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* {{seealsoimages}}
* [ Watch the episode on Hulu] (United States only)
* [ Watch the episode on Hulu] (United States only)
* For the similarly titled episode, see '''[[Episode:I Am Sylar|I Am Sylar]]'''.
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I Am Become Death
Season: Three
Episode number: 304
First aired: October 6, 2008
I Am Become Death.jpg
Written by: Aron Eli Coleite
Directed by: David Von Ancken
Previous episode: One of Us, One of Them
Next episode: Angels and Monsters
Heroes Interactive transcript


Story Development

Exposed future · Genetic modification formula · Future Haitian · Future Daphne · Future Knox · Future Mohinder · Noah Gray · Future Gabriel · Future Matt · Daniella Parkman · Future Molly · Future Nathan · Future Tracy · Mark Spatney · Mrs. Spatney · Barbara



Mohinder works in his lab and notes that the formula has created an unusual rash, but is interrupted when he hears his neighbors arguing. When he goes to check on the situation, he finds the neighbor's wife to be in tears and with bruises. The neighbor tries to slam the door on Mohinder, but he stops the door, then smashes his neighbor's head into a wall. The wife cries and asks Mohinder to leave.

Dr. Zimmerman explains to Tracy that she is one of three triplets: Tracy, Niki and Barbara. When their parents died, the three were separated. Tracy asks what he did to her, and he explains that there was a formula that manipulated their DNA to give them incredible abilities. Tracy asks who did this to her, but he tells her that a company hired him, but he can't remember. Tracy grabs him and in anger, begins to freeze his arms. She calms down, and the freezing subsides.

In Africa, Matt looks at a painting by Usutu and asks him how he can stop the future from happening. Usutu takes Matt into his hut and gives him food. After letting him use his headphones, Matt's eyes glaze over, where he sees the future.

Peter and Future Peter travel four years into the future to witness how the world has changed. Peter comments that it doesn't look different, until many people begin to fly around them. Future Peter tells Peter that the world is going to be destroyed because of all the abilities, and that Peter has to stop it. When Peter asks why his future self can't do it, Future Peter tells him that he's stepped on too many butterflies. Future Peter tells Peter that he needs to go to Sylar for help, but before he can say another word he's shot by Claire. Claire takes aim at Peter, but Peter runs, knocking out the Haitian, and escapes.

In the future, Claire stands over Future Peter's dead body when Daphne and Knox come in. Daphne marvels that Claire finally killed Peter, but Claire explains that there's a Peter from the past that is still around, and that they have to kill him too. Claire tells Daphne they need Molly, because she can find him anywhere in the world. Daphne tries to explain that it's not that easy, but Knox tells her he'll go ask her himself. Claire explains that they need to find him, because Peter will never stop.

In the present, Hiro and Ando are kept in a Level 2 holding cell. Hiro tries to escape using the vent, but Ando refuses to help. Ando is angry that Hiro said he didn't need him, and that he's risked his life to help Hiro because they are friends and partners. When Ando wonders if it's because in the future, he killed Hiro, and Hiro tells Ando that everytime he sees Ando, he thinks about the future. Ando tells him that he would never hurt Hiro, but he's starting to see why his future self did.

In his office, Nathan is asked to pick a desk for the room. When Nathan inquires about Tracy, his aide tells him that Tracy isn't answering her cell phone. Linderman appears and tells Nathan to pick a desk, but Nathan goes against his advice and chooses another one. Linderman asks Nathan why he isn't trusting him, and Nathan yells that he's the only one who can see him. Nathan asks if Linderman is a telepath, but Linderman laughs and says it's not that obvious. Nathan decides that his visions of Linderman must be the result of brain damage after the shooting. Linderman tells Nathan that healing and flying are the work of angels, and Nathan scoffs at the idea of Linderman being an angel. Linderman tells Nathan that he's here to help Nathan to eventually be President, but Nathan tells him it's not his path if Linderman is leading the way.

Maya cleans after Mohinder.

Maya comes to Mohinder's lab and finds garbage everywhere. She cleans up and tries to cheer up Mohinder, but he resists. She notices that he doesn't look well and that they should go out somewhere, but Mohinder yells at her that he's been working all hours trying to find a cure for her. She tells him that she's there because she cares about him, but she'll leave since that's what he wants. Mohinder tries to apologize, but she leaves instead. Mohinder notes in his recorder that the ability has caused a spreading rash, and that it is heightening his aggression. He sets the recorder down, and time progresses over years to reveal his lab is covered in dust as a cockroach crawls across the lab.

