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* According to the [ cast commentary] for this episode, [[Cristine Rose]], who plays the role of [[Angela Petrelli]], was originally slated to do the opening commentary for the episode. However, the producers ultimately opted for [[Sendhil Ramamurthy]] to do the commentary as usual.
* According to the [ cast commentary] for this episode, [[Cristine Rose]], who plays the role of [[Angela Petrelli]], was originally slated to do the opening commentary for the episode. However, the producers ultimately opted for [[Sendhil Ramamurthy]] to do the commentary as usual.
* Although both Spider-Man's identity being revealed and Captain America's death during Civil War had occurred by the time this happens chronologically, Hiro would have had to jump another year into the future before Rulk would have premiered.
* Although both Spider-Man's identity being revealed and Captain America's death during Civil War had occurred by the time this happens chronologically, Hiro would have had to jump another year into the future before Rulk would have premiered.
* This is the second episode whose title is not presented in a white font.  The first was ''[[Episode:Villains|Villains]], whose title replaced the entire title sequence.

==See Also==
==See Also==

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The Eclipse, Part 1
Season: Three
Episode number: 310
First aired: November 24, 2008
Written by: Aron Eli Coleite
Joe Pokaski
Directed by: Greg Beeman
Previous episode: It's Coming
Next episode: The Eclipse, Part 2
Heroes Interactive transcript
There's a moment in every war where everything changes. A moment when the road bends. Alliances and battle lines shift. And the rules of engagement are rewritten. Moments like these can change the nature of the battle, and turn the tide, for either side. So we do what we can to understand them. To be ready for change, we steady our hearts, curb our fears, muster our forces, and look for signs in the stars. But these moments, these game changers, remain a mystery. Destiny's invisible hand, moving pieces on a chess board. No matter how much we prepare for them, how much we resist the change, anticipate the moment, fight the inevitable outcome, in the end, we're never truly ready when it strikes.


Story Development

Arthur's drawingsBaron SamediEclipseLawrence, KSThe Millbrooks' home


Arthur is doing more precognitive sketches. They include: Peter and Nathan falling toward a jungle; Sylar kissing Elle; Hiro, Matt, and Ando standing in a cornfield; and Noah holding a dead Claire.

Angela is considering a photo of the Petrelli family and then looks outside at the coming eclipse.

Ando and Hiro look at the last page of the 9th Wonders! comic, which shows an eclipse and the words "It's coming."

Sylar tests his newly acquired lightning powers while Elle looks on. Sylar says he needs to prove himself to someone, but says she wouldn’t understand. They’re interrupted when Arthur comes in and asks Sylar to find Claire. Elle insists on going with him, admitting that being a “Company” girl is all she knows. Sylar asks Arthur if he’s okay with it, and Arthur says it’s a good pairing.

At the Primatech facility, Claire speaks with Angela, who informs her she has an important part to play: avoid being caught. Nathan is going to find the Haitian and Matt will find Hiro. Angela escorts Claire into Level 5 where prisoners Eric Doyle and Danny Pine are confined. Claire wonders if Angela is going to lock her up, but Angela says she has another plan. Noah is waiting for her.

A prophecy depicting HRG holding a injured and powerless Claire.

Nathan is preparing to depart for Haiti and Peter says he'll need some help with the Haitian, who is looking for a Level 5 escapee, Baron Samedi; Samedi is involved with slavery and drug trafficking. Peter says that without his powers, he's not sure who he is or what his purpose is. Nathan assures Peter that he still has a purpose even without his powers but agrees to take him along. Nathan has Peter hold on as he flies off into the sky toward Haiti.

Mohinder is conducting an autopsy on his test subject and realizes that he himself is still mutating. He goes to see Arthur and demands the catalyst. Arthur shows him the picture of Noah and Claire and says it’s going to happen today. Mohinder says it’s impossible since Claire can't die, but Arthur asks him how it could happen. Mohinder suspects the eclipse is involved and notes that if Claire dies, the catalyst dies with her and he can't get a cure. There’s another sketch of Mohinder in a cocoon and Arthur warns that everything is going to change today.

