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Episode:Cold Wars

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Cold Wars
Season: Three
Episode number: 317
First aired: February 23, 2009
Cold Wars.jpg
Written by: Aron Coleite &
Joe Pokaski &
Christopher Zatta
Directed by: Seith Mann
Previous episode: Building 26
Next episode: Exposed
Heroes Interactive transcript


  • Peter, Mohinder, and Matt capture Noah and telepathically interrogate him.
  • It's revealed how Nathan recruited Noah into the government operation.
  • Noah and Danko come to an arrangement on working together.
  • An unexpected prophecy is revealed.
  • A close ally is shown to be alive.

Story Development

Capturing of evolved humans Noah's storage unit



Mohinder and Matt stand outside their hotel room, discussing their views on whether they should run and hide or act against their hunters. As they walk downstairs, they meet a just-returned Peter. He extracts a bottle of phenobarbitol from the trunk of his car, explaining that one dose will knock Noah out cold. After some further discussion as to whether what they're doing is right or not- Peter and Mohinder are uncomfortable with drugging Noah- Matt convinces them it is, and they drive off to capture their quarry.

Meanwhile, Noah is in a pub drinking whiskey and talking to the bartender. His vision begins to blur, and within seconds, he falls to the ground unconscious. As he falls, Mohinder and Peter converge on him and lift him up. Matt makes an excuse to the bartender, and the three of them exit with Bennett. They have succeeded in capturing him, and have taken him to their hotel for interrogation.

With the help of the drugs, Matt breaks through Noah's defenses with ease. In an uncovered memory from five weeks prior, Noah and Angela are discussing the Company. Noah argues that even without Primatech, the company should still be operational, as their work was important. Angela simply tells him it's all over, and hands him an envelope containing his "pension and severance" for all his years as an agent. As a personal gesture, she gives him a watch- a traditional retirement present. He presses his belief that the company's work must continue, but she resists. She simply responds that she's tired, and doesn't believe in the cause anymore- her new cause is saving her family. She appeals to his sense of duty and family, telling him they won, and he can enjoy his reward as a true father and husband. A lost Noah remarks that this is all he's ever known and ponders what he'll do now. Angela, sadness and concern lining her face, tells him to take care of Claire- and himself.

Back in the hotel room, Matt realizes he can pick Noah's brain for whatever information they need; they can discover who is hunting them, and why. Mohinder asks him how far he's willing to go to get what they need- Matt, with anger in his eyes, states he'll go as far as he has to.

In the operations center of building 26, a concerned Danko tells Nathan Noah has gone off the grid. Danko orders that all surveillance on Noah be pulled immediately to aide in the search. Nathan seems surprised the Hunter spies on his own men. Danko responds that no one is above suspicion, least of all Noah and Nathan; their protection of Claire taints their decisions and judgment. Nathan asks point-blank if he, too, is being watched- Danko wryly responds that he hardly touched his dinner.

Mohinder is checking Noah's vitals, becoming more and more uncomfortable with the process and the pain Matt is inflicting. He believes Matt could be gentler, but his desire for revenge against Daphne's killers is getting to him. Mohinder again argues that their actions are unethical and likens their approach to torture. Matt replies that Bennet has the explanations, and his method is the only way to get information. Peter is also concerned that Matt is being sadistic, but agrees that they need what Noah knows. Matt, with his ok, resumes his inquisition.

Four weeks before, Noah is at home in Costa Verde doing a crossword, when Sandra interrupts to remind him of an engagement that evening. She made a dinner date with another couple who're on the PTA at Lyle's school, and he is running out of time to get ready. She puts a coaster on the table and sets his mug down on top of it, and tells him it's nice to have him around- but it seems the transition is hard for both of them. A knock at the door rouses Noah from his thoughts, and he answers to find Nathan asking for a minute of his time. Nathan tells him he has set in motion a chain of events that will change everything- but that Claire will be safe. Noah panics and demands to know what he's done- Nathan responds by telling Noah he acted only to "help people"- the same reason Noah joined the company, all those years ago. Nathan tells him the company was never up to the task of dealing with the evolved human threat- but the US government has the power and the resources to fight it effectively. Their plan, he explains is to lock everyone with an ability up- naturally excepting himself. Noah asks if Claire is also an exception and the senator replies that she could be. Noah warns that he'll be reviled by everyone with powers as a villain- and that he won't be able to hide his actions from his daguther. Nathan answers that he's done terrible things, and seeks a chance to make things right. He requests Noah's help, and Noah escorts him to his storage room. His immense closet is filled with souvenirs from his years with the company- files, and an arsenal fit for an insurgency. Noah tells him what he needs to succeed in his roundup is perspective- and even though he was no longer a company man, he could never be just a family man.

