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* The '''black-haired jock''' wears an athletic [[:Image:Letterman Jacket.JPG|letterman jacket]]. (''[[Betty, Part 2]]'')

==See Also==
==See Also==

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Black-haired jock
Stallone Jr.jpg
First appearance Betty, Part 2
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupation Student

The black-haired jock is a friend of Crash and teammate on their school's football team.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Betty, Part 2

The day after Betty's illusion drove Crash to insanity, the redhead and black-haired cheerleaders meet one of Crash's buddies, the black-haired jock, in the school parking lot. The girls ask the jock if he and the other players heard about what happened to Crash. He confirms that they have, and that he is confused about how Crash could have changed so quickly from the time they left him in the locker room.

Later, the black-haired jock meets with the other athletes in the boy's locker room. After hearing from them the rumour that it was Ren that caused Crash to go crazy, he tells them that Crash was one of them and that it's payback time.


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