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Angry Old Man

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"Angry Old Man"
Old man.jpg
Portrayed by Aron Tager
First appearance Brave New World
In-story stats
Known ability Super speed
Formal name Unknown
Nickname Angry Old Man
Date of death June 13, 2015

A man nicknamed "Angry Old Man" is killed at an evo support group in Chicago.

Character History

Brave New World

One year after the June 13, 2014, tragedy, the old man attends a small support group for evos. He stands at the door to a church's basement and collects the password from attendees: "cockroach". When the group meets, he dismisses El Vengador's efforts just "one guy". He believes that soon the authorities will send drones after evos. He also says that if it were just vigilantes who were causing problems, then the government wouldn't be forcing evos to register. As Tommy speaks and says his name, the old man curmudgeonly reminds Tommy, "No names!" Later, the old man shouts out, "Suresh was right. We are the future!" which makes Luke Collins laugh. The old man listens intently to Luke's views on evos and their "unnatural" powers. The old man demands to know what solution Luke has for evos, and Luke opens fire. The old man runs around the room quickly, bumping into walls and objects in the way, yelling loudly. Joanne finally shoots the man dead.

Heroes Evolutions

Brave New World

In the eBook Brave New World, the old man attends the evo support group in Chicago. Since Tommy doesn't know anybody's name, he decides to give them all nicknames. The nickname he gives the old man is "Angry Old Man".

Evolved Human Abilities

The old man has the ability to run and move at super speeds. Right before dying, he seemed to run into walls and move around erratically. It is unknown whether he ran chaotically because he normally has difficulty controlling his speed, or because he was stressed out by his impending murder.


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