Matt surfaces from the memory and reveals that Nathan instigated it all. When Peter fails to react, he angrily repeats himself. Peter- nerves obviously frayed- responds that there's nothing he can do about it. Mohinder snarkily remarks that they aren't going to get anything useful from Bennet's memories, and Matt explodes at him. He accuses Mohinder of secretly wanting to be caught, and believing he deserves his fate for his past bad actions. A shocked Mohinder asks Matt if he's now reading his mind, too; Matt replies that he doesn't need to use his powers, as Mohinder is an open book, and the group cannot afford such a hangup. In turn, Mohinder accuses Matt of torturing Noah for his role in Daphne's death. Matt, still stinging from the mention of Daphne and having the usefulness of his interrogation questioned, writes the address and lock combination of Noah's storage so Mohinder can check it out and get out of his hair. Instead, Peter takes the note and flies there, uncovers Noah's stockpile of arms, and begins to steal them. A hidden surveillance camera in the room alerts Danko and Nathan to Peter's activities. Danko orders a squad to kill him, but Nathan belays the order and tells them to take Peter alive, even at the cost of the squad's lives. The team secure the hall outside the unit, but Peter gets the jump on them- he throws a stun grenade through the door, allowing him to escape via flight.

Noah, shaking off the effects of the drug, tells Matt that by giving Peter the location of his storage locker, he ensured that Peter would be captured or killed. He posits that if Peter were captured, his employers would soon know where the group were holding Noah, and their only chance is to let him go and flee. Mohinder agrees, but Matt refuses to accept it as a possibility. When Noah refuses to show Matt who he's working with, Matt simply forces him.

Three weeks prior, Noah, Nathan, and Danko are talking about the system they will use to capture evolved humans. Noah tells them the system will be "one of us, one of them", as it was at Primatech; Danko disagrees, advocating an overwhelming force of regular people, as people with abilities cannot be trusted. Danko provokes Noah, calling his former work a mess; he responds by saying he managed to keep the existence of abilities secret for 30 years, and implies Danko is a bigot. Danko tells him not to presume to know anything about him. Dismayed, Noah learns that he isn't in charge as Nathan promised. Nathan took to heart his recommendation of perspective, and opted for Danko's brute-force approach. Later, Noah gets in to Mohinder's taxi. He asks for Mohinder's help- his unique perspective, combined with Noah's skills, could save lives. Matt immediately returns to reality, accusing Mohinder of knowing what would happen and failing to warn everyone. Their argument escalates, and a fight breaks out. In the commotion, neither of them notice Noah's escape.

Their fight is forgotten as they search for Noah, who is hiding behind a car. He breaks into the car and attempts to hot wire it. Before he can get the car running, Peter lands on the windshield, crushing the escape attempt. The group recaptures him and returns to the room with him. Peter states they don't have much time, as the government found him. Noah and Mohinder concur, but Matt argues that they need to know who's in charge. The fight threatens to break out again before Peter focuses Matt on getting the information from Bennet- but this time, they proceed without drugs.

One week earlier, Noah goes to Danko's home to discuss their mission and to get better acquainted. A contemptuous Danko tells Noah that he lost sight of his mission while at Primatech, and his split focus made (and makes) him weak. Noah says he knows people like him, too, and that his single-minded devotion to mission makes him overconfident. Noah tells Danko that that he is treating them like terrorists, and that it's wrong to do so. Danko unsubtly reminds Noah that he's the boss, and he can either continue his life's work or continue to undermine him. Noah accepts defeat, agreeing to follow Danko's orders.

As they return to reality, Noah begs Matt to just let it go. He warns that going after the man in his memory will unravel everything and they'll all be dead. Nevertheless, Matt gives Peter the address. Bennet instead pleads with Peter to abandon his effort before he does something terrible, with ramifications he can't understand. His attempts fall on deaf ears, and Peter flies off to murder the man in charge. Moments after he departs, government vehicles flood in to the parking lot of the hotel.

