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First appearance Slow Burn
Debut November 2, 2009
In-story stats
Known abilities Original ability:
Given Ability:
Ability replication
Current replicated abilities:
Phoenix mimicry
Formal name Senna Xavier Bond
Alias Draphoenix
Age 25
Date of birth June 5, 1984
Home South Dakota
Occupation Philosophy professor
Parents Kelvin Bond,
Noelle Bond
Grandparent Voral Bond (deceased)
Sibling Blaire Bond

Prof. Senna X. "Draph" Bond is a friend of Josh and Evan Davis and Chris Bowman.


According to Heroes: Survival, Senna first discovered his abilities at the age of 15, the day after a beautiful eclipse. He began to know that something was about to happen or random facts with no way of explaining it. He had a family meeting where they discussed how they were all special and had to keep it a secret. After a short while, Senna realized that he could mimic his family’s abilities after touching them. His parents had a hypothesis. Senna was originally going to be a twin. However, Senna's twin brother died in the womb and through some biological phenomenon, Senna could have inherited his brother's ability. Senna then realized that he knew claircognizance was his ability and that he had inherited some sort of power mimicry. (His realization was thanks to claircognizance.) Because of this, Senna grew self-conscience and guilty about his second ability. As a result, he decided that he would use only telekinesis (as he later discovered that his grandmother had telekinesis days before her death).

Senna has escaped the "bagging and tagging" of the Company, with the help of his friends Maria and Sophia. While being high priorities, Primatech decided to hold off capturing them to watch and monitor their interesting abilities, ability replication and ability channeling. During this time, Senna occasionally helped his friends out on their missions to save the world with his strength from telekinesis and knowledge through claircognizance. Maria and Sophia had their personal mission to save the world with Maria's ability channeling by taking powers away from people who harmed others and giving them to more deserving individuals.

When Pinehearst tried to recruit the trio, they were willing to join up at first. However, while they were discussing it, Senna used his claircognizance to find out that they were trying to save the world through mass production of synthetic powers. He then analyzed what would happen in the near future. Though it drained him of all his energy, Senna was able to pull out that Pinehearst had to be stopped, and would be eventually stopped by one with a power negation ability, a regular human, and the infamous Sylar. With that knowledge, Senna set Maury Parkman packing saying that his son was going to be in danger if he didn't go back immediately. And with that, Senna let Pinehearst come to its inevitable end.

Senna's vow took its toll one day during the reign of Building 26. Though only Senna and Sophia know exactly what happened in the past but everyone thinks that the death of Maria is somehow related to his promise to refrain from tapping into the other powers he could mimic when the government was chasing them. Regardless, her death sent Senna down a bad road until he met his future mentor Gabriel James. Gabriel told him that the total suppression of multiple abilities was causing a power imbalance, both physically and mentally, within Senna. Gabriel trained Senna to "own" his powers and to not feel guilty about what his gift is and his past.

Now, Senna uses his mimicked abilities infrequently, but rather prefers to use only telekinesis and claircognizance. Knowing all the problems that are occurring in the world, Gabriel, Sophia, and Senna decided to form a group of evolved heroes to save the world on a bigger scale and with different methods than Maria and Sophia deployed in the past. They called the group the Phoenix Alliance. (Heroes: Survival)

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

Slow Burn

In chapter 6 of Slow Burn, Josh runs into Draph at a local bar outside the carnival. He meets Chris and informs Josh that he has been working on his dissertation dealing with Nietzsche and his philosophy of the Übermensch. He also informs Chris and Josh that there are two girls (a redhead and a blonde) checking them out on the other side of the bar. Josh is quick to comment on Draph's mimicry and how unpredictable he can be. Once Josh gets into his bar fight with Bill, Draph attempts to intervene. He tells Bill that they are not looking for any trouble while holding his fist back with telekinesis. Once Evan starts attacking Bill, Draph accompanies Josh going back to the bar to meet up with Chris. After Josh tells Chris of Evan's danger sensing ability, Draph re-enters the brawl. Draph challenges Bill to "pick on someone your own size" as he is surrounded by other men much bigger than he. Draph stares them down as he ignites his phoenix mimicry ability. Using telekinesis, Draph moves the pool table to let the brothers escape the bar while telling them that he will handle the situation. They take Chris and leave the bar. Finally, Draph uses telepathy to send Bill on his way and to tell him that he would forget this entire incident in the morning.

Evolved Human Abilities

Draph's original ability is Claircognizance. This ability allows one to be able to acquire information without any experience corresponding to that knowledge. Passive use of this ability gives Draph pertinent facts about a situation or person. Active use of this ability can give Draph specific information, such as an answer to a question or what wire to cut when disarming a bomb. The more Draph actively uses this ability, the more he gets worn out by it.

Draph also acquired a form of ability replication which can copy other evolved human's abilities upon touch, without damaging their ability or life. Currently, Draph has shown that his ability replication allows him to hold onto at least three abilities at once. This was demonstrated in chapter 6 of Slow Burn when Draph used telekinesis, telepathy, and phoenix mimicry.

Memorable Quotes

"You crazy mimics, always coming up with new abilities. Never know what you'll do next."

- Josh (to Draph) (Slow Burn)

"Hey, big guy! Why not take on someone your own size?"

- Draph (to Bill) (Slow Burn)


  • Draph's formal name is Senna Xavier Bond. Xavier is a reference to Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men. Another connection between the two characters is that they are both Professors.
  • "Bond" also plays an important part of Senna's name. The bonds he forms with others play important roles in his history, such as compromising his promise to use his grandmother's ability and the fact that his ability replication needs others to maximize its potential.
  • Biological explanations of how Draph absorbed ability replication could be chimerism or vanishing twin, in which one fetus 'absorbs' the other. In Draph's case, he would have also absorbed an extra ability.
  • According to his Heroes: Survival profile, Draph's ability evolved from being able to hold one ability at a time and can now hold on to a maximum of five abilities.
  • Also, according to his (non-canonical) Heroes: Survival profile, Draph currently has the five abilities of Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Rapid Cell Regeneration, Pyrokinesis. Draph has also been in the possession of the following abilities: Healing (Kelvin Bond); Empathy (Noelle Bond); Alchemy (Blaire Bond); Telekinesis (Voral Bond); Telepathy (Ryuhou Boyoshi); Ability Channeling (Maria Roberts); Electric Manipulation (Sophia Roberts); Lumokinesis; Phasing (Tobias Falcon); Phoenix Mimicry (Gabriel James); Precognition; Rapid Cell Regeneration (Sophia Roberts); Teleportation; Pyrokinesis

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