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* Noah reminds Angela, "You know me. I've always been comfortable with morally gray." This is a reference to [[Noah]]'s conversation with [[Mr. Thompson]] in the episode ''[[Company Man]]''.
* Noah reminds Angela, "You know me. I've always been comfortable with morally gray." This is a reference to [[Noah]]'s conversation with [[Mr. Thompson]] in the episode ''[[Company Man]]''.
* The motel where [[Noah]] is taken by [[Peter]], [[Matt]] and [[Mohinder]] is the same one used on another [[NBC]] show, My Name is Earl.
* The motel where [[Noah]] is taken by [[Peter]], [[Matt]] and [[Mohinder]] is the same one used on another [[NBC]] show, My Name is Earl.
*There are lots of similarities between "[[Company Man]]" and "Cold Wars". [[Noah]] is being held hostage by [[Matt]] and his allies. In "Company Man", Matt and [[Ted]] worked together. Matt used his [[ability]] to dig out truths from Noah, just like "Company Man". Classic black and white flashbacks were also used in both episodes. Both "Company Man" and "Cold Wars" storyline ended in tragedy for Matt's allies. Ted exploded in "Company Man" while [[Mohinder]] got caught in this episode.

==See Also==
==See Also==

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Cold Wars
Season: Three
Episode number: 317
First aired: February 23, 2009
Cold Wars.jpg
Written by: Aron Coleite &
Joe Pokaski &
Christopher Zatta
Directed by: Seith Mann
Previous episode: Building 26
Next episode: Exposed
Heroes Interactive transcript


  • Peter, Mohinder, and Matt capture Noah and telepathically interrogate him.
  • It's revealed how Nathan recruited Noah into the government operation.
  • Noah and Danko come to an arrangement on working together.
  • An unexpected prophecy is revealed.
  • A close ally is shown to be alive.

Story Development

Capturing of evolved humans Noah's storage unit



Mohinder and Matt are arguing about being covert as well as being out in the open, they meet Peter who shows them a drug to help them capture Noah, they get in the car and drive off.

Meanwhile, Noah is in a pub drinking whiskey and talking to the bartender, he slowly loses his vision and falls unconscious, he is lifted up by Matt, Mohinder and Peter who start interrogating him in an apartment.

Five weeks ago... Noah and Angela are discussing the Company and Noah argues that even without Primatech, the company should still be operational, she disagrees and hands him a letter and a watch for all of his "years of service". She tells him she is tired of it and tells him that now he can be a true father and husband, but he tells her that the company is all he's ever known and Angela tells him he has what he fought for and he is to return to Claire.

Meanwhile in the apartment, Matt realizes he can find out everything and Mohinder asks him how far is he going to go with interrogating Noah and he states that he will go as far as he needs to.

Nathan and Danko are discussing Noah, finding out that he has gone off the grid, Danko orders a warrant to find Noah, and tells Nathan he's compromising the operation by protecting them. He asks if Danko is spying on him, and Danko states that he didn't even touch his dinner.

Mohinder is drugging Noah to ease the pain that Matt is inflicting upon him, Mohinder argues that it is unethical but Matt argues that it's the only way to get information, Peter agrees and they go back inside.

Four weeks ago... Noah is doing a crossword when Sandra tells him he has to go to a PTA meeting for Lyle, she states it's nice to have him around and she leaves. A knock is heard at the door and Nathan asks Noah if he has a minute, he then proceeds to tell him everything is going to change. He then tells Noah that he's going to do better than the company to find an answer, Noah asks if Claire is an exception and he says that she can be. Noah tells him that everyone will hate him and they will know, but Nathan tells him that he doesn't care anymore, he wants a chance to make things right. He requests his help and Noah directs him to his storage room which has everything from his 20 years of servitude. Nathan states he doesn't need an arsenal of weapons, but Noah says he needs perspective and even though his mother turned off the lights, there's only so many crossword puzzles he can do.

Matt states that Nathan planned it all, Peter dismays him and Mohinder tells him that it isn't ethical, he asks Matt if he is reading his mind but he tells him that he's an open book, Matt writes the number and address to Noah's storage and Peter takes the note and flies there, to find a storage of weapons that he begins to take. Danko and Nathan find out through a hidden camera that he's in the storage and Danko orders a squad to kill him, but Nathan tells him he wants him captured not killed, even at the sacrifice of his men. They close in on Peter who throws a stun grenade through the door and flies off.

Noah tells Matt that Peter was killed or captured and tells them to flee, Mohinder agrees but Matt disagrees and forces Noah to tell him who he is working with.

Three weeks ago.. Noah and Nathan are talking about the system in which they will run the capture, Noah tells him "one of us, one of them" and Danko disagrees and tells him "one of us, or ten of us" even to Noah's dismay. Danko states they know nothing about him and he leaves. Nathan tells Noah that he can't look through just Noah angle but from a series of them. Noah gets in a taxi which Mohinder is driving, with whom he requests assistance, because with his perspective they can save lives, the memory stops and Matt tells Mohinder that he knew about everything and yet he didn't tell him because it was the safest thing. They argue and then fight. And in the commotion, Noah escapes.

