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Episode:Six Months Ago

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Six Months Ago
Season: One
Episode number: 110
First aired: November 27, 2006
Six Months Ago.jpg
Written by: Aron Coleite
Directed by: Allan Arkush
Previous episode: Homecoming
Next episode: Fallout
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose. The earth spins at a thousand miles an hour as we desperately try to keep from being thrown off, like the first blush of winter that signals the great migration. Is there any warning for their arrival? A sign? A single event that set this chain into motion? Was it a whisper in God’s ear? Survive. Adapt. Escape. And if we could mark that single moment in time – that first hint of the prophecy of approaching danger… if we had done anything differently, could it have been stopped? Or was the die long ago cast? And if we could go back, alter its course, stop it from happening, would we?


Story Development

Gray & Sons · Gabriel Gray · Chandra Suresh · Hal Sanders · Nathan's accident · Shanti Suresh · Brian Davis · Power theft



Hiro arrives at the Burnt Toast Diner six months in the past. As Charlie refills his coffee, he introduces himself and tells her he's here to save her life. Sheriff Davidson interrupts calling Charlie to blow out the candles on her birthday cake. She beckons Hiro to come over as well. Hiro continues to try to warn Charlie when one of the waitresses, Lynette, takes a picture of Charlie and Hiro.

At the "Gray & Sons" clock store, a man, Gabriel Gray, is meticulously reassembling the gears in a watch. As he places the final gear in place the watch begins ticking again. Chandra Suresh enters the store and the man asks if he can help him. As Chandra approaches the man notices his watch and tells him he can fix it. Chandra tells him it's not broken, but the man insists that it is. Chandra gives him his watch. The man listens to it briefly before telling him that the coil is loose and that the watch is running two seconds slow. Chandra asks how he knows and the man explains that it's a talent he has for "the way things work... how the parts should go." After a few moments he repairs Chandra's watch and returns it to him. Noticing that Chandra has remained, the man realizes that Chandra didn't come to get his watch repaired. Chandra introduces himself and tells Gabriel that he came for him. He gives Gabriel a copy of his book and tells him to check it out and if he wants to talk more to contact him.

At a traffic stop, Matt Parkman approaches the car he stopped. In the car is Eden. He asks her for her license and registration, but she tells her it's not her car and that she stole it. Matt notices an open bottle of alcohol in the passenger seat and tells her to get out of the car. Eden refuses and suggests that he get back in his car and eat a dozen donuts. Matt repeats his demand and this time Eden repeats her suggestion using her powers. Affected by her suggestion, he gets back into his police car. As Eden prepares to drive off, she looks up and sees the Haitian standing in front of her car staring at her.

Claire is laying on her bed reading an instruction manual when Jackie comes in spreading rumors about Lori Tremmel. Lori apparently resigned from the cheerleading squad leaving an opening which Jackie offers to Claire. Jackie asks her to try on her new cheerleading outfit, but Claire tells her she'll try it on later. Jackie is surprised that Claire isn't more excited and threatens to offer the opening to someone else. Claire grabs the outfit and they struggle over it briefly before they lose their grip on it and Claire falls backwards and sends her hand through the glass door of a cabinet. Downstairs her mother helps clean the wound before taking her to the emergency room. Mr. Bennet's phone rings and on the other end is Chandra who introduces himself and tells him he needs to speak with him regarding Claire.

Hiro continues to try to explain to Charlie that he teleported from the future and tells her not to go to work tomorrow. Hiro believes he's teleported to the previous day, but he looks out the window and notices it's raining. He comments that it wasn't raining the previous day and Charlie makes a remark about "April showers". Charlie explains that it's April 24th, her birthday, and Hiro realizes that he teleported back too far. He considers trying to teleport again, but is afraid of when he might end up and decides against it.

At an AA meeting, Niki introduces herself and tells the other attendees that she's been sober for one year. Tina congratulates her on having been sober for a year. Niki talks about what's going on in her life when she notices a man sitting in the audience. Outside she asks why he's there and he explains that he doesn't want to be out of her life for another year. Niki tells him that not being there was never her choice. He apologizes to Niki and tells her he wants to get to know his grandson and son-in-law.

