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[[Image:Sylar haitian eden.jpg|thumb|right|[[Eden]] and [[the Haitian]] suppress [[Sylar]].]]
[[Image:Sylar haitian eden.jpg|thumb|right|[[Eden]] and [[the Haitian]] suppress [[Sylar]].]]
Amidst the chaos, Sylar climbs a hill outside the stadium to escape.  Eden is already there waiting for him, leaning against a tree.  He sees her and raises his hand to [[telekinesis|strike]] but she lulls him into a stupor with her [[persuasion]]. This causes Sylar to stop and look bewildered at his hand, as Eden tells him that he doesn't want to hurt her and that he wants to tell her all about himself.  But first, she adds, he must go to sleep.  As he is mesmerized, [[the Haitian]] surprises Sylar from the side and, with a hand pressed firmly to his forehead, mental manipulation|renders him unconscious]].
Amidst the chaos, Sylar climbs a hill outside the stadium to escape.  Eden is already there waiting for him, leaning against a tree.  He sees her and raises his hand to [[telekinesis|strike]] but she lulls him into a stupor with her [[persuasion]]. This causes Sylar to stop and look bewildered at his hand, lowering it in a confused manner. Eden tells him that he doesn't want to hurt her and that he wants to tell her all about himself.  But first, she adds, he must go to sleep.  He slowly loses his focus and becomes mesmerized.  As he is distracted, [[the Haitian]] surprises Sylar from the side and, with a hand pressed firmly to his forehead, [[mental manipulation|renders him unconscious]].

As [[Odessa deputy|the police]] arrive, Peter finishes reorienting his mangled foot.  The police draw their weapons and noticing all the blood on Peter arrest him.  Peter tells them that "he's getting away."
As [[Odessa deputy|the police]] arrive, Peter finishes reorienting his mangled foot.  The police draw their weapons and noticing all the blood on Peter arrest him.  Peter tells them that "he's getting away."

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Season: One
Episode number: 109
First aired: November 20, 2006
Written by: Adam Armus
Kay Foster
Directed by: Greg Beeman
Previous episode: Seven Minutes to Midnight
Next episode: Six Months Ago
We are, if anything, creatures of habit. Drawn to the safety and comfort of the familiar. But what happens when the familiar becomes unsafe? When the fear that we have desperately been trying to avoid finds us where we live.


Story Development

Charlie's birthday party · Homecoming (event) · Jackie's newspaper clipping · Jessica's rifle



A group of Union Wells High School cheerleaders, led by Jackie, head to the stands outside for lunch. Separately Claire and Zach head to the stands. As they walk to the stands the other cheerleaders glare at Claire and Zach and appear to start talking about them. The principal comes outside to post the winner of Homecoming Queen. Claire initially dismisses it even though Zach tells her she's a finalist. As the other cheerleaders follow Jackie, Claire also goes to check the announcement. Jackie criticizes Claire for running for homecoming queen since she was responsible for the accident that crippled the star quarterback. Despite this, the announcement reveals that Claire won and will be homecoming queen. Claire is shocked and turns around to find Zach and the rest of the "unpopular" kids at school cheering her name.

In Manhattan, Nathan opens up the painting that he asked Mr. Linderman to ship to the gallery. Simone tells Nathan that Peter believes Isaac can paint the future. Examining the painting, he asks if the figure in it is supposed to be Peter, but Simone doesn't know. Simone tells him that Peter believes that he needs to be there to save the cheerleader and that if he does he'll save the world. Nathan's clearly not convinced and asks Simone if that's the only copy, and Simone tells him it is. Nathan tells Simone that Peter has deluded himself into believing that he's supposed to make a difference. Nathan pours a bucket of paint over the painting. Simone protests, but is unable to stop him. Nathan tells her he's saving Peter's life.

In the Nevada desert, Jessica Sanders is firing a high powered rifle at a paper target. She queries about the range of the rifle and the seller comments that she must "really hate the guy." Jessica tells him that he took her son. She tells him that the cops can't stop him, but that she can as long as he can't see it coming. She pays for the rifle and looks in the side-mirror of a van. She sees Niki with a concerned look on her face. Jessica smiles and tells the reflection that they're "going hunting."

