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Claire's dorm room

Annie's side of the dorm room
Location: Arlington University
Purpose: Residence

Claire's dorm room is where Claire resides at Arlington University.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors



Six weeks after the death of her father, Claire Bennet moves into her dorm room at college on the first day of orientation and her new roommate Annie comes in. She explains that she managed to get into the school with a GED, much to Annie's surprise. Claire says that she tested well but admits she doesn't have a plan for graduate school. Annie shows her a map she's made of her anticipated career future and then suggest Claire put childish things aside and think things through. She offers to help Claire with her career trajectory, and Claire accepts.

Claire finds Noah talking with Annie in her dorm room. Once she leaves, Noah suggests Claire take the algebra class next semester but she says that the important thing is that someone recognized her. She refuses to pretend to be anyone and insists she wants to be known as Claire Bennet, daughter of Noah Bennet. Claire admits she told Annie that Noah works for the government, and she likes telling the truth. She suggests telling the truth, or most of it, is her way of reinventing herself. However, Noah warns her to be careful.

Claire goes back to her room and discovers Annie isn't there. She looks out the window and sees Annie lying on the ground below, dead from the fall.

Jump, Push, Fall

In her room, Claire and an Arlington detective discuss Annie's death. The detective shows Claire Annie's suicide note that was on her bed. Claire clearly remembers that there was no suicide note the night before.

After letting her stay the night, Sandra drops Claire off back at the university, they go to Claire's room and Gretchen is there and wants to discuss the supposed note. Claire claims she might have missed the note at first but Gretchen notes that Annie wasn't the type to kill herself. Sandra leaves and Gretchen says that it must be murder and they need to figure out how to prove it.

Later, Claire is trying to sleep in her room but finally comes to a decision. She goes to the window and jumps out, trying to simulate how Annie died. She lands, dies, and heals, and confirms that Annie landed where she had to if she killed herself. Claire looks up and sees Gretchen watching from the room.


Gretchen tries to get Claire to let her in so they can talk. Claire doesn't respond.

Claire gets another knock on her door. Noah arrives with housewarming presents. She admits she's having trouble adjusting and Noah invites her to lunch. Claire goes to brush her teeth and Gretchen comes into the bathroom to ask if Claire is going to avoid her. Claire insists that she simply lay down on the sidewalk to test Gretchen's theory but Gretchen wonders if she's some kind of alien or government experiment. She follows Claire back to her room and Noah invites Gretchen to join them for lunch, despite Claire's attempts to stop him.

As Claire goes back to her room, Gretchen apologizes for pushing too hard and explains that when she was in junior high, the girls used to tease her because she was bulimic. As Gretchen leaves, Claire admit she wants to trust her but her life has been a series of disasters. However, she doesn't want to keep the secret to herself any more. She tells Gretchen to ask her anything.

Whilst sat in her room, Claire explains her power to Gretchen. The phone rings and Claire takes the call in the next room. She tells Noah that she told Gretchen everything and that she won't cut herself off from others with lies. Noah apologizes for being harsh and explains he instinctively tries to protect her, but realizes he can't do it that way any more. He promises he'll always be there for her and he'll let her handle her problems while he worries about himself. As Claire goes back, Gretchen asks if she can borrow a book and Claire says she doesn't have to. She invites her to move in as her roommate, to which Gretchen accepts.

Hysterical Blindness

Back in her room, Claire discovers that Gretchen is wearing her sweater. Gretchen asks if she can continue wearing it and Claire gives her permission. Gretchen goes to the restroom and one of her books falls on the floor. When Claire goes to pick it up, she notices that it's turned on Gretchen's laptop, and it has photos of Claire, web pages of Costa Verde High School, and an article on murder-suicide. Claire quickly closes the laptop as Gretchen comes back. She tells Gretchen to go on ahead to the sorority mixer and Gretchen reluctantly agrees.