They stop fighting and scour the location for Noah, who is covertly hiding behind a car, he breaks into the car and hot-wires it, but Peter lands on the windshield and says "Hi". They recapture him and Peter states they don't have much time, Noah concurs and so does Mohinder, they all argue and Matt looks inside his head once more.

One week ago... Noah meets Danko and he decides they need to discuss, Danko tells Noah that he was never loyal to his objective and he doesn't want to prance about, and to win a war it requires focus and Noah doesn't have it. Noah tells Danko that he isn't perfect and that he is treating them as terrorists and Danko says that Noah has to take orders or continue defying him, he tells him that he's the boss.

Noah tells him not to go after him or they're all dead. Matt gives him the address and that he has to hurt them, he screams after Peter who flies away.

Peter arrives to Danko's apartment and aims at gunpoint, Nathan sees him on camera and orders a team there. Danko walks into his gun and tells him to get it over with. Danko tells him he isn't the innocent one, and if Peter kills him, he'll get exactly what he wants. Nathan tells him that he's right and Danko is astonished to know how he got there so fast. Nathan tells him that he's not being himself and Peter shoots Danko in the shoulder. Nathan tells him that if he kills him, he won't be able to contain them all and procure their safety, he tells him that Danko's team is closing in on Matt and Mohinder, and Peter flies to their aid. Danko rings up and tells the team to capture them.

Danko's team is searching every apartment to find them and Matt aims a gun at Noah who tells him that Daphne is alive and he won't prevent him checking, Matt tells him they don't have time and Mohinder states he'll hold them off because it's what he wants.

Two days ago... Noah walks past Danko and hears Daphne screaming in agony from her gunshot wounds, Noah states that it will take three times the normal dosage to keep her down.

Noah looks at Matt and tells him that she's alive.

Mohinder uses his strength to fight the squad members but is eventually pinned down and captured.

Matt stands his guard and Noah tells him he can't stop it as the team rush in and capture him. They attach a drug shunt and Noah asks them to let him escort Matt out. Suddenly a stun grenade goes off and Peter rescues Matt whilst Noah looks on.

Mohinder is shackled to a chair with an iron pipe preventing his power in Building 26. Water is thrown on him and Nathan tells him that the plane was taking them to a facility for protection, even against the wishes of his peers, he mocks Nathan and tries to force himself out of the shackles. Nathan forces an ultimatum on Mohinder to join him, or him, Daphne, Peter and Matt will be killed, and leaves.

Danko and Noah are discussing his loyalty and Noah asks that he has his undying loyalty, Danko tells him that they knew of his storage unit and Noah states that because of him they found them. Danko states Nathan let his personal interests get in front of his mission and leaves. Noah sits down on a park bench and starts talking to Angela Petrelli about how he is going to show his loyalty to them and he'll have to make hard decisions. Noah tells her that he's always been fine with morally gray decisions.

Matt is in a precognitive trance and begins painting a portrait of himself with what appear to be several pipe bombs attached to his chest and that's why they needed someone to paint the future. Peter tells him that he is not a murderer, and Matt asks him to explain how the hell can he explain this and the floor depicts a prophetic explosion of Washington, D.C.

Memorable Quotes

"One of us, one of them."

"Working alongside people with abilities."

"It helps to even the odds."

"I think it's better to work with one of us, and one of us. Or ten of us. Or twelve of us, and none of them."

- Noah, Danko

"You're a dime a dozen, and 11 of the 12 are unreliable."

- Danko (about Noah)


- Peter (After landing on the car containing Noah)

"You know me. I've always been comfortable with morally gray."

- Noah, Angela

"Try not to kill one another."

- Peter (to Matt and Mohinder after a heated arguement between them)

"This is why they want to paint the future!"

"Matt, you are not capable of this, you are not a murderer."

"How the hell do you explain this?!"

- Matt Parkman (discussing the prophetic paintings of him exploding and then referencing the explosion on the floor, to Peter)

Character Appearances


  • Noah reminds Angela, "You know me. I've always been comfortable with morally gray." This is a reference to Noah's conversation with Mr. Thompson in the episode Company Man.
  • The motel where Noah is taken by Peter, Matt and Mohinder is the same one used on another NBC show, My Name is Earl.
  • There are lots of similarities between "Company Man" and "Cold Wars". Noah is being held hostage by Matt and his allies. In "Company Man", Matt and Ted worked together. Matt used his ability to dig out truths from Noah, just like "Company Man". Classic black and white flashbacks were also used in both episodes. Both "Company Man" and "Cold Wars" storyline ended in tragedy for Matt's allies. Ted exploded in "Company Man" while Mohinder got caught in this episode.

See Also

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