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===[[Episode:Strange Attractors|Strange Attrators]]===
===[[Episode:Strange Attractors|Strange Attrators]]===
[[Sylar]] comments that [[Mohinder Suresh|Mohinder]] did not answer [[Matt]]'s phone call because he is probably still continuing Chandra's [[research]].
[[Sylar]] comments that [[Mohinder Suresh|Mohinder]] did not answer [[Matt]]'s phone call because he is probably still continuing Chandra's [[research]].
==[[Heroes Evolutions]]==
On [[March 5, 1961]], Chandra recorded [[Coyote Sands films|several films]] while at [[Coyote Sands]]. In the films, Chandra shares his observations on a force inherent in [[evolved humans]] which amplifies exponentially when the forces approximate. He also reports that there has been an unusual amount of seismic activity emanating from a pregnant woman, who gives birth during one of the films.
==Memorable Quotes==
==Memorable Quotes==

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Chandra Suresh
Chandra suresh.jpg
Portrayed by Erick Avari,
Ravi Kapoor (in 1961)
First appearance Seven Minutes to Midnight
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death September 28, 2006
Home New York, NY, formerly Madras, India
Residence Chandra Suresh's apartment
Occupations Geneticist, professor, taxi cab driver
Significant other Mrs. Suresh
Children Mohinder Suresh (deceased),
Shanti Suresh (deceased)
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Chandra Suresh (Hindi: सुरेश चंद्र) is Mohinder's late father and studied the phenomenon of evolved humans.


Chandra Suresh was the author of Activating Evolution, a book which appears to explain the reason so many people with powers are suddenly appearing. He found a means of tracking and locating potential powered people. He was also connected with Sylar, whom he referred to as "Patient Zero". On a taped telephone conversation, however, he wanted nothing more to do with Sylar and insisted the strange man stop calling him. Before his death, Suresh kept a male lizard named after his son. Eden McCain, a friend Chandra made while living in New York called him "Papa Suresh" because she had difficulty pronouncing his first name.

Character History


Nirand delivers news of Chandra's death to Mohinder. Both Mohinder and a man wearing horn-rimmed glasses are interested in Chandra's research.

Graphic Novel:Monsters

Mohinder's grandmother tells a young Mohinder stories of Kali, but Chandra refutes them; he believes in science over religion. A present day Mohinder goes to his father's place of employment in New York and views the cab in which his father was killed.

Don't Look Back

Eden McCain, Chandra's former neighbor, joins Mohinder in searching Chandra's research, which Mohinder believes was the catalyst for his father's murder. Mohinder listens to a message in which Chandra refutes Sylar's claims that his "hunger" was caused by Chandra.

One Giant Leap

Peter Petrelli tries to convince his brother of the valid theorems posited in Chandra's book.


Eden presents Mohinder with Chandra's ashes. Later, Peter jokes to Mohinder that they're both just cheap knockoffs of their fathers.

Better Halves

Mohinder takes Chandra's ashes to India.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

As Mohinder dozes off at the desk in his father's office at Chennai University, he has a vivid dream of his last conversation with his father. Chandra is arguing with his son, expressing how he believes his theories are correct. Mohinder replies it is becoming harder to "cover for him", referring that his theories are generating displeasure at the university. Chandra tells him he'll see who the fool will be.

Chandra's funeral

Mohinder's location suddenly changes and now he watches Chandra admit that his plan to go to New York City may be a bad idea after all. His wife tells Chandra that if he doesn't go then it will consume him. Chandra expresses concern that Mohinder will hate him for it. Chandra suggests that maybe he should stay for Mohinder's sake, but his mother convinces him not to.

Later, Mohinder has another vision of Chandra in New York City - a vision of Chandra's murder. Chandra is a cab driver, and his passenger smashes through the security glass.

Chandra, killed in his cab

The attacker grabs Chandra's head, smashing it against the glass window. In the mêlée, the killer breaks his watch. Chandra is killed after his neck is snapped.


Mohinder has another dream, in which he sees Chandra trying to persuade Nirand about Sanjog's abilities. The setting of the dream shifts and Mohinder watches a conversation he had with his father where he tried to offer his assistance with the research but was rebuffed by his father.

Later, Mohinder's mother tells him that she heard from Mira that he turned down the job offer and is returning to New York City. She tells him that Chandra didn't tell him that he succeeded in finding the evolved humans because he wanted Mohinder to live his own life. Mohinder tells his mother that he's going to find them and tell them who they are and warm them of the dangers. His mother worries about who will protect him.

Six Months Ago

Chandra tracks down Gabriel Gray at his watch repair shop. They discuss human evolution and he gives Gabriel a copy of his book, Activating Evolution. In Chandra's apartment, Chandra and Gabriel discuss running tests on Gabriel's brain, and Chandra notes that everything the human body does is controlled in the brain. Later, after running tests, Chandra seems doubtful of Gabriel's powers.

