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Bridget Bailey
Bridget Bailey Photo.jpg
Portrayed by Tehmina Sunny
First appearance One of Us, One of Them
In-story stats
Known ability Clairsentience
Nickname Bridg
Date of death 2008
Home London, England
Occupations Company agent,
former lawyer

Bridget Bailey was an evolved human with the power of clairsentience. She was introduced by BBC in its mirror of Heroes Evolutions information. Her exchanges with Mohinder Suresh were later included on as part of Heroes Evolutions.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 3

Sean Fallon asks Gael Cruz about the Bailey case, but Gael says there's been a change of plans.

One of Us, One of Them

Bridget is called in to Sylar's cell by Angela. Angela tells Sylar about her ability, and tells Sylar that Bridget is there to feed him. As Angela walks away, Bridget screams. Later, Bridget's body is carted away with a line of blood across her head.

Heroes Evolutions

Bridget Bailey is a lawyer who has some contact with Chandra Suresh. After Chandra's death, Bridget begins corresponding with Mohinder Suresh. On the BBC website, the office in Mohinder's apartment is also updated with possible clues. Bridget sends several messages to Mohinder via email. (See Bridget's messages for all of her correspondence with the Sureshes.)

Evolved Human Abilities

Bridget has the ability of clairsentience. She is able to perceive the history of an object by touching it. With time, Bridget has learned to control her ability; she can alternately see an object's "surface memory" or its deeper history.


  • The Assignment Tracker 2.0 was updated to include an interactive map superseding those before it which shows Bridget Bailey to be a Company agent paired with an Agent Berk Donahue.
  • Bridget is introduced on-screen, in a preview clip shown during the Countdown to the Premiere show. Angela calls Bridget into Sylar's Level 5 cell and explains to Sylar about her ability. She says that Bridget is there to "feed" him. As Angela walks out of the cell, Bridget screams.
  • In a BBC press release from September 13, 2007, the BBC Drama senior content producer Sarah Clay said, "The character of Bridget Bailey was developed specifically for the site, and we had to run the storylines past the scriptwriters in the US so that we didn't interfere with any of the existing or future mythology of the show...As well as consulting with the script writers over potential conflicts, games, storyboards and concepts had to get sign-off from NBC Universal."

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Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Bridget Bailey for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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