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Enhanced strength and senses

Mohinder climbs the walls of his loft.
Held by: Mohinder Suresh (synthetic, corrected )
Ability to: Possess enhanced human senses, instinct, and strength, and to create cocoons
Examples of enhanced strength and senses

Mohinder's ability is an as-yet not fully understood ability acquired by Mohinder after he injected himself with an ad hoc version of a genetic modification formula.

Initially, it granted him strength, improved senses, flexibility, and stamina greater than that of a normal human. He was also able to secrete a slimy substance that could be formed into cocoons and also could be used to scale walls. Mohinder gained this ability through an injection. The formula was flawed, however, causing adverse side effects including scaly skin lesions and impaired breathing.



Mohinder Suresh

Initial Limits

By injecting himself with a genetic modification formula, Mohinder acquired an artificially induced ability with several effects. He initially described these abilities as being the next step in human evolution, while still remaining completely human, but has since said something has gone terribly wrong with the formula.

Mohinder first seemed to demonstrate simple enhanced strength: he crushes a gun with one hand, he jumps from a prone position to his feet, and he fights off two muggers (The Second Coming). The next day, he claims to have boundless energy, can easily hang upside down, and can fall from a height and land on his feet without getting hurt. He also claims to have heightened senses, and he is able to climb a wall without any need for handholds. Later, Mohinder's ability advanced further, granting him the ability to jump great bounds, as seen when he jumps straight through a window in the top of his lab with Maya in tow. (Eris Quod Sum)

His hearing was sensitive enough to hear fighting between a woman and her abusive husband in a nearby apartment that he could not hear before (I Am Become Death).

Adverse Side Effects

The injection has also produced less desirable effects. The second morning after the injection, Mohinder's back showed peeling, weeping sores (The Butterfly Effect). By the events of Dying of the Light, these scales have spread to his forearms. His hands began to produce a thick green slime, and his behavior became more aggressive and erratic. He snapped harshly at Maya and beat his neighbor with little provocation. He also showed an aversion to bright lights and his veins started to pulsate abnormally (The Butterfly Effect). It is not yet clear whether these symptoms were aspects of his new ability or were side effects of the injection.

Mohinder was able to shape the slime he produced into cocoons, which he used to imprison three people. Those encased in the cocoons seemed to be almost totally paralyzed. (Angels and Monsters)

Four years in the future, the effects of the formula mutated Mohinder into something barely human, forcing him to conceal himself when Peter comes to visit him. He states that he "got it wrong", implying that the formula he created was not the correct one to grant people abilities. This future version of Mohinder has an intense aversion to light and seems to have brown, scaled hands. Slime seemed to cover much of the wall in the loft. (I Am Become Death)

Curing and Current Limits

Mohinder's physical deformities caused by this ability were cured when the correct version of the formula washed over him (Dual). He displayed the ability to climb down vertical surfaces. Months later, he has displayed enhanced strength, enabling him to rip the door off of his cab and strike a man with it. (A Clear and Present Danger) According to the writers, all he has now is enhanced strength, the rest was connected to the side effects of his powers and are now gone.

Selected Examples

Memorable Quotes

"My senses are heightened. I'm stronger, faster, more agile. I have boundless energy. I'm a new man!"

- Mohinder (The Butterfly Effect)

"I got the formula wrong. So wrong."

- Mohinder (I Am Become Death)

"The formula is transforming me, and I fear what I'm becoming."

- Mohinder, to his recorder (I Am Become Death)


  • After injecting himself with the formula, Mohinder seems to drink copious amounts of chocolate milk. (The Butterfly Effect)
  • On his blog, Greg Beeman said, "Suresh displays his new 'bug-like' powers". He also said, "Suresh was to bug-crawl up the wall" and "The writers gave us [some info] about where this bug power was going."
  • In a Super Bowl XLIII commercial where several Heroes suit up in football uniforms to battle against NFL stars, Mohinder uses his ability to fling an NFL lineman tumbling downfield.
  • According to a question-and-answer session with writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite, after Mohinder came in contact with the formula, only his enhanced strength remained. "The wall climbing was linked to that goo coming off of his hands and the scales."


  • According to Heroes Interactive, the scabs on Mohinder's back are actually made from colored potato chips.

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