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Episode:Angels and Monsters

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Angels and Monsters
Season: Three
Episode number: 305
First aired: October 13, 2008
Angels and Monsters.jpg
Written by: Adam Armus & Kay Foster
Directed by: Anthony Hemingway
Previous episode: I Am Become Death
Next episode: Dying of the Light
Heroes Interactive transcript

It's all happening so fast. My life is a speeding train and I'm not sure where it's headed. One thing is certain, I've been given a second chance, touched by God and I've got to believe that he has a purpose for my life. So why am I filled with self-doubt? Plagued by demons, real and imaginary? Frightened by the challenges ahead, and haunted by the ghosts of my past? Does God know what I am? Do I? Am I an angel, or a monster? A hero, or a villain? And why can't I see the difference?


Story Development

Stephen Canfield · Gravitational manipulation · Eric Doyle · Puppet master · Arthur Petrelli



Nathan and Tracy are in bed and Nathan wonders about all the changes in his life. He's happy that God has given him a second chance. He then gets out of bed and goes to the kitchen, where he finds Linderman waiting for him. Nathan believes Linderman is a hallucination but Linderman vaguely assures him that he's not. Linderman claims to have been sent from a higher power to warn Nathan that Tracy was in danger, but Nathan doesn't believe it. Tracy comes out and asks who Nathan is talking to. He claims he is just clearing his head.

Mohinder is in the park and approaches a drug dealer and asks for something to take the edge off. The drug dealer is leery about getting involved. Mohinder then grabs him and says he needs the dealer himself.

Peter starts to slice open Angela's skull.

In Sylar's cell at Level 5, Peter grabs Sylar, who taunts him about the fact they're brothers. Peter snaps his neck, then turns to see their mother Angela at the observation window. He telekinetically grabs her and asks what other secrets she's hiding from him, besides the fact that Sylar is his brother. He starts to slice open her skull in an attempt to find out, but Sylar heals his neck injury and telekinetically throws Peter against the cell window, rendering him unconscious. Noah Bennet arrives and tells Sylar to come with him because they have a lead on another Level 5 escapee.

Sandra has realized that Claire lied about going to a cheerleading retreat. Meredith arrives and they conclude that Claire is going after the Level 5 escapees. One of the files Sandra has located refers to Stephen Canfield, who can create black-hole vortexes through force of will. Meredith sees a file on Eric Doyle and warns that he's the most dangerous of the lot. She gets Doyle's address from the file and promises to rescue Claire if necessary. Sandra offers to come with her but Meredith notes she has no powers and it's going to be dangerous.

Stephen Canfield is at his former home, now empty, on the phone with his sister. She refuses to tell him where his family is. He gets angry and hangs up, and creates a vortex that sucks a handful of small items. Claire comes up behind him by surprise and tasers him unconscious.

At Aoyama Cemetery in Japan, Adam reaches up and chokes Hiro, who tries to explain that they need his help. Adam refuses to listen and Hiro stops time to put him back in his coffin. Hiro explains to Ando that they have no choice but to seek out Adam's help. He releases Adam again and explains that they're looking for the missing formula. Adam notes that he told the Company to destroy the formula but they didn't listen. He refuses to cooperate unless they let him ago, but has no choice when Hiro refuses to negotiate. He says that Angela is probably responsible, but Hiro points out he's working for her. Adam suggests that there could be another possibility.

Linderman meets with Daphne at the Pinehearst Company and wants to have her join a new group of special individuals that he's assembling. She agrees as long as she's paid, and he hands her a file containing photos of the people she needs to recruit, like Knox. Daphne is concerned that he's dangerous, but Linderman informs her that all they need is a little guidance.

As they drive to Canfield's location, Noah warns Sylar that he's only working with him on Angela's orders, and Sylar wonders if he'll ever forgive him.

Canfield creates a vortex to suck away Claire's taser.

Canfield recovers from the taser and says that he's no killer and that all he wants is a chance to find his family. Claire is unsympathetic and he tells her she has to listen, then creates a vortex to suck away her taser.

Mohinder brings the drug dealer back to his laboratory but is forced to hide his body when Maya comes back. She shows him a "Missing" poster of his neighbor, but Mohinder feigns ignorance. As they talk, she notices a trail of blood left by the drug dealer's corpse. She quickly makes an exit and Mohinder goes into the next room where the neighbor is cocooned to a wall.