Gretchen returns to the dorm room where Claire is waiting. She denies doing anything but Claire says that Gretchen was the only one there and either felt threatened or wanted to force Claire to reveal her powers. When Claire explains what she saw on the laptop, Gretchen angrily accuses her of violating her privacy. She then admits she was Googling Claire, but Claire says she saw the information on Annie. She accuses Gretchen of obsessing about her and insists that all she wanted was a normal life. Gretchen insists she didn't kill Annie but is stalking her just a little. She grabs Claire and kisses her, and then admits she has a crush. Before Claire can say anything, Rebecca and the other sorority sisters come in and inform them they've been accepted.

After going to meet her uncle Rebecca returns to the dorm as the sorority sisters prepare to initiate Gretchen and Claire.

Strange Attractors

At Arlington University, it's the middle of the night and Claire asks if Gretchen is awake. Gretchen wonders if she's worried that she's going to kiss-attack her in her sleep. Claire wants to talk about it and Gretchen apologizes. Claire says it wasn't so bad and explains she doesn't want to mess up her normal life, and doesn't want to put their friendship at risk. Three black-clad figures burst in and Claire briefly fights back until Rebecca announces who they are and says that they're to kidnap them for their initiation.


At their dorm room, Gretchen is doing an Internet search to determine why Rebecca wants Gretchen and Annie dead. Claire plans to go to Rebecca's sorority house and see if she can find answers in Rebecca's room, but Gretchen wonders if Rebecca is in the room with them. Claire sprays talcum powder around the room to see if Rebecca is there, but Gretchen isn't reassured and suggests she should go with Claire. Claire tells her to stay there and not let anyone in the room, and hands her the talcum powder, gives her a thumbs up, and leaves.

Claire returns to her room, only to discover that Gretchen is packing. She explains that she is going home and doesn't believe that there's anything Claire can do. Claire explains that she called her father and says that Gretchen is too important to her to lose her. Gretchen says she's already booked her flight, but René comes in and Claire explains that he can keep Rebecca from turning invisible. Gretchen insists that she's the target and it may be everyday life for Claire, but she can't handle it and she's just not like Claire. As she goes, Claire tells René to follow Gretchen until she gets on the plane. There's a knock on the door and Samuel says that he might be able to help. He apologizes for his awkward agenda and says he's there looking for Rebecca. Samuel explains that he knows about Claire's ability from his niece and says that he knows what it's like to be evolved. He asks for a moment to talk and says he might have some answers for her.

Noah and Claire go back to her dorm room. He apologizes for pushing her and she says it's okay because she doesn't bruise easily. As she contemplates Gretchen's empty bed, Noah says she's amazing and he wants her to have everything: a social life, an education, the white picket fence. Claire points out he once said life isn't that simple and then wishes him good night.

Claire tries to go to sleep without success and looks over at Gretchen's empty bed.


Claire receives a call from Noah while in her dorm room. Noah asks her to attend the Bennet family Thanksgiving dinner. After much deliberation, Claire agrees to go.

Let It Bleed

Noah Bennet comes by Claire's room to take her to Nathan's funeral, but she is upset with him and says she will go alone.

That evening, she returns to the dorm and finds a note from Gretchen who is studying in the library. Claire lies down on her bed, unaware that Sylar is hovering outside her window.

Close to You

After returning from California, Noah goes to Claire's dorm room to see her. When she asks why he is there, Noah acknowledges that she's mad at him but he says he hopes to rebuild the bridge between them. Claire says she's got to go out but they agree to talk later.


Sylar tells Claire that he has tied up Gretchen and left her in their dorm room. Claire goes to rescue and as she frees Gretchen from her bonds, the lights go out and the windows shatter, forcing the two to flee the room and hide in a closet in the corridor.

The Art of Deception

In their room, Claire talks to Gretchen about her dad's pursuit of Samuel and the carnival. Gretchen suggests that Claire should ignore it all and come to class with her, and refuses to let Claire borrow her car, but Claire takes the keys anyway and leaves.

The Wall

Flashbacks reveal that on Thanksgiving weekend, Noah had confronted Gretchen in the room. Noah had threatened to use René to remove her memories, unless she helps keep Claire away from the carnival.


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