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Back Dorm Boys

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Back Dorm Boys

Two karaoke singers dressed in basketball jerseys reference a popular internet fad.

First reference: Genesis
"Back Dorm Boys" on Wikipedia

Two young Asian men lip synch at a karaoke bar in Tokyo.



As Hiro and Ando sit in a karaoke bar, two young men are singing. They are dressed in red basketball jerseys and singing "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys. Though the singers in the bar are probably Japanese, they closely resemble in the Back Dorm Boys, two amateur Chinese students who gained moderate Internet fame with their lip synched version of "I Want It That Way" and other pop songs.


  • In the DVD audio commentary for the unaired pilot, Tim Kring confirms that the reference to the Back Dorm Boys was intentional, noting the consistency of details such as the song, the jerseys, and one singer's arm being in a cast. As well, the scene in Genesis was expanded to show more of the Back Dorm Boys. In the unaired pilot, there are no closeups of the duo--they are just shown in the background of the karaoke bar.


  • The Back Dorm Boys consist of Wei Wei ("the big one") and Huang Yi Xin ("the small one"). A third student, Xiao Jing ("dorm boy"), is in the background of most of the videos.
  • The duo on Heroes wear Houston Rockets jerseys. One singer sports a head band and the other has a cast on his left arm.


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