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Portrayed by Unknown
First appearance Hana's website
In-story stats
Known ability None
Alias brianundaunted
Home Las Vegas, NV
Residence Abandoned nuclear fallout shelter
Occupations Corporate consultant, blackjack dealer

Brian works with Kelly Shoemaker on Linderman's "logic bomb".

Character History

Graphic Novel:On the Lam

Brian was a recently graduated computer programmer working several low-paying jobs before he was approached by Linderman, who offers him a job at the Corinthian Hotel. Brian's first task is to design the hotel's website. Later, Linderman enlists him to rig an election in favor of candidate Nathan Petrelli. Brian uses a "logic bomb" to rig the voting machines but when it fails, Linderman is furious. Brian runs away, makes his home in a nuclear fallout shelter, and gets a job as a blackjack dealer in a small casino. As he watches the demolition of the Corinthian and learns of the death of Linderman, Brian writes in his blog, wonders who ruined his life, and vows revenge.

Heroes Evolutions

In a video on Hana's website, Brian discusses Mr. Linderman's plan to use a logic bomb to fix Nathan Petrelli's congressional race with Kelly Shoemaker. The two initiate a test of Linderman's voting system with Walter, a New York election official.

In a later video, the three wrap up the first day's testing. After Walter logs off the video conference, Kelly and Brian discuss the failure of the logic bomb.


  • On his YouTube account, there is a problem to solve: "I'll be nice this time and give you the first part: ______/ What goes in the blank? Why, the next step in the following sequence!: 6 = 16 = 1116 = 3116 = 132116 = _______". The blank can be found by using the following method: If you start with 6, you have "One(1) 6". You right that down in numerical notation, to get "16". Now, you have "One(1) 1, and One(1) 6" which can be written as "1116". Now, you have "Three(3) 1s and One(1) 6", which is written as "3116". As you can see, the pattern follows the sequence. If you continue, you get: "Three(3) 1s, One(1) 3, One(1) 2, One(1) 6." for which you get: "31131216"
If you enter that into the space, you get onto " brianundaunted's photos", with the link

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