Danko arrives at home, apparently directing the impending raid on Peter's hotel room. As he turns on the lights and his computer, he turns to find Peter behind him, holding him at gunpoint. In the command center, an analyst immediately sees Peter in Danko's apartment on a hidden camera and calls for the senator. Instead of sending a team, Nathan takes matters in to his own hands. Back in the apartment, Danko walks into the gun and tells Peter to go ahead and shoot him. Danko disabuses Peter of his belief in his own innocence, and tells Peter he's willing to die to get what he wants. Nathan appears from the hall, telling Peter that this is a bad idea. Danko is astonished to see him, and wonders how he got there so fast. Nathan reminds Peter that this isn't like him; Peter responds by shooting Danko in the shoulder. Nathan pleads, telling him that if he kills Danko, nothing will be able to stop the extermination order. In a last-ditch effort to save his operative, Nathan tells Peter that a squad is about to move on Matt and Mohinder. Peter edges out the window and flies to their aid. Danko questions why Nathan would have told him about the capture move, and quickly orders the team to move on the hotel.

Danko's team is kicking in every door, trying to find their captured man. Matt aims a gun at Noah, who volunteers that Daphne is alive... and if Matt wants to check, Noah won't fight him. Given the choice to escape or to know, Matt decides he has to confirm that his love is still alive, but knows he has no time. Mohinder agrees to sacrifice himself for capture to give Matt the time he needs to uncover the memory.

Two days ago, Noah is walking along a corridor in building 26. He passes Danko, and hears Daphne screaming in agony on a gurney just ahead of him. Noah recognizes her, telling the nurses that it will take three times the normal dosage to keep her down.

Noah looks at Matt and tells him that she's alive. . Mohinder uses his strength to fight the squad members. He catches two commandos off-guard and begins to run; sadly, he doesn't make it to the end of the hotel's driveway.

Matt stands his guard and Noah tells him he can't stop it as the team rush in and capture him. They attach a drug shunt and Noah asks them to let him escort Matt out. Suddenly a stun grenade goes off and Peter rescues Matt whilst Noah looks on.

Mohinder is shackled to a chair with an iron pipe, preventing his escape from Building 26. Water is thrown on him and Nathan tells him that the plane was taking them to a facility for protection, even against the wishes of his peers, he mocks Nathan and tries to force himself out of the shackles. Nathan forces an ultimatum on Mohinder to join him, or him, Daphne, Peter and Matt will be killed, and leaves.

Danko and Noah are discussing his loyalty and Noah asks that he has his undying loyalty, Danko tells him that they knew of his storage unit and Noah states that because of him they found them. Danko states Nathan let his personal interests get in front of his mission and leaves. Noah sits down on a park bench and starts talking to Angela Petrelli about how he is going to show his loyalty to them and he'll have to make hard decisions. Noah tells her that he's always been fine with morally gray decisions.

Matt is in a precognitive trance and begins painting a portrait of himself with what appear to be several pipe bombs attached to his chest and that's why they needed someone to paint the future. Peter tells him that he is not a murderer, and Matt asks him to explain how the hell can he explain this and the floor depicts a prophetic explosion of Washington, D.C.

Memorable Quotes

"One of us, one of them."

"Working alongside people with abilities."

"It helps to even the odds."

"I think it's better to work with one of us, and one of us. Or ten of us. Or twelve of us, and none of them."

- Noah, Danko

"You're a dime a dozen, and 11 of the 12 are unreliable."

- Danko (about Noah)


- Peter (After landing on the car containing Noah)

"You know me. I've always been comfortable with morally gray."

- Noah, Angela

"Try not to kill one another."

- Peter (to Matt and Mohinder after a heated arguement between them)

"This is why they want to paint the future!"

"Matt, you are not capable of this, you are not a murderer."

"How the hell do you explain this?!"

- Matt Parkman (discussing the prophetic paintings of him exploding and then referencing the explosion on the floor, to Peter)

Character Appearances


  • Noah reminds Angela, "You know me. I've always been comfortable with morally gray." This is a reference to Noah's conversation with Mr. Thompson in the episode Company Man.
  • The motel where Noah is taken by Peter, Matt and Mohinder is the same one used on another NBC show, My Name is Earl.
  • There are lots of similarities between "Company Man" and "Cold Wars". Noah is being held hostage by Matt and his ally/allies once again. In "Company Man", Matt was working with Ted. Matt also used his ability to dig out truths from Noah, exactly like what happened in "Company Man". Noah also tried to think in another language to prevent Matt from getting into his head. Classic black and white flashbacks were also used in both episodes. Both "Company Man" and "Cold Wars" storyline ended in tragedy for Matt's allies. Ted exploded in "Company Man" while Mohinder got caught in this episode. Both episodes feature a single storyline, and they're also the 17th episode of their respective seasons.

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