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Dr. Witherson

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Dr. Witherson
Dr withers.jpg
Portrayed by Paula Newsome
First appearance The Fix
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Nevada
Occupation Psychiatrist

Dr. Witherson is a psychiatrist working in the Nevada correctional system.

Character History

The Fix

Dr. Witherson visits Niki in the padded room, and talks with her about her alter ego, Jessica. Niki initially refuses Dr. Witherson's offers of help or treatment, but after a visit from D.L. accepts the offer so she can get back to Micah. Dr. Witherson insists that she has to talk with both of her personalities, but Niki refuses at first. Dr. Witherson says that if she doesn't cooperate, she won't get to see her son for a long time. She gets up to leave, but Niki calls her back.


At the Women's Correctional Facility, Dr. Witherson is repeatedly tasered.

Dr. Witherson works with Niki to manifest her alter ego. Niki warns the psychiatrist, but Dr. Witherson feels confident in Niki's restraints and the presence of a taser. When Jessica takes control, the doctor reaches for the taser, but it is too late. Jessica attacks Dr. Witherson, repeatedly tasering the woman.

Memorable Quotes

"Those cuffs could keep an elephant in that chair. And just because I'm a shrink, don't think I don't know how to use that Taser."

- Dr.Witherson, (Distractions)


  • Whether Dr. Witherson works directly in Niki's jail or whether she has a separate practice is unclear.
  • It is unknown whether Dr. Witherson is alive or dead following Jessica's attack.
  • An open cell phone lies by the tazered body of Dr. Witherson, most likely hers, and later Linderman's lawyer, Aron Malsky appears to tell Niki she is free.
  • Her surname is unclear. Spoilers indicated that her name was "Withers", but in the episode it appears to be "Witherson"

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