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Cork, Ireland

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Cork, Ireland
Language(s) Spoken: English, Gaeilge (Irish)
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Cork is the second city of Ireland with a population of about 119,000 people. (The county has over 300,000 people.) The city is located in the far south of Ireland in County Cork, which is the largest county in the country. Several notable locations include St. Patrick's Street, University College Cork, St Mary's Cathedral, the Cork Opera House, Murphy's Brewery, and The English Market. In 2005 Cork was the European capital of culture.

Cork could also refer to the natural harbor formed at the mouth of the River Lee.

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  • The Lee River flows through the city, and an island in the river forms the main part of the city center.
  • Cork Harbor is the world's second largest natural harbor.
  • The city's name is derived from the Irish word corcach meaning "marshy place"
  • Cobh in County Cork was the last port of call of the ill fated Titanic on her tragic maiden voyage to New York.


Four Months Later...

In Cork, Ireland, three thieves are looking for a cargo carrier in an Irish shipping yard, knocking out a guard. When they break into a container, they find a shirtless Peter Petrelli, chained to one of the sides, and wearing a necklace with the symbol on it. Expecting to find iPods, they angrily threaten him. He defends himself, knocking one of them backwards with a special ability. When Ricky asks who he is, Peter replies that he doesn't know.


Peter is tied up in a chair being beaten by Tuko and Will. Ricky accuses Peter of having stolen the shipment of iPods that they had planned to steal themselves. He tells Peter that if he just tells him where the shipment is that they'll let him go. Peter insists that he didn't take the shipment and doesn't remember how he ended up in the cargo container, but Ricky doesn't believe him. Ricky motions to Tuko who continues to beat Peter.

A woman enters the room where Peter is being held captive. She questions him about his necklace as she cleans the blood from his face, but he doesn't know where he got it. She asks Peter his name, but he doesn't remember that, either. She introduces herself as Caitlin. She tells Peter that she doesn't know what Ricky is going to do to him, but that the heist they had planned was an important one for a man named McSorley. Peter explains that the first thing he remembers is being found by Ricky and his accomplices and then Tuko being knocked back by a spark. Peter tells her that he thinks the spark came from his hand. As Caitlin finishes cleaning the blood from his face, she notices that despite all the blood she just cleaned away that Peter doesn't have a single scratch on his face.

Peter tries to force his way out of the ropes binding him. Ricky leaves instructions for Caitlin to grab the gun if Peter does anything wrong. Ricky leaves and Peter continues to try to break out of the ropes. Eventually he manages to concentrate and phase his hands through the ropes freeing himself. He searches for a way out of the back room where he's being held when two men enter the pub. Caitlin tells them that Ricky just left, but they tell her they're not here for Ricky. Caitlin grabs the gun and pulls it on one of the men, but he forces the gun out of her hand and tries to attack her. Peter comes out and electrocutes the man sending him to the ground. The other man cocks a rifle and points it at Peter. Peter uses telekinesis to knock the rifle out of his hand. The man punches Peter in the face, but Peter punches him back and, using enhanced strength, causes him to fly across the room. Caitlin stares at Peter in disbelief.

Ricky returns and complains to Peter that the man he punches across the room was McSorley's son and that he just made the situation worse. Peter retorts that he'll just leave him alone with Caitlin next time instead. Ricky pulls a gun on Peter and tells him that he's turned a simple problem into a blood feud. Ricky tells Peter that he's going to help him with a new heist so they can pay him enough money that he'll leave them alone. When Ricky remarks on how well he handled the two men earlier, Peter asks Ricky how he knows he won't just do the same to him and leave. Ricky shows Peter a box containing all of the possessions he had with him when they found him and tells him his name is Peter. Ricky threatens to burn the box unless Peter helps him with the heist.


In the Wandering Rocks, Ricky makes Peter a deal to get his identity. Peter hears Will's thoughts about stealing the lockbox money after the robbery. Peter mentions this, and Ricky becomes upset at such an accusation. He shows Peter his family crest tattoo, and tells Peter that Will is his brother.

Peter practices recalling his powers, but finds his attempts do not work. Caitlin asks how it works, but he tells her he doesn't know. He talks about how he feels powerless, but Caitlin suggests he's an alien. She's anxious to see him get his identity. He asks how he can trust her, but she reminds him that she hasn't told anyone about his abilities.