Peter's having a celebration at his apartment when there's a knock at the door. Peter opens the door and Nathan enters offering him a pair of ladies' shoes as a present for becoming a nurse. Heidi and Angela also enter. Angela tells Peter that his dad's very proud of him, but couldn't attend the party because he has a meeting with Mr. Linderman in Atlantic City. Heidi joins Nathan and Peter on the balcony where Peter tells them he's decided to become a hospice nurse. Nathan doesn't seem impressed and asks how much it pays. Heidi leaves and Nathan informs Peter that the District Attorney wants him to prosecute Mr. Linderman. Peter points out that Mr. Linderman is their father's biggest client and that going after Mr. Linderman will get their father in trouble as well. Nathan explains that this is an opportunity to "take the stink off the family." Heidi returns and takes Nathan off to dance.

At Chandra's apartment there's a knock at the door: it's Gabriel. Chandra explains that he would like to run some noninvasive tests on Gabriel's brain, adding that the brain controls every action. Gabriel explains that as a kid he wished someone would come and tell him that his family wasn't really his. He tells Chandra how he felt they were insignificant and that he wanted to be different and important. Chandra tells him he is important.

Mr. Bennet reads off Eden's criminal rap sheet to her as she sits in a chair with her mouth taped shut. He tells her that she needs a purpose, then removes the tape. Eden spits in his face and then attempts to use her power to suggest that Mr. Bennet let her go immediately. With the Haitian also standing in the room, Mr. Bennet just smiles at her and tells her that with her ability she can get anything she wants because there's no one that can say no to her, but that now there is someone who can say no.

Hiro places a call to Ando at Yamagato Industries, but Ando is out sick that day and the call is answered by the Hiro native to that time. Hiro panics and hangs up the phone exclaiming "Great-o Scott!"

Tom McHenry pulls up alongside Matt's police cruiser and asks why he's out eating donuts when his detective's exam is in an hour. Matt tells him that after today he's going to be a different man and they both depart.

Hiro works as a bus boy at the diner helping Charlie. Hiro tells Charlie that he has a gift for her and gives her a Japanese phrase book. Charlie reads part of the phrase book briefly and thanks Hiro in well-spoken Japanese. When Hiro comments on how quickly she's learning to speak it, she tells him that she's been remembering everything lately. Hiro tells her that she's got a power and that it will become stronger in the future. Charlie still doesn't believe that Hiro has powers. Hiro begins concentrating as Lynette tells Charlie that her order's up. Charlie turns around to find Hiro with a bouquet of flowers. He explains that he got them from the flower store two blocks away. Charlie tells him that she has an order up she needs to take care of, but Hiro tells her it's already finished and points to the table of people with their food already. Charlie laughs and claims he's a magician. He tells her that tomorrow "The swallow will slay the dragon."

At a graveyard, Niki is sitting in front of a gravestone engraved with the name Jessica Sanders who died in 1987 at age 11. D.L. joins her and Niki talks about missing Jessica. She tells D.L. that her father Hal is back and wants to meet him and Micah. She tells him that Hal has money and they can use it to get Micah into private school. D.L. says they can have him over for dinner.

Driving a convertible, Nathan and Heidi talk about Peter's choice to become a hospice nurse. Heidi believes it's a perfect choice for him, but Nathan remains unimpressed. As they're driving a van speeds up from behind and begins trying to run them off the road. Nathan struggles to maintain control of the car, but suddenly finds himself flying out of his car seat leaving Heidi in the car alone. Nathan reaches out and calls for Heidi but appears unable to return to the car. The car crashes into barrels at an exit ramp while Nathan floats upward in the air unable to help. He suddenly falls to the ground.

Peter wakes up from a dream reaching upward. The phone rings. Peter meets Nathan at the hospital where Nathan explains that Heidi has been in surgery for 10 hours. Peter examines his minor injuries and then asks him about the "other car" that was involved. When Nathan asks how Peter knew about the other car, he explains that he saw it in a dream he was having. Nathan explains that the guys in the other car were Mr. Linderman's guys and that he must have found out about the DA's plan to prosecute him. Nathan asks Peter to do the deposition if he agrees to take the case. Peter agrees. A doctor pulls Nathan aside to explain his wife's condition, but Nathan is displeased with the doctor's news.

Hiro impresses Charlie with some origami cranes.

