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Car crash victim

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First appearance Nothing to Hide
In-story stats
Known ability None

When D.L. Hawkins and his son Micah are on the road fleeing from Jessica, D.L. helps to rescue a woman in a car crash.

Character History

Nothing to Hide

D.L. and Micah come across a car on fire. As D.L. gets out to help, another car pulls up behind D.L.'s with Hiro and Ando inside. As D.L. runs up to help the person trapped in the burning car Hiro and Ando stand to the side. D.L. tries to open the car door, but it's locked. He bangs on the window, but the person inside is unresponsive. The fire has ignited some fuel on the ground so the situation becomes more urgent. D.L. phases his arm through the window and unlocks the door from the inside. As he's pulling the trapped person out, the gas ignites and there's an explosion. Hiro concentrates and stops time. Still in awe of his abilities, he runs up and starts pushing D.L. and the crash victim out of the way of the explosion. Hiro thinks about how this would be easier if he had super strength as well. Time starts again and Ando protects Micah from flying debris. When they get up Micah calls for his dad, but finds him now off to the side of the road safe from the explosion. Micah asks his dad what happened, but he doesn't know.