After Gabriel leaves, Mr. Bennet, whom Chandra telephoned earlier, arrives. They discuss their respective daughters, Shanti and Claire. Chandra confesses that Shanti's genetic mutation was the portal to his study of human evolution. He hopes that "no one would suffer as she did."

After Gabriel Gray murdered Brian Davis, he meets with Chandra again. He shows off his newly acquired power of telekinesis, and Chandra is quite surprised.


Mr. Bennet tells Mohinder that he knows about the list Chandra created.

The Fix

Mohinder tells Nathan about Chandra's research, and how it affects Peter.


Mohinder continues his father's research by contacting people from the list.


In a Montana motel, Mohinder tells Sylar (who poses as Zane Taylor) about Chandra's murder, and the unknown whereabouts of his killer.


Mohinder tries in earnest to continue Chandra's research. He remembers that Chandra identified Gabriel Gray as Patient Zero, so he takes spinal fluid sample from Sylar. He realizes the key to his father's research. Sylar tells Mohinder that Chandra used to confide things in him, including things about Shanti. Sylar says that Mohinder was always seeking approval from Chandra, but Sylar gave Chandra the stimulation he needed. Sylar calls Chandra a parasite. Mohinder attempts to avenge his father's murder by shooting Sylar, albeit unsuccessfully.

The Hard Part

Mohinder finds a photo of Chandra, his mother, and Shanti.

The Second Coming

Mohinder tells Maya that his father toiled for years to isolate the gene that controls abilities.

Turn and Face the Strange

Mohinder pushes in the lock to Chandra's old apartment only to find that Danko's men have emptied the apartment of its contents, including Chandra's research. The landlord informs Mohinder that Chandra did leave some things in storage elsewhere in the building.

Amongst Chandra's items is a file on Coyote Sands. In the file, there is a copy of Chandra's identification from the center dated February 13, 1961.


In 1961, Chandra Suresh works at Coyote Sands as a doctor. He greets young Angela Shaw and her family as they step off a bus. He gives them a tour of the camps and introduces them to Dr. Zimmerman. Angela trusts Chandra, but Alice Shaw and Charles Deveaux do not. Chandra tests and films people to see their abilities. He tests Angela and she tells him that she dreamed that he was going to kill every one here. When Chandra goes to test Alice, she refuses and her dad helps her get free from his grasp. Alice then starts a huge storm and the armed guards start shooting. The camps are ruined and most of the people there, are dead.

Strange Attrators

Sylar comments that Mohinder did not answer Matt's phone call because he is probably still continuing Chandra's research.

Heroes Evolutions

On March 5, 1961, Chandra recorded several films while at Coyote Sands. In the films, Chandra shares his observations on a force inherent in evolved humans which amplifies exponentially when the forces approximate. He also reports that there has been an unusual amount of seismic activity emanating from a pregnant woman, who gives birth during one of the films.

Memorable Quotes

"Why? It was always this way with my father. Every question met with another question. Never an answer. Only 'why?' Even after he's dead."

- Mohinder (to Eden) (One Giant Leap)

"Darwin said a scientific man ought to have no wishes, no affections, a heart of stone. That's me, Mohinder. It's not you. Go home."

- Chandra Suresh (to Mohinder) (Homecoming)



  • There was initially another actor cast for the role of Chandra Suresh. In a graduation photo seen in Genesis, a bearded Chandra stands next to Mohinder. In a later graduation photo seen in Homecoming, Erick Avari is standing next to Mohinder. In fact, Monsters shows a bearded Chandra rather than a likeness of Erick Avari. The actor change is also evident in the photo on the back of Activating Evolution. In all aired episodes, the jacket photo showed Erick Avari. However, the recap before Collision showed the scene with Peter giving the book to Nathan, and a different photograph of a man in a turban was used. When earlier episodes were rebroadcast, the Erick Avari cover was again used. A closer analysis indicates that it is the other photograph of the man wearing a turban that is obsolete: in the scene with Peter and Nathan, the book shows the Erick Avari photo. Then as the book is put down, the other photo appears briefly in a wide shot, and finally in the next scene it's the Erick Avari cover again. It would have been difficult to cover, alter, or refilm the wide shot, so what probably happened was that the turbaned photo was used as a stand-in until Erick Avari was cast, and then the close-ups of the cover were re-filmed before the episode was broadcast. Somehow, the original shot was inadvertently used for the recap before Collision.
  • "Chandra" is a Hindu moon god. There is a picture of the moon in Chandra's apartment. The moon god is sometimes identified with Soma, the Hindu bull/bird god that evolved into a lunar deity.
  • The story was originally meant to follow Chandra tracking down evolved humans, however, when Sendhil Ramamurthy was cast, the character of Mohinder was created as Chandra's son.

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