D.L. and Micah arrive at a café along Highway 12 in Utah. Micah continues to try to convince his dad to go back to his mom, but D.L. tells him it's not safe. He tells Micah that the two of them are going to be partners from there on out. Micah compares themselves to Batman and Robin, and D.L. comments that he's not going to be wearing any tights. D.L. gets out and as he approaches the café a police car pulls up. To detract attention, he buys a newspaper as the cop enters the café. After the cop enters, D.L. leaves the newspaper and returns to the car to find Micah missing.

In Chennai, India, Mohinder and Nirand discuss the dreams Mohinder has been having. Nirand remains skeptical and claims they were simply dreams, but Mohinder tells him that in the dreams they were discussing the sister he never knew he had. Nirand, quoting Freud, thinks it's just information from his subconscious. Mohinder shows Nirand Sanjog's file and tells him it says that the boy can enter other people's dreams. Nirand continues to be skeptical and tells him he must have seen the file sometime in the past. Mohinder tells him that they need to find the boy.

Peter meets Simone at Isaac's apartment. Simone tells him that Nathan had the painting Peter wanted shipped there. Simone shows him the destroyed painting and tells Peter that Nathan said he did it to protect him so that he wouldn't get himself killed. Peter asks Simone to describe the painting to him. He tells her that people are counting on him and he has to try, even if it risks his life. Simone retrieves a digital copy of the original painting from her pocket book and shows it to Peter. It reveals Peter laying dead outside Union Wells High School. The clock in the background reads 8:12 pm. She asks Peter if he's the one in the picture, but he isn't sure. Simone tries to convince him not to go, but Peter tells her he has to. She tells him that Union Wells High School is in Odessa, TX, and that Homecoming is that night. Peter tells her that he'll come back.

At the Burnt Toast Diner, a cell phone rings. Ando picks it up and asks if it's Hiro. On the other end is Peter. He asks for Hiro and Ando tells him that he'll be right back. He tells Ando that he and Hiro need to get to Odessa, Texas. Ando tells him that they're already in Texas. Peter tells him that he's going to get on a flight and meet him there at the café.

Mr. Bennet contemplates Isaac's painting.

Mr. Bennet examines Isaac's latest painting which appears to be a vague red figure reaching out. He tells Eden that the painting is useless. Eden explains that Isaac's a person, not a device solely for telling the future. He accuses Eden of letting her emotions get in the way. She counters that she's not the only one letting emotion interfere. He tells Eden to have Isaac paint another painting once he wakes up. Eden refuses and Mr. Bennet shows her pictures of Sylar's mutilated victims. He tells her that Sylar wants to do the same thing to his daughter and that he'll do whatever he has to do to stop him. He tells Eden to go to the high school and use paintings as a guide to find Sylar. He tells her when the time is right to neutralize him. He explains that he'll keep Claire at home despite it being homecoming.

Claire walks with Zach through the school yard. Several of the normal and unpopular kids congratulate Claire on winning homecoming queen. She tells Zach that everyone who was her friend is no longer her friend, and everyone who wasn't her friend is now her friend. Zach tells her she "rocked the freak vote" and that the number of unpopular kids vastly outnumber the popular kids, so that's why Claire won. Zach gives Claire a copy of Activating Evolution that he found on the Internet. He tells her that there's a chapter in it about spontaneous regeneration. Claire remarks that Zach is being so nice to her even though she's never been really nice to him. Jackie comes up and teases Claire, asking if "the gay boy" is her date. Jackie tells her that only one of them gets to wear the tiara. Claire punches Jackie straight in the face knocking her to the ground.

At Claire's house her dad tells her that she's grounded and cannot go to homecoming. Claire argues and asks if he knows what it'll mean if she misses this game. Her dad replies, "You'll survive." Claire continues to protest, but her father tells her that she will do what he says whether she agrees with him or not. He reiterates that she is not to leave the house tonight. Claire runs upstairs to her room. Her mother tells her father that Claire's "going to hate you for a long time on this one." Her father smiles knowingly and replies, "Let's hope so."

