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Charles Deveaux

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Charles Deveaux
Charles Deveaux.jpg
Portrayed by Richard Roundtree,
Edwin Hodge (in 1961)
First appearance Genesis
In-story stats
Known ability Telepathy
Age at least 70
Date of birth between 1934 and 1936
Date of death October 7, 2006
Home New York, NY
Residence Charles Deveaux's apartment
Occupation Founding member of the Company
Child Simone Deveaux (deceased)

Charles Deveaux was Simone Deveaux's father and one of the the Company's founders. In 1961, Charles was among those who were taken to Coyote Sands, which was where he met Angela Shaw, Daniel Linderman and Bob Bishop. Charles went on to form what would soon become the Company with these three individuals. Charles was an evolved human with the ability to control the functions of others' brains.

Character History


Charles Deveaux is comatose and dying. Peter Petrelli serves as his home hospice nurse. Simone believes that Peter is "like a son to him" and that Charles has improved under Peter's care.

Don't Look Back

Simone tells Isaac that she is watching her father die, and that she can't watch Isaac die too.

One Giant Leap

Peter quits his job as Charles's hospice nurse.

Nothing to Hide

At the same time Peter has a dream about telling Charles about his powers, Charles dies. Simone tells Peter that Charles came around just before he died and said that he flew above the world with Peter, who told him everything would be okay.


Simone tells Isaac that she never did figure out how the pigeons got into their cages on Charles's rooftop. She adds that her father used to say, "If they found their way, we ought to let 'em be".

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Peter has a dream about the first time he met Simone. In that dream, Peter's mother appears to know Charles from before, and they speak about the explosion that will change the world. Charles thinks Peter should be the one guiding the world instead of Nathan. After Peter's mother leaves, Charles tells real-time Peter that he knows Peter is there and that he is the only one capable of stopping the bomb because he can love unconditionally, apparently using his telepathy to interact with Peter's dream.

Four Months Later...

Kaito Nakamura names Charles as a member of an elite group of twelve individuals.

The Kindness of Strangers

Charles is seen in a photograph of the group of twelve.


Charles, as he appears in 1961.

In 1961, Charles is in the Coyote Sands encampment along with Linderman and Bobby Bishop. He leads the teen trio to Angela Shaw's cabin, where he gives her a proper welcome and introduction. Angela comments that the cabins are segregrated by gender. Charles says they came because Bobby wants to tell her how beautiful she was. When Bobby denies this, Charles tells Angela that she's beautiful.

Later, the trio is outside of Angela's cabin, where they overhear her telling her sister about her nightmares. When Angela goes out for air, Charles reveals to her that the boys knew about her powers and Linderman heals a scar she received in a bicycle accident. Charles then compares Coyote Sands to the Holocaust and WWII internment camps, but Angela thinks that their situation is different. Bob thinks they're freaks. Charles manages to convince them that they need to escape, and Angela forms a plan.

Charles enters Angela's cabin to sneak out with her, but Angela wants to protect her sister. Charles tells her to lie, and then goes outside to wait. Angela tells Alice that she dreamed of this situation, and Alice will be safe if she stays in camp.

When they get to Coyote Sands Cafe, Angela tries to call the police, but they don't believe her story. She then lectures the boys on the situation, only to have Linderman tell her they're simply "enjoying the moment". Charles takes Angela's hand and leads her to the dance floor, where she rests her head on his shoulder. They dance closely until the cook tells them that interracial dating is not allowed in his cafe. Charles uses his ability to make everyone in the diner pretend that nothing happened. Angela is amazed and tells him they need to grab socks for her sister before they go back. As they're leaving, the radio announces a severe storm, prompting Angela to urge them to go back to her sister immediately.

After observing the aftermath of the massacre at Coyote Sands, the trio and Angela return to the cafe. Charles appears calm as he and Angela make plans to make people forget. Angela reveals that she's had a dream where they form a company and hide the truth about their abilities in order to prevent this from happening again. She tells them they do what they need to, even kill, and that it's a necessary evil.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 1

In 1963, Charles listens to Chris Coolidge's concert with Angela, Bobby and Daniel. While the others debate on Chris's actual talent with music, Charles tells them to be quiet as he is listening to a song. When Kaito Nakamura approaches the group and asks Angela for a dance, Charles translates the Japanese for her. Charles explains that Kaito has come to "escape his destiny" and Angela agrees to dance. When Bobby leaves, Daniel and Charles discuss what would have happened if they had had Chris with them at the Coyote Sands. Charles does not like the idea as he believes that the people already fear them and that manipulation will get them nowhere.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 2

Charles stands away from the riot with Angela, Daniel, Kaito and Bobby. He says that Chris is the reason they do not use their powers on innocent people. He says that they cannot treat anyone differently and that people are all the same. He then goes forward to a cop and a man and uses his telepathy to convince them to stop fighting and go to a movie instead. The two people leave and Charles moves forward to stop a large group of cops. He is smashed in the face before he can do anything though and Daniel manages to heal him. Together, Charles, Daniel and Angela convince Chris to stop the fighting. However, Chris is then shot dead.

