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Arthur's office

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Arthur's office
Arthur's office.jpg
Location: Pinehearst Headquarters
Purpose: An office for Arthur Petrelli

At the Pinehearst Headquarters, Arthur Petrelli has an office.

Notable Occupants

Notable Visitors


Eris Quod Sum

Peter is thrown out of the window from Arthur's office by Sylar. Peter unexpectedly survives the fall without his powers, as Arthur had stolen them previously. Arthur then wonders how this is possible and Sylar does not reply. Daphne calls Arthur to say that she has convinced Matt that she is on his side. Arthur tells her that if she screws up then he'll have to send her back to her previous life.

It's Coming

Sylar is watching repairmen fixing the windows when Arthur teleports to his side. Arthur comments that it's hard to believe that Peter could have survived the fall. Arthur's team gathers in his office as he draws a sketch of an eclipse.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Arthur is doing more precognitive sketches. They include: Peter and Nathan falling toward a jungle; Sylar kissing Elle; Hiro, Matt, and Ando standing in a cornfield; and Noah holding a dead Claire. Arthur shows Mohinder the picture of Noah and Claire and says it’s going to happen today. Mohinder says it’s impossible since Claire can't die, but Arthur asks him how it could happen. Mohinder suspects the eclipse is involved and notes that if Claire dies, the catalyst dies with her and he can't get a cure. There’s another sketch of Mohinder in a cocoon and Arthur warns that everything is going to change today. Arthur throws the sketches on the ground in frustration after trying to decifer what they mean and how it is possible for Claire to die

Our Father

Tracy is talking to Arthur when Nathan comes into the office and wonders what Tracy is doing there. She says she’s there to do her job and find him opportunities. Arthur wonders what Nathan is doing there and he says he now agrees with Arthur's vision but he's going to take over Pinehearst and will work out of his office. When Arthur points out he made Nathan, Nathan says that Arthur wouldn't have gone to the trouble of setting him up if Nathan wasn't important to him. Tracy supports Nathan, saying Arthur wanted a legitimate face for Pinehearst. Arthur reluctantly agrees. Later Arthur senses a disturbance and returns to his office to find Peter armed with a gun. Arthur tries to disarm him, but the Haitian blocks his powers, but Peter hesitates in shooting Arthur. The Haitian warns he can't hold Arthur’s powers back much longer. Arthur offers to give Peter his powers back and the Haitian tells Peter to shoot him now. Arthur derides Peter as spineless and says that he can't believe that he is his son. Then, just as the Haitian collapses, Arthur telekinetically cuts Peter, leaving a cut on his cheek. Peter fires the gun at Arthur missing the bullet as he cuts Peter… and Sylar freezes the bullet telekinetically then disarms Peter. Sylar asks if Arthur is really his father and Arthur says he is. Sylar uses his newly acquired power to tell he's lying. Sylar says Peter isn't a killer but Sylar is. He then releases the bullet, which goes though Arthur's head, killing him. Sylar says Peter doesn't have anything he needs and leaves. Peter tells the Haitian to go after Sylar. He picks up his gun and stands over his father's body, quietly telling him that it's over.


At Pinehearst, Peter looks up from his dead father as Nathan enters. Nathan says, "You finally did it", but Peter explains that Sylar was responsible. Peter says it had to end that way and the formula needs to be destroyed, but Nathan says it’s too late and the Marines have already received the formula. Nathan says the plan to give people abilities now belongs to them and warns Peter not to get in the way. Nathan wonders how long it’ll be before Peter shoots him, and he plans to finish what Arthur started. Nathan reaches for the gun and warns Peter he’s going to have to choose a side. Peter apologizes and starts to hand him the gun, but then knocks him unconscious. Later Scott enters the office to help Nathan, but is killed by Knox who guards Nathan so Peter and Flint can destroy the formula. Nathan attacks Knox and is nearly killed by him, but is saved by Tracy who freezes Knox, killing him. Nathan fires Tracy and heads off to stop Peter and Flint while Tracy stays behind to find the formula paper. She locates Arthur's safe and retrieves the paper from it, but it's stolen from her by Hiro and Daphne. The office is later destroyed when Pinehearst explodes.


  • In his blog Greg Beeman sees two major metaphoric images in the “X” and a Christian Cross. In Dual, "behind Peter I framed in an 'X' because I figured Peter has double-crossed his family and is at a cross-roads he can't return from".

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