Four years in the future, Peter tries to find Mohinder, and is startled when he sneaks up on him. Peter asks for Mohinder's help, and wants to know about Sylar. He notices that Mohinder stays in the shadows, and when he tries to approach, Mohinder scuttles away. Mohinder appears from behind Peter and grabs his shoulder, exposing a scaled hand. Peter asks what happened to him, and Mohinder tells him that he wanted abilities, but he got the formula wrong. Peter tells Mohinder he can help if he tells where Sylar is. Although Mohinder tells him Sylar's ability is dangerous. Peter reads Mohinder's mind to find Sylar's location, and then teleports away. In Costa Verde, Peter approaches the old Bennet house, creating a blue flame on his hands for self-defense. He sees a child come out and turns off his fire. The boy greets him as "Uncle Peter" and tells him that his dad is making waffles. As Peter follows the child, he sees Sylar feeding Mr. Muggles. Sylar approaches Peter and hugs him, telling him that he hasn't seen Peter in so long, and that he could have made extra for him.

As Sylar pours syrup for his son, Noah, the boy wonders where Peter's scar is. When Sylar notices this as well, he tells his son that the grownups need to go in the other room, and Peter follows Sylar into a room filled with children's toys. Sylar realizes that Peter must be from the past, and so must see him as the "boogeyman". He finds it funny that Peter has come all this way to find out that the two of them are brothers, and Peter is shocked. Sylar explains to Peter that he's sorry but he will not help him. Peter attempts to read Sylar's mind, but it doesn't work. Peter tells him that the future Peter is dead, and he himself is being pursued. When Peter calls him Sylar, Sylar seems hurt by the name, and asks Peter to call him "Gabriel". He explains that his ability creates a hunger to know more and to have more, and this is what made him a killer. He describes how he now fights a constant battle with the hunger for the sake of his son, and refuses to condemn Peter to the same suffering. Peter explains he desperately needs Sylar's ability to save the world, and Gabriel notes that the world always needs saving, but Peter asks Gabriel to paint the future if he doesn't believe Peter. Gabriel asks Peter to make sure Noah doesn't see him use his ability, then his eyes glaze over.

Still in the future, Matt argues with Daphne while holding a baby. He tells Daphne that she can't ask Molly to find Peter because he's a murderer and a terrorist. Daphne pleads that if Molly helps, then it'll all end, but Matt expresses that they're trying to raise Molly to be normal, and that Daphne shouldn't risk her life when they have a baby. Matt tells her that when he was a cop, he had a spouse who worried if he would come home alive, and that she needs to slow down. Daphne continually urges to use Molly, and tells him that once they have Peter, she'll be settled. Matt calls Molly in, and tells her that her mother needs to speak with her. Daphne later exits the apartment, and tells Claire that Peter is in Costa Verde. Claire immediately knows that he's with Sylar, and Knox feels her fear and wonders what she's afraid of since Claire isn't scared of anything. Claire tells him that she just killed her uncle, and has to do it again, so he should give her a break. Knox grabs her as she walks away, and explains that she can't get hurt, but he and Daphne can, so she needs to get her act straight.

Peter learns a new trick.