Later, Charles stands with the others after their successful acquisation of the Primatech company.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 4

Charles and some of the other Company founders meet up on top of the Deveaux building to discuss what happened at Three Mile Island and the resulting blizzard. Charles, walking with a cane, offers to go, but Arthur says that Charles is too sick.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 6

In 1988, Angela, Charles, Bob and Thompson visit Claude in the hospital and talk about the mission that Claude and Thompson just had. Angela then brings out a new tracker and injects it into Claude, stating that it is perfect to test on an invisible man.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 7

In 1991, Charles talks with Bob about what it is like being a father and how he needs to enjoy it instead of getting bogged down by Elle.

Heroes Evolutions

A Global News Interactive video reports that while briefly attending the University of Virginia, Richard Drucker met Charles Deveaux. The two shared a love for music, and jazz in particular. Charles took Richard to see Miles Davis perform in New York City jazz clubs. Charles and Richard were both part of a tightly-knit group of friends with like ideals, until Richard moved to Bangalore in 1977.

Evolved Human Abilities

Charles Deveaux was an evolved human with the ability of telepathy, which he was able to use with enough skill to manipulate the behavior of a dozen or more people in addition to simple mind-reading (1961).

Memorable Quotes

"In the end, all that matters is love... I love you Peter."

- Charles (to Peter) (Nothing to Hide)

"I look in Peter's eye, I see compassion, empathy, but most of all, I see hope. This world won't be saved on strength. What it really needs is heart -- and that's Peter."

- Charles (to Angela) (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"I know you're there, Peter."

- Charles (to Peter) (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"You came here because you needed to. You needed to hear the truth before you could save the world."

"I save the world?"

"You've had the power all along, Peter. You just needed to learn how to use it."

"Why me?"

"Because there has to be one that's good. There always has. And your heart has the ability to love unconditionally. Like I told you, in the end, all that really matters is love."

- Charles, Peter (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"Bobby just wanted to let you know how beautiful you are."

"Oh, I-"

"No I didn't."

"What's the matter? You don't think she's beautiful?"

- Charles, Angela, Bobby (1961)

"Hey, we don't allow that in here. No dancing, not with a colored."

"We didn't mean anything by it. Just pretend like this never happened."

- Ernie Crum, Charles (1961)


  • Charles is at least seventy years old. (Nothing to Hide)
  • Charles was apparently a landlord in New York City. The roof of his apartment building has been frequented, both in the past and in the present, by a number of characters.
  • Charles lived in the penthouse apartment of his building, on Central Park West.
  • Peter had a dream in which he apparently spoke to Charles, who was long dead at the time. In the vision, Peter saw events that occurred on the day he was hired as Charles's nurse as if he were present as an invisible observer. Unexpectedly, Charles spoke directly to Peter when there was no one else present. What actually occurred is unclear, but in this dream Charles and Angela Petrelli had a conversation which implied that they were both aware of Linderman's plans, and were members of Linderman's coterie. (How to Stop an Exploding Man) Charles also possessed the power of telepathy and, as with Arthur Petrelli, someone with that power can interact with someone having a precognitive dream. Presumably that was what happened there.
  • Peter also once had a dream where he flew. As Charles woke up and told Simone he had the same dream, he may have been interacting with Peter's dreams once again.
  • Kaito Nakamura, speaking to Angela Petrelli, acknowledges Charles Deveaux, Mr. Linderman, and Mr. Petrelli as fellow members of a group of twelve, of which nine remain. (Four Months Later...)
  • In the CBR Behind the Eclipse released December 15, 2008, Heroes producers/writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite confirmed that Charles's death was mainly due to his being old and that he lived a full life.
  • According to Oliver Grigsby, there was some discussion about the last name "Deveaux" before production began. "Devere" and "Devereaux" were considered, and "Deveaux" was chosen just before production began. In a post on the forum, Grigsby stated that the reason Simone's surname was changed from "Deveraux" and "Devere" to "Deveaux" was so they could have the Deveaux Society. However, no information was provided as to what the Society would have done.
  • In an interview, Tawny Cypress stated that the Deveaux Society was funded by Charles Deveaux "as a means for funding causes he felt bettered the world." What purpose this society would have had or the importance it would have had to the other characters is unknown.
  • In a Q&A, series writers stated that "[The Deveaux Society] sponsored Nathan's speech way back in episode 3." This probably refers to the fundraiser event for Nathan Petrelli that Simone attended in that episode.



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