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Black-haired cheerleader

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Black-haired cheerleader
First appearance Betty, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Occupation Student

A black-haired cheerleader goes to Betty's high school and makes fun of Betty.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 1

In a high school bathroom, three girls gossip about other students. The talk turns to derogatory remarks about Betty. Slowly, the redhead student's face develops lesions and boils. When the black-haired student notices, she gets freaked out and flees the bathroom with the brown-haired student, calling for "somebody [to] call someone". In the hallway, the dark-haired cheerleader is surprised to find that the illusion has faded.

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 2

The day after Crash is found insane in the boy's locker room, the redhead and black-haired cheerleaders meet one of Crash's buddies, a black-haired jock, in the high school parking lot to find out about what happened to Crash.

Later, the black-haired cheerleader is again in the girl's bathroom with the redhead and brown-haired cheerleaders. The black-haired student comments that Crash asked her to Homecoming but that she never gave him an answer. Just then, Betty disguises herself as a new girl named Mallory and enters the girl's bathroom. When the others start talking down about the other groups at the school, Betty tells them that Crash may have gotten what he deserved and hints that the alt-crowd may have been responsible.

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 4

Ten minutes before the Homecoming pep rally, the black-haired jock is talking with the redhead, black-haired, brown-haired, and pig-tailed cheerleaders. The black-haired jock admits to them that he was involved in what happened to Ren Metzger, but blames Ren for his own fall down the hill and subsequent death.

A high school administrator convenes the pep rally and the cheer squad, including the black-haired cheerleader, begins to rally. Betty creates mass illusions starting with making the pig-tailed cheerleader's skin appear to melt and the black-haired cheerleader exclaims the Lord's name in surprise. After the illusions fade, the students and faculty are still in shock from what happened. The black-haired cheerleader hugs the redhead and pig-tailed cheerleaders and asks why this keeps happening to them.

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