At a Greyhound bus stop Micah is waiting for a bus. D.L. finds him and Micah tries to run. He catches up to him and stops him telling Micah how scared he was. Micah tells him that now he knows how it felt when he left. Micah again tries to convince D.L. to go back to Niki. Micah tells him that he knows she's different, too, and says she's sick and needs their help. He tells D.L. that if he still loves her, he'll help her. D.L. agrees.

Mohinder and Nirand walk through a crowded market showing a picture of Sanjog Iyer to everyone asking if they know the boy in the picture. Nirand is nervous, worried that they'll get mugged. Mohinder shows the picture to a number of people, none of whom recognize him. Nirand continues to try to convince Mohinder to leave. Eventually a vendor tells him he recognizes the boy and will give him information for 500 rupees. Nirand claims the man is a thief, but Mohinder pays him anyway. The main points off in the distance where Sanjog is playing with a soccer ball with a group of other kids. Mohinder approaches Sanjog and tells him that he came to him in a dream the previous night. The boy explains that he doesn't come to people, they come to him when they have questions that need answers. Mohinder tells him that there are two paths in front of him and that he needs to know his destiny. The boy tells him that he already has the answer and runs off to play with the other kids again.

At the Burnt Toast Diner, Ando has yet another cup of coffee. When he gets up he notices the picture on the wall from Charlie's birthday party of Charlie with Hiro. He asks one of the waitresses about the picture and she explains that it was taken about six months ago, and that Hiro and Charlie were close, but he popped out of her life a few weeks ago.

Claire has a visitor.

Claire's phone rings and she checks it. Zach text messages her telling her to open her window. At her window Zach has erected a ladder. He tells Claire that he's here to rescue her. She explains that she's grounded, and Zach tries to convince her to go anyway. He manages to convince her and she tells him that he gets to be her date to the dance. Zach is reluctant for "a million different reasons". Claire asks if it was because of what Jackie said and he explains that he doesn't care what she says and he knows and likes who he is. He tells her that he likes who Claire is and wishes that Claire also liked who she was. Claire tells him that she's finally realizing who her friends are and that being different might not be the end of the world.

Peter arrives at the Burnt Toast Café and finds Ando outside reading a newspaper. He introduces himself and apologizes for being late. He asks where Hiro is and Ando explains that he traveled back in time to try to rescue Charlie. Ando tells Peter about Charlie's murder and that Hiro thinks it might be the same man who's planning to attack the cheerleader. Peter tells Ando that he knows when and where the cheerleader gets attacked and needs to stop him. He shows Ando the picture of Isaac's painting. Ando tries to find out what Peter's power is. Peter explains that he can absorb other people's powers when he's around them, but when he's by himself he's "not really anything." He glances at the clock and tells Ando that he has to go. He asks if Ando is coming, but Ando says he'll wait for Hiro and that without Hiro he's "not really anything, either."

Mr. Bennet asks Sandra where Claire is and says that she's gone. She tells him that she saw Claire and Zach running out across the lawn about ten minutes prior. He asks why she didn't try to stop her and she explains that she feels he was being way too harsh in his punishment. He tells her she doesn't know what she's done and storms out the house telling her to call him immediately if she hears from Claire.

Back in Chandra's office, Nirand tells Mohinder that he's wasting his time and that the boy is just a manifestation of his subconscious. Mohinder explains that they've already had this conversation. Just inside the door is Sanjog. Mohinder realizes this is a dream and follows Sanjog. His surroundings change and he's now watching Nirand tells Chandra the very same thing. Chandra also explains that it was more than a dream and that Sanjog can provide him with some answers. Nirand tells him he's sounding crazy. Chandra claims that many great thinkers such as Darwin, Einstein, and Gandhi were thought by some to be crazy during their time. Nirand claims that Shanti's death is what's causing Chandra to search for these answers, but that he needs to let go. Nirand warns him that if he continues on this path that the University is likely to strip him of his tenure. Mohinder's surroundings change again and he's now watching a conversation he had with his father prior to his leaving for New York. Mohinder tells Chandra he just finished reading a manuscript for Activating Evolution that he found on Chandra's desk. Chandra chastises him for taking it off his desk. Mohinder tells Chandra that he wants to help him and Chandra replies that he doesn't want Mohinder to be involved in this. Chandra quotes Darwin and claims that a scientist should have a heart of stone and that Mohinder does not. He tells Mohinder to go home. Sanjog appears before Mohinder and tells him that he has his answer. Mohinder wakes up in the office. He looks at the computer program still running with the prompt asking if he would like to quit. He presses a key and selects No. A password prompt pops up and he tries to guess the password. After a few attempts he inputs "Shanti" and it lets him in. He's presented with a list of what appears to be evolved humans that Chandra discovered, along with their locations. Mohinder begins to weep.