A prophecy depicting Nathan losing his powers, falling into Haitian jungles with Peter.

Matt and Daphne are in Brooklyn looking for Hiro's phone number in Matt’s files about Kaito Nakamura's murder. Daphne is nervous and says that Arthur scares her and she betrayed him. She thinks she betrayed Matt as well and he assures her that he trusts her completely. She wonders how he knows her so well and says that it was a dream. Matt insists he won’t let anything happen to her. They’re interrupted by a knock on the door. Matt opens the door and finds Hiro and Ando. Ando shows him the comic that depicts Matt helping Ando.

Noah takes Claire to Stephen Canfield’s home, saying that it’s safe now that Canfield is gone. Claire remarks that he's doing whatever it takes to keep the catalyst safe. Noah says that he’s worried about her, not the catalyst.

Matt scans Hiro’s memories but can’t understand his thoughts, which are in Japanese. Meanwhile, Daphne comments about Ando being "dead" from the last time she saw him, and when he questions her she says she’s now a good guy. Ando insists the comic book says Matt holds the answer but Matt doesn’t know how to help Hiro. Meanwhile, Hiro is looking at Matt's turtle. Daphne says she can’t handle it and noticed Matt pausing when he said he trusted her. She heads for the door and he reads her mind and picks up a thought of Lawrence, KS. She tells him to back off and super speeds away, and Hiro thinks she’s cool.

A prophecy depicting Matt, Hiro and Ando arriving at the Millbrook Home in Laurence, Kansas.

Sylar and Elle go to the Hotspur car rental agency and Sylar checks in with Arthur. Arthur thinks that Noah has Claire, and Sylar knows where he’ll go because he knows how Noah thinks. Elle is worried about him, thinking that he’s obeying authority too easily. Sylar tries to ring the bell for the agent, but Elle tells him that she told the car rental agent that Sylar is a serial killer who kidnapped her. When Sylar wonders why, she explains that she doesn’t want Arthur or anyone else making him into something he isn't. She says they can do and take whatever they want. The agent comes out with a rifle and says he knows what’s going on. Sylar tries to explain without success and Elle pressures Sylar by asking who he really is. The clerk strikes Sylar, drawing blood, and says he'll be a hero for turning Sylar in. Sylar glares at him, his injury regenerating, and says he hates heroes.

A prophecy depicting Mohinder encased in one of his cocoons.

As the eclipse draws nearer, Mohinder records a log wondering what the eclipse signifies and how he’s changing. He’s wracked by spasms of coughing and notices more adhesive fluid extruding from his hands.

Noah is tearing up the floor at the Canfields' home and gives Claire one of the wooden boards. He tosses it to Claire and tells her to hit him, if she wants him to train her. Claire says he’s trying to exorcise his guilt and she insists she can handle things. He says he’s trying to keep her safe and tells her to hit him. She takes a swing and Noah easily deflects her and then turns it against her, choking her. He gives her instructions on how to improve and tells her to go again.

Tracy calls Arthur with information on where Nathan and Peter are going. Tracy wonders if Arthur is going to hurt Nathan, and Arthur says there are some things out of his control. Tracy, concerned, says they need him. Arthur tells Tracy to go to the Marine training facility at Parris Island and use some of her connections to put together an army. She balks but he says she has to do what he says or Nathan won't make it to the White House. When Angela comes in, she quickly cuts off and claims it's a business call. She strolls out past a suspicious Angela.

At Matt’s apartment, Ando is reading 9th Wonders! comics where Matt insists he has to find Daphne. He wants Hiro to teleport him to Lawrence, KS. Hiro turns to a page in the comics showing them at a corn farm in Lawrence, KS. When Ando explains, he teleports them there to the field outside of Daphne’s house. Matt hears Daphne’s thought and runs toward the house. However, Ando looks up as they see the sky darken from the eclipse.

A prophecy depicting Elle and Sylar kissing.

