out as she releases all of the dogs. Alexa later regroups with Laina and the others and escapes the camp. While on the run they are pursued by several guards including TQ. While hiding from the guards Alexa uses her ability to cause them all to fall asleep while Andrew causes them to freeze. Alexa and Laina seperate from the guys and successfully hitchhike away from the camp, with Laina promising to keep them hidden if the need arises.

Evolved Human Abilities

Alexa has the ability to manipulate the pheromones of those around her. Alexa has shown to be able to use her ability on both humans and animals alike in order to bring about a variety of desired effects. By manipulating pheromones she has shown that she is strong enough to make grown men reach orgasm in a matter of moments, tame usually volatile dogs, and force a group of up to six men to fall asleep.

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A Long Way from Home

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