In a car, Caitlin tells Peter to be careful as he heads towards a sports bar. Two guards are ambushed by Ricky, Will and Tuko as Peter distracts them. Ricky and Will pull guns on the guard with the lockbox, but the guard hits an alarm. Ricky knocks him out and the boys run away as two guards fire at them. Peter moves an armored truck at them to block the guards' line of fire, and runs into the car with Caitlin. They drive away.

Ricky opens the lockbox and drinks a pint as Will pulls a gun on Ricky. Peter comments that he was right, and Will agrees and shoots him twice, then continues to threaten Ricky. Suddenly, Will is thrown against a wall, and the bullets shot at Peter fall from Peter's chest as he chokes Will telekinetically. Caitlin yells at Peter to stop, and he drops Will. Will gets up and runs away. Ricky looks on in amazement as Caitlin gives Peter a questionable look.

Peter receives a tattoo of the family crest from Caitlin, and Ricky tells Peter that he knows he's one of them. He tells him that they have no secrets among family, and places the box in front of Peter. Caitlin asks if he'll open it, but Peter mentions that Caitlin stopped him from killing Will. Peter wonders if the life in the box is a life he may not want. Caitlin asks if he likes who and where he is, and she suggests that maybe he should keep it that way, and the two kiss. As they kiss, the symbol appears from the tattoo before fading away from his skin.

Fight or Flight

Caitlin closes the pub in the middle of the afternoon and kisses Peter passionately. Caitlin tells him that he can't just forget his past, and Peter tells her that he doesn't want to dig deep because of what he's capable of. Peter asks why she's asking him to look when she told him otherwise, but she tells him that was because he hadn't kissed her yet.

Will is at the docks, and a blonde woman asks if it was definitely Peter that he found in the container. He confirms it, and wonders why she's interested. She tells Will that she works for a company, and they're interested in finding Peter since he's dangerous. Will wonders why she's interested in a dangerous man, but Elle walks away, causing sparks against the shipping containers.

Ricky walks in on Peter and Caitlin kissing, and tells Peter that he needs to speak to him. Ricky brings forward a man who tells Peter that an American girl was asking about Peter by the shipping yard. Ricky tells Peter to go away with Caitlin while he deals with the blonde.

Caitlin walks into a house with Peter, where Peter finds a few canvases that Caitlin painted. Peter pulls out the box, and tells Caitlin that he has to face who he was. He explains that he wants to be with her, no matter what's in the box. He finds a plane ticket to Montreal, his passport, some money, and a photo of himself with Nathan, though he doesn't recognize him. Looking at the canvas, he sees flashes of something, then picks up a paintbrush. His eyes turn white, and he begins to paint. Caitlin stares in shock, as Peter paints.

Ricky sees Elle in the pub. He tells her he's closing, but she asks him about Peter. Ricky insists that he doesn't know Peter, and Elle begins to leave. She asks why all the guys at the docks would say he's at the pub, but Ricky continues to tell her that he doesn't know the Peter she is talking about. She then pretends to leave by walking over to the door, but instead locks it and welds it shut with electrical currents. She then turns around and sends a large spark towards Ricky.

In a car, Elle answers her phone, and tells the person on the other line that Peter is in Ireland. She admits to killing Ricky on the phone. The person on the phone apparently want her to come home immediately, and she shows frustration about not being allowed to get Peter. After further conversation, she says that she's going home, and tells her father sorry.

Peter finishes the painting and asks what happened. He doesn't realize he painted the painting, and Caitlin explains that his eyes went white. He sees the street signs by the building in the picture are in French, and Caitlin wonders if they need to go to Montreal. She receives a phone call and the two rush to the pub. Tuko sits next to Ricky's burned body, and Peter apologizes to Caitlin. He tells her that they came after him, it's his fault, and that he can't hide anymore.

The Line

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Graphic Novel:Petrified Lightning

Peter and Caitlin walk along the Cork beach together. Peter unsuccessfully tries to bring forth lightning as Caitlin tells him the Irish tale of Cúchulainn. Peter, inspired by the story, says Caitlin's name, and is successful in recalling his ability.

Four Months Ago...

Nathan arrives in Cork, and stands outside the Wandering Rocks pub.

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