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Duzac's Diner

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Duzac's Diner
Duzac's Diner.jpg
Location: New Orleans, LA
Purpose: Abandoned diner

A gang member abducts Monica and keeps her in the abandoned Duzac's Diner.

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After Monica is captured following her unsuccessful attempt to retrieve Micah's comics, a gang member brings her to Duzac's Diner and ties her to a pillar. He pours gasoline around the abandoned restaurant, and rants that in the real world, heroes die. The kidnapper takes the St. Joan edition of 9th Wonders! and lights it aflame before dropping it and starting a fire.

Meanwhile, Micah uses a cell phone to find the diner. He and Niki arrive in time to see the fire start. Outside the diner, Niki knocks out the arsonist out and rushes into the burning diner. She unties Monica and lifts a burning pillar, allowing Monica to escape. Monica runs out just before the diner explodes, with Niki inside.


  • According to Niki's cell phone, Duzac's diner is located at North Galvez Street and Annette Street.
  • A duzac is the name commonly used to refer to the alcoholic drink of gin and pomegranate juice.

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