Canfield explains to Claire that he only made one mistake, killing a neighbor in an argument. Claire gets a call and Canfield wonders if she's working with The Company. When he realizes she doesn't have a partner, he asks if she's with Pinehearst. She's never heard of it. He then explains that the Company locked him away with no lawyer and no trial, and no chance to say goodbye to his family. Canfield says that all he wants is a normal life. Sympathizing, Claire offers to help him find his family.

Tracy is leaving Nathan's apartment and clearly something is bothering her. Nathan finally gets her to admit that she killed the Washington D.C. reporter by accident. She wants to turn herself in but he warns that no one will believe her claim, and reminds her that he was shot when he tried to go public with his ability. He still insists that it was God that brought him back from the dead and gave him his powers. Tracy tells him that she got her powers from Dr. Zimmerman.

Claire tries to grip to a pipe.

Claire uses the Company files to locate Canfield's wife and children. He calls his wife and sets up a meeting at the Griffith Park Carousel. As Claire leaves, Canfield's phone goes dead. Noah comes in with his gun at ready and Canfield realizes he's Claire's father. He grabs Claire as Sylar comes in, which shocks Claire. Realizing she didn't try to set him up, Canfield tells her to grab on to something and then creates a vortex. He runs out while the vortex starts to pull in the flooring. Claire tries to hold on to a pipe but loses her grip. Sylar rescues her. The vortex dissipates and Sylar tries to apologize to Claire, realizing what he put her through. Claire refuses to accept his apology and Noah tells Sylar never to talk to his daughter again. He tries to explain that Canfield is dangerous but Claire insists that Canfield is a man who made one mistake. Noah switches tactics and offers to talk peacefully to Canfield so they can make other arrangements.

Adam takes Hiro and Ando to a bar where persons with special abilities can be hired. The bartender, Milosh, is angry at Adam for having an affair with his wife. He throws a punch at Adam and knocks out Hiro by mistake, then chases Adam out of the bar. Ando tries to revive Hiro without success, letting Adam get away.

Nathan and Tracy go to the Primatech facility where Angela is keeping Peter sedated. She warns that now that Peter has Sylar's ability, they are in serious trouble. She knows about Zimmerman and says they have no way to reverse his experimentation on Tracy. She explains that Zimmerman helped the Company develop a synthetic ability drug and Tracy, Niki, and Barbara were some of his test subjects. She also informs Nathan that his ability to fly came from similar experimentation.

Maya returns to Mohinder's laboratory while he's out and finds the neighbor in the cocoon. She gets up on a chair and tries to free him, but Mohinder returns. She hides underneath a gurney while Mohinder notices that someone was there. She panics and both Mohinder and the neighbor's eyes turn black as her ability starts to activate. Mohinder convinces her to stop before she kills them. She calls him a monster and he says he wishes she didn't say that. He then attacks her.

Hiro and Ando try to find Adam without success. As they go down the alleyway, Adam crawls out of a dumpster but Knox renders him unconscious and dumps him into a van. He then makes a call and asks the person at the other end what to do with Hiro and Ando.

Nathan reads the Company files on the synthetic ability experiments. Angela explains that Arthur Petrelli was disappointed that Nathan didn't have the genetic code for special powers, so authorized experimentation to give him flight. Angela apologizes for the experiments on Tracy and says they tried to make amends by splitting the formula in half so no one could recreate it. Now someone has stolen both halves and she wants Tracy to help them get it back. Nathan is furious and leaves, and Tracy goes with him. Outside, Nathan suggests they go to Mohinder for help. Tracy is wary about asking him for help, but Nathan assures her that Mohinder is completely harmless.

At the lab, Mohinder is cocooning Maya against a wall.

Claire goes to Griffith Park where Canfield is supposed to meet his wife. He tells her that his wife never showed up and that she's afraid of him. He wonders if they're right when they think he's a monster. Noah arrives and points a gun at Canfield's head, then tells him he wants to make a deal: Canfield is free to go if he disposes of Sylar. Claire is furious at her father for abusing an innocent man. Canfield refuses, saying he's not a murderer. Sylar is at the car and starts to notice something is wrong when they argue. As Sylar approaches and Noah gives Canfield one final chance, the escapee says he refuses to become a monster then creates a vortex which sucks himself in.