The next day, Hiro brings a newspaper to the diner and shows Charlie Japanese baseball results. where the Swallows slay the Dragons. Charlie takes the newspaper and reads the Japanese article easily. Hiro comments on how flawlessly she reads Japanese after only one day. Hiro tries to convince her again that they both have powers. Charlie still doesn't believe him. Hiro explains to her the Japanese tradition of origami and Charlie says she read about it. She comments that if someone folds a thousand cranes that they'll be granted one wish. Hiro concentrates and then suddenly Charlie looks around to find herself surrounded by paper cranes hanging from the ceiling. Hiro also offers her a plane ticket to Japan and tells her he doesn't care if she doesn't believe him as long as she'll take the ticket and go. She comments about there only being one ticket and Hiro shows her another ticket for himself.

At Chandra's apartment Chandra talks to Gabriel as he's performing some tests. He asks why if Gabriel wanted to be different that he didn't just change instead of fixing clocks like his father. Gabriel references a phrase from Chandra's book about "evolutionary imperative" claiming that evolution compels creatures towards certain behaviors. Completing his tests, Chandra appears disappointed and tells Gabriel that he appears to be "healthy." Gabriel, too, is disappointed and asks whether they're going to perform additional tests. Chandra tells him that he may have been wrong and that Gabriel may not have any special powers, despite being on his list. Gabriel asks Chandra not to give up on him, but Chandra tells him there are others he needs to focus his attention on. Gabriel browses through folders of other suspected evolved humans and asks whether he thinks Brian Davis, who Chandra suspects of being telekinetic, is important or whether he's just going to give up on him, too. Chandra asks Gabriel to leave. On the street Gabriel glances again at a Post-it he took off the folder with Brian Davis's name and address written on it. As Gabriel leaves, Mr. Bennet gets out of a cab and approaches the building.

Micah opens up a gift of a laptop from Hal. Niki thanks Hal for the gift. Micah thanks him as well and Hal tells him to go play with it. Niki explains that they want to put Micah into a private school and Hal realizes they're asking for money. He tells them he'll give them the money and Niki and D.L. thank him. Hal tells them he's surprised they even let him through the door after all the things he did. Niki tells him he didn't do anything. Hal goes to check on Micah and finds that Micah has disassembled the laptop. He yells at Micah, then Niki and D.L. yell at him. Hal goes to leave and offers Niki a check. He tells her he owes her more than an apology can ever do. Niki asks him what he did that was so bad, and Hal exhibits surprise that Niki doesn't remember. After he leaves Niki looks in the mirror and Jessica appears to take over.

In Chandra's apartment, Mr. Bennet examines a map and asks Chandra how Claire's genetic abnormality is going to affect her, but Chandra doesn't know. Mr. Bennet asks if Chandra has a daughter. Chandra reveals that he did and that she died at the age of 5. Chandra tells Mr. Bennet how Shanti's genetic anomaly began his research. Chandra tells Mr. Bennet that he'd like to meet Claire, but Mr. Bennet tells him that will be a problem for his family. He tells Chandra that he'll think about it and let him know.

At Hal's room, there's a knock at the door. He opens the door and Jessica enters. When Hal asks if she remembers, she tells him she could never forget. She grabs Hal by the throat. Hal calls her Niki and she tells him that she's Jessica. She reveals that Hal used to beat Jessica and ended up killing her, though Hal claims it was accidental. Hal apologizes to Niki, but Jessica tells him that he needs to apologize to her. Hal tells her that she's not Jessica and tells her that she needs help. She throws Hal down on the bed, stuffs his check into his mouth, and tells him not to return.

Claire is practicing some cheerleading routines when her father returns and brings her a teddy bear. Claire asks her father whether she's a bad person for wanting to be a cheerleader when Jackie is a "bitch". He tells her it's her actions that make her good or bad. He asks her to show him her hand which appears to have healed completely. He remarks on how nicely it's healed.

At home, Matt reveals to Janice that he failed his exam again. She remarks on how much he studied, but Matt tells her he knows all the answers but cant tell them about his dyslexia or it could hurt his career. Matt asks her how she can want to kiss him and manages to hear Janice's thoughts as she thinks that he's her hero. She tells him that he's everything she wants. Matt complains that he's still directing traffic after eleven years.

Peter is getting dressed in preparation for the deposition when there's a knock at the door. Nathan informs him that there's not going to be a deposition because their father is dead. Nathan claims that he died of a heart attack. He tells Peter to take comfort in the fact that their father didn't know what they were about to do to him.