At Pinehearst, Arthur throws the sketches on the ground in frustration.

In his laboratory, Mohinder has webbed himself to the wall in a cocoon.

At Primatech, Angela is looking at a photo of their family.

In Haiti, Nathan and Peter plummet out of the sky into a lake.

A smiling Sylar gets into a stolen rental car with Elle and they drive off.

Claire practices swinging at a column at the Canfield house as Noah smiles in approval.

Mohinder rips himself free of the cocoon and looks in a mirror to discover he’s back to normal.

Peter and Nathan climb out of the lake and Nathan admits he has no idea what happened but he can no longer fly. Peter remembers there was an eclipse the first day Nathan flew. However, Nathan suspects that the Haitian made him lose his powers. They make their way through the jungle and find voodoo totems that Peter identifies them as pwen, prayers for redemption and salvation. Nathan says he saw the Haitian’s village from the sky and heads in that direction, even though Peter says the map shows it’s in a different direction.

Matt knocks at the farmhouse door and Mr. Millbrook answers the door. He says that Daphne isn’t there but Matt calls out and Daphne tells him to go away. Matt tries to use his telepathy on Mr. Millbrook and glares at him, but nothing happens. A puzzled Mr. Millbrook goes back inside and Matt explains that his powers are gone. Hiro confirms that his powers are gone and they wonder what’s going on. Inside, Mr. Millbrook asks Daphne if she’s going to explain who Matt is, and she says she won’t. He says she’s been gone a long time and she asks if she can just go home. He asks if she’s okay and she says it’s happening again. She asks if he still has "them" and he goes to get them.

In Haiti, Peter and Nathan come to a ravine and Nathan says they can double back. Peter wonders if Nathan will admit he’s wrong. Nathan snaps at him, saying that every time Peter has been in trouble Nathan has been there to save him. Peter accuses him of being a puppet and a coward, letting himself be manipulated by Arthur. Nathan wonders where it’s coming from and Peter says in the future he's seen, Nathan will choose Arthur. Nathan disagrees, saying he's trying to stop Arthur now, and turns to find the Haitian, motioning him for silence.

Claire is still practicing her swinging but is tiring out. Noah wonders where her anger has gone and tells her to swing at him. She tries and he asks what she’s thinking. She talks about how she hugged him every time he’d come back from a trip in the hope he wouldn’t leave. She hits him in the leg and asks why he left, then walks toward the door. Elle comes in and tries to use her lightning, but nothing happens. Noah draws a gun and tells her to leave, but Sylar comes in behind him. However, Sylar’s power doesn’t work either. Noah and Sylar struggle and Noah drops his gun. As Noah dislocates Sylar’s shoulder, Elle picks up the gun and prepares to shoot Noah. Claire throws herself in the path of the bullet and falls to the ground. Noah knocks Elle unconscious and then picks up Claire and gets her out of the house. Sylar picks up the gun but passes out from the pain before he can shoot.

Noah takes Claire to the Bennet house where Sandra wonders what happened. Noah explains that Claire has lost her power and tells her not to call the hospital, which will call the police. He insists it’s a surface wound and they can deal with it. Sandra reluctantly agrees and goes to get medical supplies. Claire recovers consciousness and admits she’s been careless, but is at least happy she can feel pain again. Noah thanks her for saving his life.

In Lawrence, Hiro tries to use his powers again without success. Ando thinks Arthur may be responsible but Matt doesn’t believe it. Hiro says they have to save Daphne but Matt says he can’t. Hiro remembers the Hero’s Quest, to triumph without powers. Hiro starts throwing ears of corn at him while Ando translates, saying that Matt can’t doubt. Matt catches an ear of corn and Hiro asks him not to hurt him. Inspired, Matt goes to the house, and Hiro say she has a plan to get his powers back. Hiro and Ando walk down the road and Ando says they’ve reached the end of the comic book. Hiro says they have to find a comic book store to find the next issue.

