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Coach Lewis

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Coach Lewis
Coach Lewis.jpg
Portrayed by Thomas Mitchell
First appearance Brave New World
In-story stats
Known ability Pyrokinesis
Date of death June 13, 2015
Occupation Coach at Pinehearst High School
Significant other Unnamed wife

Coach Lewis was a coach at Pinehearst High School, and one of the victims at the "Evos Anonymous" support group massacre.

Character History

Brave New World

Coach Lewis attends "Evos Anonymous". Luke and Joanne Collins enter and begin shooting at everyone. Lewis throws fire toward them, however he is murdered by them and his blood spills everywhere. Luke sets the building on fire using Lewis' blood.

Heroes Evolutions

Brave New World

In the eBook Brave New World, Coach Lewis attends "Evos Anonymous". When Luke and Joanne open fire, Coach Lewis slams his hands together and creates a "concussion wave". When he pulls his hands apart, he creates a "hot ball of living flame" between them. The coach is killed anyway. Luke throws a match onto the coach's blood, and it "caught fire like gasoline".

Evolved Human Abilities

Like others with pyrokinesis, Coach Lewis was able to create fire with his hands. The fire he created has been described as a "hot ball of living flame", which he was able to throw (though it still could be extinguished with a fire extinguisher). Coach Lewis's ability also allowed him to create a "concussive wave" which he once threw at Luke Collins, knocking him back. Even in his death, Coach Lewis's blood was extremely flammable "like gasoline". (Brave New World)

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