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Deborah Franklin

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Deborah Franklin
First appearance A Lesson in Electricity
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Deborah Read
Date of marriage 1730
Home Philadelphia, PA
Residence The Franklins' home
Significant other Benjamin Franklin
Ward William Franklin

Deborah Franklin is the wife of one of America's Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin.

Character History

Graphic Novel:A Lesson in Electricity

One night in 1752, Deborah Franklin wakes her husband at the sound of his bells, which would ring when lightning struck his lightning rod, and asks Benjamin if he could invent a quieter way to perform his experiment.

Several nights later, when Benjamin and his son prepare to leave home to perform an electrical experiment, Deborah asks where the two are going on such a stormy night. Benjamin replies that they are headed to fly a kite.

Heroes Evolutions

According to the repository page at, Deborah married Benjamin Franklin in 1730.


  • In real life, Deborah was born on Valentine's Day, 1708. She died on Christmas Eve, 1774. Also, Deborah was never formally married to Benjamin but they began a common-law marriage in 1730.
  • The real-life William Franklin is Benjamin Franklin's illegitimate son. Though Deborah was not William's mother, she raised him as her own. After William joined their family in 1731, Deborah and Benjamin had two children of their own: Francis Folger Franklin (who died of smallpox at age four) and Sarah Franklin Bache.

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