Back in Costa Verde, Gabriel finishes painting the world being destroyed, and removes his watch. Peter sees the "Sylar" name, and Gabriel notes that the watch is a scar, and he wants Peter to fix it. Gabriel explains that if Peter wants to learn how to access his ability, he needs to listen to the watch, and hear how all the pieces come together. As Peter fixes the gears with telekinesis, Gabriel tells him to see the cause and effect of the gears, that he can figure out how to fix the future. Peter turns and shows Gabriel the watch is now working, and Gabriel notes that Peter has now has his ability, and says sorry. Noah suddenly yells from the other room. When Gabriel tells him "Not now", Knox answers "Yes, now!" and Peter and Gabriel rush into the other room to find Knox holding Noah with Daphne watching them. Claire comes in and aims a gun at Peter, saying that Noah won't be harmed if Peter goes with them. Gabriel tells Peter to teleport back and escape, but Peter says that he brought this trouble here. Claire says that this once was her house, but Gabriel took it from her, just like everything else. Gabriel tries to apologize, but she aims the gun at Noah. Peter tries to diffuse the situation, and asks Claire what happened to her, and Claire explains that she learned how to take care of herself. She aims the gun at Gabriel, but Peter rushes to knock her out. Daphne speeds to fight Peter, and the two crash into a door. Knox lets go of Noah, who rushes towards his father. Gabriel tells him to hide, and squares off against Knox. Knox breathes in and begins to punch Gabriel as Daphne hits Peter with fast punches. Gabriel tells Knox that he understands that his power requires fear, and that he's not afraid. Knox tells him that Noah is afraid, and smashes Gabriel to the ground, then kicks him, sending a table crashing towards Noah. Gabriel finds Noah dead, and the conflict stops as they all look in horror. Gabriel's hands begin to glow and he starts to punch Knox, who cannot defend himself. Peter throws Daphne backwards, knocking her out. Gabriel glows brighter and Peter runs to him. Claire recovers and takes aim with her gun but it is too late: Gabriel explodes, destroying the Bennet house and all of Costa Verde.

In the present, Hiro tries to hook his belt buckle into the vent above to bring it down. Ando offers to help, but Hiro won't let him. The two fight, then Ando pulls it away, noting Hiro was always terrible at tug-of-war. Ando successfully gets the belt in the vent, and pulls it open. He tells Hiro to enjoy his escape, and Hiro is suprised that Ando does not want to help. Ando reminds Hiro that he didn't want Ando around anymore, so Hiro goes to the vent, but realizes it's too high for him to reach. He asks for Ando's help one last time, and Ando begins to give Hiro a boost. Hiro apologizes to Ando for being a bad friend, and vows to change. Hiro finally gets his arms into the vent, but the Haitian walks into the room.

Tracy sits in her home reading a newspaper about a missing reporter. She calls the police to speak to the individual investigating the missing reporter, and tries to confess to killing him, but the phone freezes.

Mohinder finds himself in a sticky situation.

In his lab, Mohinder notes into his recorder that he is unable to remove the abilities from himself or Maya, and that his ability is part of him now. He lifts his hand from the table, and notes a strange substance sticking to the table. He hears a knock at his door, only to be punched by his neighbor. The neighbor tells Mohinder that he stuck his nose where it shouldn't be, and Mohinder replies that the neighbor has done the same. He pulls the man into his apartment, and slams the door.

Nathan finishes a prayer, and sees that Tracy is in his office. He asks if she found what she was looking for, and she tells him she found her resignation. She tells him that she's figured out what she must do, then leaves. Linderman appears, and tells Nathan that he has to pray for her. Later, Tracy stands on a bridge about to jump. She leaps, only to be caught by Nathan, and the two fly away.

Tracy and Nathan gets drinks at Tracy's apartment. Nathan asks if she's okay, and she tells him no. She wonders about his ability to fly, and she shows Nathan her own ability by freezing his glass. Nathan holds her hands and notes that they aren't even cold, then the two kiss.

In the future, President Nathan Petrelli and his first lady Tracy stand in front of the Pinehearst Company building at a press conference. In a lab, Future Peter lays dead next to Peter, who is strapped down. He struggles, and Claire and the Haitian walk in. Claire asks if he's trying to teleport away, but notes that he can't with the Haitian nearby. Claire gets a scalpel and tells Peter that for the 200,000 people who died in Costa Verde, Peter will feel pain. She cuts him across the chest, then counts to one. Peter tells her that he can save all of those people and fix everything if she lets him go. She cuts again and counts to two. Nathan walks in with security guards and tells her that's enough, and he would like to talk to Peter. Claire and the Haitian leave the two alone. Nathan begins to release Peter, and tells him that he's heard about the dreams and seen the paintings, so he knows that Peter is trying to save the world. He tells Peter that it's not something one man can do, and that everyone needs to do their part. Peter tries to talk about people with abilities, and Nathan wonders about an army of people with abilities. He tells Peter that Congress just agreed to free proliferation because of the events in Costa Verde. He knows Peter thinks that people can't be trusted, but he believes that there's a goodness to mankind. Peter notes that Nathan's been manipulated before, and that he wanted to destroy New York. Nathan asks him to read his mind if he doesn't believe him, so Peter reads Nathan's thoughts, then grabs him. He reads Nathan's feelings and emotions, and tells him that his intentions are wrong. He slams Nathan against a wall, then tells Nathan that he needs to understand. He begins to slice Nathan's head open, but stops and looks in horror. The guards outside ask if Nathan is okay, and Peter teleports to Sylar's cell in Level 5 in the present.