Ando is stabbed in the heart.

Hiro and Ando are drinking at the bar and Hiro insists they can't lose heart; the world is depending on them. Ando comments that it can't get any worse. As that is said Daphne and Knox enter the bar. They want to offer Hiro a job. Hiro says they're badasses and wants to sign up. Daphne says that it isn't that easy and that he has to prove himself. Knox takes a sword from the wall, gives it to Hiro, and says he has to kill Ando. Hiro takes the sword, apologizes to Ando (noting some sacrifices have to be made), and stabs his friend.

Noah drives Claire home, explaining that he did what he had to to protect his family. Sylar is in the back and says that Claire finally sees Noah for what he really is; a user who doesn't consider either one of them human beings. Noah asks if Claire understands and she says she does. She goes inside and Sandra greets her, then wonders if Meredith found her. Claire says she doesn't know anything about Meredith.

In a house filled with puppets, Meredith is seated at a table eating spaghetti with Eric Doyle. He controls her every movement, forcing her to eat with him, remain silent, and kiss him.

Angela is in her office when she hears a woman's scream. She goes outside and finds Tracy on the floor, her throat cut. Nathan is there, his skull cut open. Peter staggers down the hallway, a pipe rammed through the back of his head. She turns and a man grabs her and says that her power to see the future is too dangerous and she must die. She insists she'll stop him but he tells her that she won't even be able to move. Angela wakes up from her dream... and finds herself paralyzed.

Daphne runs to Pinehearst and informs Linderman that she's recruited everyone, including Hiro. She's not happy that she was involved with murder but Linderman notes that some things are necessary. He then tells her there is one more person to recruit: Matt Parkman. Linderman explains what Matt can do and she agrees to find him. However, as she leaves she notes she's fast enough to sneak up on everyone...except Linderman. She throws a Pinehearst file which goes right through Linderman, revealing that he's not really there. He tells her that how he's there doesn't matter. As she rushes away, "Linderman" disappears... and Maury Parkman emerges from the shadows.

Maury goes inside Pinehearst and enters a medical chamber. A figure is resting on a bed hooked up to life support equipment. Maury talks to the man and says they're following his orders, and have Adam well in hand. The man on the bed looks up; it's Arthur Petrelli.

Memorable Quotes

"This bar is the go-to destination of specials for hire."

"Specials for hire?"

"Like the cantina. I never knew there was such a place."

- Adam, Ando, and Hiro

"He said look tough, not like Mr. Roboto."

"This is my tough guy walk."

- Hiro, Ando

"We are badasses now."

"Yes, we are very badass."

- Hiro, Ando

"Who are you to talk? Bring him here? Tell me you're not working with him after what he did to me!"

"Claire, you hate me. I understand. When I touched your hand, I could feel the pain that I caused you and I never meant for you be in any of this..."

"Shut your mouth! Now. You don't get to talk to her. Never."

- Claire, Sylar, Noah

"I understand, Ma. I understand. You locked Peter up and put a shunt in his head. You did experiments on me! And God knows who else! Peter?! Claire? Who else did you use as your own personal guinea pig?"

- Nathan

"I know you're... disappointed. But I did what I had to do. For us."

"She doesn't believe a word you're saying. She knows exactly what you did back there; why you didn't take down Stephen Canfield when you had the chance."

"Nobody's talking to you."

"Claire finally sees you for what you are: a user. Isn't that right, Claire? You used her to find that poor man and then you used him to kill me, because, to you, I'm nothing but a monster. He doesn't see our humanity, Claire. He never will."

- Noah, Sylar

Character Appearances


  • David Anders is credited as a Special Guest Star for playing Adam Monroe.
  • In this episode, Nathan does the narration instead of Mohinder, the second time the narration is spoken by a character other than the geneticist (the first being Linderman in .07%). The monologue is in the first person point of view instead of the traditional third person point of view.
  • When Adam walks into the bar and says "They make a mean appletini", the quote may be referencing the NBC show Scrubs, and a quote from its main character.

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