At Union Wells High School, Peter checks out a trophy case with a banner calling Jackie their "hero." He notices a newspaper clipping of Jackie, in her cheerleader outfit, accepting an award for rescuing the man from the train wreck. Just then Claire runs into him. Peter asks Claire if she knows Jackie and she tells him she's a cheerleader. Claire asks if he's a reporter, and he replies that he's an alumni. Claire tells him that Jackie's actually not special. When Peter points out what Jackie supposedly did, Claire just claims to be jealous and tells him that she's not winning any popularity contests. Peter tells her that things get better after high school. Peter walks outside and glances up seeing the clock and homecoming banner that's in the background of Isaac's paintings.

Another man is now looking at the newspaper clipping of Jackie's award for supposedly rescuing the man from the train wreck. On his hand is a broken watch, revealing it's Sylar.

Sylar attacks again.

In the locker room Jackie is pumping up the girls for the halftime show. Jackie confronts Claire telling her she thought she was grounded. Claire asks Jackie about her eye. Jackie tells Claire that she thinks Claire's a menace in general. She claims they used to be best friends and asks what happened to them. Claire tells her that she's gained some perspective and is tired of being someone she's not. Jackie claims that Claire's been trying to be like her since second grade, and Claire retorts that now Jackie's trying to be her. She tells Jackie that she knows it wasn't her that rescued the man from the train wreck because it was actually her. Jackie claims she's lying, but Claire tells her she has it on tape. Suddenly the lights in the locker room go out and a shadowy figure passes by. Mr. Bennet looks around the bleachers outside where Isaac painted Claire running from something. Claire and Jackie go to leave the locker room, but Claire tells her not to go that way. She grabs Jackie and pulls her through the locker room. Jackie protests and suddenly Sylar grabs her by the neck, pins her against a locker, and lifts her up in the air. Claire jumps on Sylar, but he throws her off and sends her flying into a wall. Jackie screams and both Mr. Bennet and Peter hear her and run inside to help. Sylar covers Jackie's mouth and puts his finger in the air near her forehead. Suddenly there's a slicing noise and Jackie's skull is sliced open spraying blood everywhere. Claire relocates her mangled limbs and gets up. Sylar sees her regenerating and drops Jackie. Claire runs out of the locker room and into Peter again. Sylar walks out into the hallway and Peter and Claire run away. Peter tells her to keep running and stops to face Sylar. Using telekinesis, Sylar rips the doors off of the hallway lockers and sends them flying towards Peter. Peter dodges a few of them and runs away with Sylar following.

Mr. Bennet enters the locker room, sees Jackie's body on the floor and initially thinks it's Claire. Claire runs into the bleachers just as Isaac's painting originally showed. The shadowy figure chasing after her turns out to be Peter, who helps her up when she falls as she's climbing the stands. With Sylar in at the bottom of the stands, Peter tells Claire to run and find a lot of people as he believes Sylar doesn't want to be seen. Claire runs off and suddenly Peter looks up to find Sylar standing right in front of him. Sylar grabs Peter and they both fall off the bleachers and onto the pavement below. The clock turns to 8:12pm and Peter lies on the pavement in a pool of his own blood. Claire comes out and finds Peter lying on the ground. Peter coughs and sits up. He twists his mangled legs back into place and Claire notices the wounds on his head regenerate. Noticing that Sylar is gone, Peter asks where he is but Claire doesn't know. Peter tells Claire to get some help. Before she leaves, they introduce themselves. Peter asks her if by saving her he saved the world. Claire tells him she doesn't know and that she's "just a cheerleader." Claire runs off for help and is found by her father. Claire tells him they have to go back for Peter and her dad tells her the police will take care of everything. He tells her she's lucky to be alive and Claire admits that it's not luck and tells him she has something she has to tell him.

