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(in heroes it's actually a cottage....and the cabin/cottage was not a major plot point in either show, and kate vernon was not involved in the cabin plot at all on BSG)
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* ''Heroes'' actors who have appeared on ''Battlestar Galactica'' include [[Kate Vernon]], [[Rick Worthy]] and [[Graham Beckel]]. [[Sergio Mimica-Gezzan]], [[Mark Verheiden]] and [[Michael Nankin]] have worked on the show too.
* ''Heroes'' actors who have appeared on ''Battlestar Galactica'' include [[Graham Beckel]], [[Paul Perri]], [[Kate Vernon]], [[Rick Worthy]]. [[Sergio Mimica-Gezzan]], [[Michael Nankin]], and [[Mark Verheiden]] have worked on the show too.


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Battlestar Galactica

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"Battlestar Galactica" on Wikipedia

The television show Battlestar Galactica is very popular science fiction series. Hiro makes reference to the show after Damien scrambles his brain.


Battlestar Galactica began as a 1978 television show, but was "reimagined" by Star Trek veteran Ronald D. Moore in 2003. Both shows concern the destruction of the Twelve Colonies by the Cylons (robots) who are determined to eradicate the human race. The few remaining survivors, led by William Adama, search out the mythical Thirteenth Colony on a planet called Earth. The reimagined series received widespread critical praise and is often credited with redefining science fiction in the modern era.



A Union Wells High School student wears a Battlestar Galactica shirt.

Upon This Rock

After Damien has "scrambled" Hiro's brain into "fanboy soup", Hiro sees a woman being robbed by a purse thief. Hiro defeats the thief and returns the purse to the woman. He then turns to the passersby on the Tokyo street and announces, "Citizens of Caprica. You are saved. The Cylon has been defeated!"



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