Mohinder determines that every facet of the formula has disappeared from his body. He has no idea why or how and then brings up a file on Maya. He prepares to leave but Arthur and Flint come in. Arthur says that Mohinder has to get everyone’s abilities back and Mohinder warns that it may be irreversible. Flint slams Mohinder into the wall and tells him he’s going to stay there until Mohinder gets their powers back.

Hiro and Ando find a Sam's Comics and Hiro starts going through the racks, realizing it’s Wednesday: new comic day. They approach the owner, Sam, and his co-owner Frack, and they recognize Hiro from the 9th Wonders! comic.

As they make their way through the jungle, the Haitian is surprised to hear that Arthur is alive, and says he didn’t strip Nathan of his powers. The Haitian says he has also lost his abilities and has to stop Samedi, his brother. Samedi is invulnerable to physical damage, and the Haitian explains that he is building an army based on superstitious fear of those who think he's a god. Peter insists on helping, and points out to Nathan they should do it for no other reason then so that the Haitian can complete his task and go back with them. They’re interrupted when soldiers open fire on them. The soldiers capture Nathan while Peter and the Haitian escape. Samedi emerges from the jungle and says they know all about him: Arthur warned them he would be coming. Samedi knocks him out and has his soldiers take Nathan to the camp. Peter and the Haitian watch from the jungle.

Noah determines that Claire isn't running a fever and tells her to get her rest. Claire says she loves him and he says he loves her. He goes out and Sandra tells him not to leave her daughter. Sandra says that Claire is scared and needs him, but Noah says there’s something he has to finish.

Mr. Millbrook gets in his truck and leaves, and Matt goes to the front door and knocks. He tells Daphne he isn’t leaving until he talks to her but she tells him to leave. He refuses and says he knows who she is: smart, beautiful, funny. He says he’s in love with her and is never going to give up on her. She tells him to come in and he follows her voice to the bedroom. She’s crippled, her legs useless, and didn't want him to see her that way.

Sandra brings food in for Claire but discovers that she’s unconscious and bleeding badly from her injury.

Elle relocates Sylar’s arm and he tries to use his powers without success. He takes the gun and admits that he used to understand everything, but now nothing makes sense. Sylar admits that it’s a relief not to feel the hunger. Elle admits she pushed him to become a monster and he says it wasn’t her fault, she was just following orders. She says they can’t take what they want any more but Sylar questions that, grabs her, and kisses her passionately. Outside, Noah is drawing a bead on him with a sniper rifle.

Memorable Quotes

"We need your help. You have to fix Hiro. Look!"

(Ando shows Matt the comic book)

"What does this say?"

"It says you have to fix Hiro!"

- Ando, Matt

"I hate heroes."

- Sylar

"The good news is, you've certainly got the strength. The bad news is you're clumsy, slow, and obvious."

- Noah (to Claire)

"Why don't you just let me inside?"

"Are you threatening me?"

"Uh, I said... let me in."

"Why are you turning your head sideways? What's your problem, son?"

- Matt, Mr. Millbrook

"It hurts. I never thought I'd be able to hurt again. Uhh, it sucks. But it's wonderful."

- Claire

"Every town and city around the world has a place where the wise men gather. The Greek oracle of Delphi. The Library at Alexandria. The Hall of Justice."

- Hiro

"The universe has decided our fate."

"Can the universe get me a phone?"

- Haitian, Nathan

Character Appearances


  • Sam's line "Don't worry, I got plenty of Red Hulks for everybody," refers to co-executive producer Jeph Loeb's creation of the Red Hulk for Marvel Comics, which premiered in Hulk #1 (March 2008).
  • According to the cast commentary for this episode, Cristine Rose, who plays the role of Angela Petrelli, was originally slated to do the opening commentary for the episode. However, the producers ultimately opted for Sendhil Ramamurthy to do the commentary as usual.
  • Although both Spider-Man's identity being revealed and Captain America's death during Civil War had occurred by the time this happens chronologically, Hiro would have had to jump another year into the future before Rulk would have premiered.
  • This is the second episode whose title is not presented in a white font. The first was Villains, whose title replaced the entire title sequence.

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