Sylar, while meditating, instantly knows it's Peter and the two scuffle, with Peter choking Sylar against the wall. Sylar asks what he is doing, and Peter tells him that he went to the future and took his ability. Sylar tells him that he has the hunger and is like him now, but Peter tells him that he'll never be like Sylar. Sylar notes that he already is, and calls him brother.

Peter goes to Sylar for more answers.

Matt, with his eyes still glazed over, sees his future self with Molly. They watch the news about the destruction of Costa Verde, and Molly blames herself for telling Daphne where to go. Matt tells her to take care of her baby sister and goes to answer a knock at the door. It's Daphne, who tells him she wasn't fast enough, and collapses in Matt's arms with massive burns down her back. Matt sits up, his eyes no longer glazed over, and finds several of Usutu's paintings around him that weren't there before. Matt asks if he time-traveled, but Usutu tells him that he was dreaming. Matt rushes to the painting of himself and Daphne, and tells Usutu that he needs to find her. Usutu tells him that it's a big world with lots of people, and that Matt must find his totem to guide him on his journey. Matt asks if a totem is some African mojo thing, but Usutu tells him it's from analytical psychologist Carl Jung. He tells Matt that a totem is normally an animal, and that he must think about his dream. Matt turns to see a turtle, then begins to follow it.

In her office, Angela sits with Ando and Hiro. She asks where Kaito's half of the formula is, and Ando wonders why it is so important. Angela tells Ando that it turns normal people like Ando into people like herself and Hiro. Hiro tells her that it was stolen, and Angela tells him that "they" have both halves now. She tells Hiro that Kaito loved Hiro very much and had great faith in him to be a great man. However, she notes that Kaito was mistaken, and his folly will be the downfall of man. Hiro begins to apologize, but Ando stops him, and tells Angela that Hiro will not stop until the world is saved. Angela notes that someone powerful is manipulating things, and Hiro holds the key to saving them. Hiro and Ando are then seen in Japan, digging up a coffin from the ground. Ando asks if it is a good idea, but Hiro notes that they have no other choice. Hiro opens the coffin, and finds Adam Monroe, who opens his eyes and grabs Hiro by the throat.

Memorable Quotes

"If you told me you were coming... I would have made extra!"

- Future Sylar to Peter.

"I just killed my uncle and I have to do it again, give me a second to be a human being."

- Future Claire to Future Daphne and Future Knox.

"I don't know a thing about watches!"

"If you wanna learn how to access my ability - FIX... the watch. Listen to it. Like a symphony, every piece has its part, all coming together in perfect harmony. If you can understand the complexities of a watch, you can understand anything - everything. Cause, effect... action, reaction... how to change the future."

- Future Sylar to Peter

"Trying to teleport? That's not going to work with my friend here."

- Future Claire to Peter.

"Stop. I'd like a moment with my brother alone."

"Is this the President speaking, or my father?"


- Future Claire to Future Nathan

"Hiro, you son of a bi-"

- Adam Monroe to Hiro.

Character Appearances


  • The title I Am Become Death is a reference made to J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, following the the first test in New Mexico. Oppenheimer said: "If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the mighty one. Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." The key line itself is borrowed from the Hindu text, Bhagavad Gita.
  • There are references to Volume One in this episode:
    • Gabriel explodes and destroys all of Costa Verde just like Peter was going to blow up New York.
    • Claire says to Peter, "Trying to teleport? Not with my friend here!" just as her adopted father, Noah, said to Matt in Collision.
    • Footage used from Peter's dream in Genesis.
  • Future Peter says that he's "stepped on too many butterflies", which is a callback to a conversation the character had with Angela Petrelli in the second episode of Volume 3. This conversation, and the title of that episode, was a reference to A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury.
  • The title of this episode was originally The Year of Our Lord.
  • Usutu asks Matt if he is familiar with Carl Jung. Previously, when speaking of dream telepathy and hypnotherapy, Evsdropr also mentioned Carl Jung.

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