Eden and the Haitian suppress Sylar.

Amidst the chaos, Sylar climbs a hill outside the stadium to escape. Eden is already there waiting for him, leaning against a tree. He sees her and raises his hand to strike but she lulls him into a stupor with her persuasion. This causes Sylar to stop and look bewildered at his hand, lowering it in a confused manner. Eden tells him that he doesn't want to hurt her and that he wants to tell her all about himself. But first, she adds, he must go to sleep. He slowly loses his focus and becomes mesmerized. As he is distracted, the Haitian surprises Sylar from the side and, with a hand pressed firmly to his forehead, renders him unconscious.

As the police arrive, Peter finishes reorienting his mangled foot. The police draw their weapons and noticing all the blood on Peter arrest him. Peter tells them that "he's getting away."

In India, Mohinder's mother tells Mohinder that she heard from Mira that he turned down the job offer and is returning to New York. His mom tells him that Chandra didn't tell him that he succeeded in finding the evolved humans because he wanted Mohinder to live his own life. Mohinder tells his mother that he's going to find them and tell them who they are and warn them of the dangers. His mother asks who will protect him.

At the café, D.L. tells Micah that they're heading back to Las Vegas. Micah tells him that they don't need to go because he called Niki and told her where they were. D.L. gets paranoid and tells Micah to get in the car. As D.L. gets into the car, Jessica has him in her rifle sight. She fires.

At the Burnt Toast Diner six months in the past, Charlie pours Hiro some coffee. Hiro introduces himself and tells her he's there to save her life. Her friends call her over to blow out her birthday candles. She motions for Hiro to join her.

We are all, at our cores, the sum of our fears. To embrace destiny, we must inevitably face those fears, and conquer them, whether they come from the familiar or the unknown.

Memorable Quotes

"Peter has got all these...ideas in his head, delusions of grandeur — he thinks he's supposed to make a difference..."

- Nathan Petrelli

"Congratulations, Claire!"

"Thanks so much!" (turning to Zach) "I don't know that girl."

- Random high school student, Claire

"Everybody who wasn't my friend is now my friend and everybody who... was my friend isn't!"

"It's not a popularity contest, it's an unpopularity contest! 'Cause you rocked the "freak vote"."

"I what?"

"Look, everyone who was like Jackie voted for Jackie and everyone who isn't voted for you! And, in this school, the unpopular vastly outnumber the popular. It made for a good campaign strategy."

"You campaigned for me? Why? You think all this... "school spirit" stuff is stupid."

"I never say it was stupid. I said it was beneath you, but obviously it's important, so whatever. Now you have a little piece of your old life back. Just don't start acting like a bitch again."

- Claire, Zach

"I'm finally realizing who my friends really are, and that maybe being different isn't the end of the world, it's just who I am."

"Exactly -- you gotta embrace your inner freak. Because the only thing you'll regret is denying who you really are"

- Claire, Zach

"Darwin said, 'a scientific man ought to have no wishes, no affections — a heart of stone.' That's me, Mohinder, it's not you. Go home."

- Chandra (in Mohinder's dream)

"Are you the one? Saving you, did I save the world?"

"I don't know... I'm just a cheerleader."

- Peter, Claire

Character Appearances


  • The dummy that was used for the mutilated corpse of the unnamed male in the photo Mr. Bennet showed Eden shares a striking resemblance with the dummy used for Isaac's dead corpse in Don't Look Back. It is highly probable that the two dummies are the same.
  • On the noticeboard showing the chosen Homecoming Queen (Claire Bennet), the name of one member of the "Court" has been misspelled. Tamara Greer's name has been typed with three "E"s instead of two.

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