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Blizzard of 1978

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Blizzard of 1978
Blizzard of 1978.jpg
The blizzard causes much damage in Manhattan.

First mentioned: From the Files of Primatech, Part 4
Date of event: February 5th - 8th 1978
Location: Northeastern United States

In 1978, Mindy Sprague affected the weather so much that a blizzard was formed.

Notable Participants


Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 4

After absorbing the energy from TMI's nuclear meltdown, Mindy releases the energy causing a blizzard for thousands of miles. In the hospital, Alfred Washburn informs Mindy of the storm, and says that his wife trekked through it to find Teddy. He describes the snow to Mindy, explaining that it came out of nowhere and without warning.

At the Deveaux building, some of the Company founders discuss the unbelievable blizzard. Angela notes that the predicted temperature was to be unseasonably warm and sunny. However, the actual weather was a blizzard with hurricane winds that were over 110 miles per hour in some places. Angela says that the amount of snow that fell, from Philadelphia to Boston, was unprecedented. She says that there was millions of dollars of damage, thousands of people trapped and injured, and hundreds of people dead.

Heroes Evolutions

A short video on shows the blizzard in Manhattan. The video, taken from camera 3 on 102nd Street, shows "the fallout from Three Mile Island" as "Mindy's abilities cause a crisis of metropolitan proportions."

Memorable Quotes

"The predicted temperature for today was 42. Unseasonably warm and sunny. What we had instead was a blizzard. With hurricane winds."

- Angela, (to some Company founders) (From the Files of Primatech, Part 4)


  • There was an actual blizzard in Northeastern America over the time period of February 5th - 8th, 1978.

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