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Audrey Hanson

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Audrey Hanson
Audrey Hanson.jpg
Portrayed by Clea DuVall
First appearance Don't Look Back
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupation FBI Agent

Audrey Hanson is an FBI agent involved in the Sylar case.

Character History

Don't Look Back

While at the scene of a murdered family (a crime for which Sylar is the prime suspect), Audrey witnesses Officer Matt Parkman finding the only survivor, a little girl, in a hidden room without any help. When he is unable to explain why he knows the name "Sylar", which only six people on the case know, she arrests him and takes him in for questioning.

One Giant Leap

Matt convinces Audrey of his telepathy and she asks him to help the FBI find Sylar. She asks him to speak to Molly Walker, the little girl rescued from the crime scene. As they approach the safe room where Molly is being kept at the FBI Headquarters, they hear the girl scream and see a man Audrey presumes to be Sylar dragging her off. Matt comforts the girl while Audrey pursues the suspect. She draws her gun on him and orders him to stop, but she is somehow hurled backward. He then somehow makes her point her gun at her own head, but before he can make her fire, Matt arrives and fires several shots at the suspect, who gets up and escapes.

Nothing to Hide

Audrey arrives at Matt's precinct and claims Sylar has killed again. At the morgue, she shows him the burned and irradiated body of Robert Fresco, an oncologist at UCLA. She tells Matt they found a fingerprint seared to the bone, and the CODIS database finds a match: Theodore Sprague.

Matt and Audrey investigate the house and find its contents badly burned, and the bedroom shows dangerous levels of radiation. Matt tells her he doesn't think the murder has anything to do with Sylar because he found pills prescribed by Dr. Fresco to Karen Sprague.

At the hospital, Audrey and Matt encounter a distraught Ted over the body of his dying wife. When Ted grabs a nurse as a hostage, Matt is able to talk him down by allowing him one last conversation with his comatose wife. After Karen dies, Audrey decides to go downtown for Ted's processing. She encourages Matt to call Janice.

Later, Matt discovers that Audrey has arranged for him to take the detective exam as a series of oral interviews, so his dyslexia won't be a problem.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

The other FBI agent gives Audrey one hour to interrogate Ted. Audrey yells at Matt for hitting his partner and possibly messing up her investigation, but then confesses to him how her job doesn’t make sense any more because of the people with unexplainable abilities.

During the interrogation, Ted threatens to blow up the building and Audrey pulls her gun on him until Matt settles Ted down. She listens as Ted tells his story about blacking out and asks him if there are any other bodies they should know about. When the FBI agent takes Ted away she tells Matt the situation is out of her hands.

That night, Audrey calls Matt to tell him that Ted has escaped.

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