Hiro tells Charlie about a 24-hour Samurai film festival in Austin, Texas. Charlie appears reluctant and Hiro asks if she still wants to go. Charlie tells Hiro that ever since she met him he's made her so happy, but that she doesn't normally let people get too close to her. She reveals that she has a blood clot in her brain and is dying. When Hiro laments that he was supposed to save her, Charlie tells him that before she met him she was about to just give up, but that Hiro has made her feel more alive than she imagined. They go to kiss, but Hiro is teleported back to the present on a rooftop in Tokyo where his coworkers are exercising. Hiro tries to teleport back to Charlie but is unable to do so.

Gabriel has his first victim.

At the clock shop Gabriel is working on repairing another watch. A man enters the shop and introduces himself as Brian Davis and said someone called him. Gabriel tells him that he called him. He glances down at the watch on the table and sees the name "Sylar" on the face. He introduces himself to Brian Davis as "Gabriel Sylar." Brian stares at a mug on Gabriel's desk and manages to slide it across the desk telekinetically. Brian asks if Gabriel can make it go away. Gabriel is surprised, but Brian tells him he doesn't know what this is, but he doesn't want it. Gabriel looks at him momentarily and then tells him that he's broken and that he understands now how it works with pieces in the brain all fitting together. He grabs a paperweight off his desk and tells Brian he can fix it. Calling it an "evolutionary imperative" (referencing Chandra's book), Sylar hits Brian on the head with the paperweight, killing him.

Mr. Bennet explains to Eden that she has an opportunity to start over, but if she's not interested they can put her back in her old life. She asks what they want her to do, and Mr. Bennet explains to her that Chandra has a list with Claire's name on it and that he wants her to get Claire's name off the list.

Gabriel meets with Chandra again and demonstrates his newly acquired telekinetic power by moving a glass across the table. Gabriel apologizes for his behavior the other day and Chandra understands that he was angry. Gabriel tells him that he feels different now and that he feels he's been given a chance to start over with a new life and new purpose. Gabriel tells Chandra that all the others are waiting to be told of their importance and their true potential. He tells Chandra that they'll find them together.

In present day, Hiro returns to the diner where Ando greets him. Hiro tells Ando that despite traveling through time he wasn't able to save Charlie. Ando suggests he try again, but Hiro tells him that his power is bigger than he is and that he can't change the past. He tells Ando he has failed and places an origami crane at the makeshift memorial for Charlie.

These people – their future is written on their DNA. Just as the past, it seems, is written in stone. Was the die cast from the very beginning, or is it in our own hands to alter the course of destiny? Of all our abilities, it is free will that truly makes us unique. With it, we have a tiny but potent chance to deny fate. And only with it can we find our way back to being human.

Memorable Quotes

"Major developments! Lori Tremmel skanked her way through the entire football team."

"Who told you that?"

"The entire football team."

- Jackie, Claire

"I can fix it.... It's an evolutionary imperative!"

- Gabriel Gray

"Great-o Scott!"

- Hiro

"You really wanna eat some donuts."

- Eden

"Go break the internet in half or something."

- Hal


Character Appearances


  • David Berman, the actor who portrays Brian Davis, is listed on Chandra's list of evolved humans.
  • At the hospital, Peter Petrelli watches through a pane of glass while a doctor speaks with Nathan; a reflected hospital light resembles an eclipse.
  • Mohinder's first line of dialogue ("To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose") is a quote from the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, verse 1.
  • When Hiro folds a thousand paper cranes for Charlie, it is reminiscent of the scene from The Crane, when Hiro adds to a collection of origami cranes at a Hiroshima Peace Memorial.
  • According to Greg Beeman's blog, actually more than one thousand origami cranes were used in the scene. The first 1000 cranes were rented from a nearby Catholic girls' school (where they had been made by students to wish for the recovery of a sick teacher). More cranes were needed to fill out the scene; the folding took 10 people 3 eight-hour days to complete.
  • Hiro invites Charlie to a "24-hour samurai-film festival at the Drafthouse in Austin". The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema does not actually hold a Samurai film festival.
  • At Peter's celebration party, one of the songs he plays is "Smile", by Lily Allen. This song wasn't actually released until September 2006.

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