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Episode:June 13th, Part One

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June 13th, Part One
Season: Reborn
Episode number: 507
First aired: October 29, 2015
June 13th, Part One.png
Written by: Adam Lash
Cori Uchida
Directed by: Allan Arkush
Previous episode: Game Over
Next episode: June 13th, Part Two


Story Development

Hachiro's ability · H.E.L.E.



After time traveling back to the day of the summit bombing, Noah Bennet and Hiro Nakamura attempts to stop the bombing at the Odessa Unity Summit. According to Noah, the explosion is centered in the underground garage and will take out the support beams in three locations. It is revealed that the bomber was clones of Harris using suicide vests on orders from Erica Kravid.

Mohinder Suresh meets with Angela Petrelli who reveals Primatech and Renautas are the same. She had sold Erica the Company as she believed Erica could stop the H.E.L.E., an extinction-level event that Mohinder had discovered was coming through research in the Arctic. However, Erica's plan is to let the H.E.L.E. come. Mohinder informs Angela that Erica had hired him to find a solution which he did: the evos. Angela tells him that Erica will choose the survivors and has been planning it for years. Angela had also seen the aftermath and the powerful evos who could save them which she'd told Erica about, in hopes of getting Erica to revise the plan and save everyone. Mohinder refuses to believe Angela due to her past actions and Angela warns him that his team was murdered, their bodies buried and all evidence of Mohinder's research erased. Angela pleads with Mohinder to help her reveal the truth to the world, but he refuses, telling her he will have a speech. Angela tells him that Erica will cancel his speech and then have him murdered. Mohinder leaves her, and Angela answers an urgent call.

Erica visits a hide-out located at a nearby suburb where a pained Phoebe Frady is desperately trying to create a giant mass of shadow. Erica subtly threatens Phoebe to do as she says or her half-brother Quentin will be harmed. Meanwhile, at a hotel room, Dennis Collins comes in contact with sunlight from an opened window and gets burned. After treating him, his parents Luke and Joanne have an argument about going to the Odessa Unity Summit, as Luke believes they can find an evo who can cure Dennis's skin condition: solar urticaria.

Hachiro Otomo visits Hiro Nakamura in his company headquarters to show the newly created game Evernow. Hachiro insists on Hiro to help Erica and Renautas with their plan to save the world using his time-control powers. Hiro is having none of it, citing he has not used his powers in a while and that he is Erica's partner, not her employee. Hachiro leaves him no choice and transfers Hiro into the Eternal Fortress inside the game.

Future Hiro and Noah goes to his office room to check on the building plans and ascertain where the bombs are located. Then they hear people arriving and they hide in a secret room behind the bookshelves. Erica and Noah come to the office where Erica reveals her real plans and have Noah detained. When future Hiro and Noah get out to follow the others, they run across Angela, who tell Noah that Claire is rushed to the emergency room. Hiro reassures Noah that he will handle the bombs and Noah and Angela rushes out to the hospital.

Somewhat suspicious, Mohinder calls Ned to check on the team and grows worried when he cannot reach them. Running into Molly Walker, Mohinder gives her a copy of the Escalating Evolution he wrote about the H.E.L.E. in case something happens to him. Harris takes Mohinder to Erica who informs him that he would not be making his speech. Realizing that Angela is right, Mohinder confronts her about it and she tells him she has a plan, but it does not include him. Mohinder tries to attack Harris, but is tranquilized.

Noah and Angela arrive at the hospital but the nurse Anne Clark informs them that Claire died of cardiac arrest due to childbirth. Noah argues his way to be permitted to see Claire's body.

Harris takes Mohinder to the garage, strapping him to a drug that blocks his powers. Harris tells him that he will never be found after the bomb goes off, but he is rescued by a future version of Hiro Nakamura who came back in time to stop the bombing of the summit. During the fight, Mohinder warns Hiro of Harris' bomb, but Hiro is able to defeat Harris and free Mohinder. Confronted by three more Harris, each with a bomb strapped to them, Mohinder and Hiro team up together to stop them. Hiro takes on two at once while Mohinder chases a single Harris. He eventually catches up to him, but his powers suddenly don't work. Harris informs him that the wall he's standing by is a load-bearing wall and he can take down a fourth of the stadium with his bomb and there are more of him all over the place with bombs. A horrified Mohinder realizes what's going to happen and Harris taunts him by telling him "you'll make history Doctor Suresh. Just not the kind you intended." The future Hiro and Mohinder attempt to stop Harris and his clones but Hiro determines that it was impossible to change the bombing as there are too many bombs to stop and any attempt to do so would result in a worse future.

While Luke, Joanne and Dennis are having fun watching an evo use his cryokinesis during the summit, Noah is escorted to an observation / interrogation room by Caspar, the man who watches over Tommy Clark and Noah's former partner. Noah is shocked and tries to use their history to convince Caspar not to trust Erica, but Caspar has gotten Erica to agree to erase Noah's memory rather than kill him. While taking out a coin to erase Noah's memories, Caspar "accidentally" drops it and erases the guard's memory. Noah realizes Caspar is actually there to help him.

The future Noah breaks down upon seeing a dead Claire in the morgue and future Hiro shows up to tell him they cannot prevent the bombing as it will wreak havoc to future events. As Hiro is trying to time-travel, they feel that his power is failing them. They think something bad is happening and rush out to see the bombing at the Unity Summit.

After rescuing Noah, Caspar leads Noah outside where he tells Noah he doesn't trust Erica as she has more faith in numbers than humanity. The two witness an unusual eclipse which is Phoebe Frady's doing. The massive cloud of darkness that covers the sky and causes the eclipse also drains the powers of every evo at the summit. Realizing something is wrong, Noah grabs Caspar's gun and fires into the air, yelling at people to run. Moments later, the Odessa Unity Summit is bombed.

Molly survives and tries to find Mohinder with no avail. Luke is also looking for Dennis but he couldn't find him, so he goes back and consoles Joanne. Caspar and Noah both survive, but Noah is injured and Caspar enlists the help of Molly Walker to get Noah to the hospital. Noah requests Molly to find Claire,and upon knowing that she is already dead, Molly lies and tell them she cannot find her. Caspar and Noah go on separate ways to try to look for Claire.

Future Noah, future Hiro and Angela finally meet the twin brother and sister that Claire has given birth to. Noah realizes that the twin's existence and the plan to hide them in the past is the reason why he had his memory erased by Rene. The plan to bring them to the past is so effective, Erica is still searching for one-year old babies, when the truth is the children will be fifteen and manifesting powers by the time of the bombing. Before Hiro and Angela bring the babies to 1999, Noah and Angela get to name them. Angela names the boy Nathan after her dead son Nathan Petrelli, and Noah named the girl Malina after his mother.

Anne goes home for lunch break and apologizes profusely to her son as she cannot be with him much that day to celebrate his birthday. Her son turns out to be Tommy, whom she lovingly addresses as "Nathan."

Future Noah sees Erica in the hospital, presumably looking for Claire and him. Future Noah stalks her from afar and is about to shoot her at the back when the present-day Noah stops him.

Character Appearances


  • The live showing of this episode of Heroes Reborn was viewed by 3.946 million people, which represents a 3.73% rise in viewership from the previous episode.
  • This episode was originally titled The Day.
  • Cristine Rose has been credited as "Christine Rose".

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