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* [[Tawny Cypress]] ([[Simone Deveaux]]) and [[Santiago Cabrera]] ([[Isaac Mendez]]) do not appear in this episode.
* [[Tawny Cypress]] ([[Simone Deveaux]]) does not appear in this episode.
* [[Santiago Cabrera]] ([[Isaac Mendez]]) does not appear in this episode.
If you watch on NBC's Rewind and encounter a problem such as the video not found, it can be because the javascript link was written wrong.  On this episode for example the link for part 5 is javascript:void(playVideo('heroes12',9));, which is wrong, it SHOULD say javascript:void(playVideo('heroes13',9));  To correct this, simply copy and paste "javascript:void(playVideo('heroes12',9));" without the quotes into the url of your browser while on rewind, then hit the go or enter button.  Make sure Javascript is on.
If you watch on NBC's Rewind and encounter a problem such as the video not found, it can be because the javascript link was written wrong.  On this episode for example the link for part 5 is javascript:void(playVideo('heroes12',9));, which is wrong, it SHOULD say javascript:void(playVideo('heroes13',9));  To correct this, simply copy and paste "javascript:void(playVideo('heroes12',9));" without the quotes into the url of your browser while on rewind, then hit the go or enter button.  Make sure Javascript is on.

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The Fix
Season: One
Episode number: 113
First aired: January 29, 2007
The fix.jpg
Written by: Natalie Chaidez
Directed by: Terrence O'Hara
Previous episode: Godsend
Next episode: Distractions
Heroes Interactive transcript

When we embrace what lies within, our potential has no limit. The future is filled with promise; the present rife with expectation. When we deny our instinct, and struggle against our deepest urges, uncertainty begins. Where does this path lead? When will the changes end? Is this transformation a gift or a curse? For those who fear what lies ahead, the most important question of all - can we ever really change what we are?




While both invisible, Claude pins Peter to a lamp. Claude yells at Peter and asks him how he's able to see him. Peter tells Claude that he's able to do what he can do. Claude releases him and comments that Peter is "one of those". Peter asks Claude if he knows someone else like him. When Claude turns and leaves, Peter follows him. Claude tells him to leave him alone and forget about him. Peter argues that he needs Claude to help him. Peter explains that he feels he's a danger and has had visions of everyone dying. Claude tells him he should get out of town and he tries to leave again. Peter tells him that he can't hide from him. Claude tells him that others have tried and failed. He tells Peter not to follow him and walks away. As Claude leaves Peter becomes visible again startling a passerby.

Niki is in a straight-jacket in a padded room where she is given an injection.

Matt and Janice sit together on the sofa as they make a game out of Matt reading her mind.

Mr. Bennet enters Sylar's cell where Hank is examining Sylar. He informs Mr. Bennet that Sylar's vitals are irregular. Mr. Bennet isn't surprised and tells Hank to keep him stabilized, doing whatever it takes it keep him alive.

Hiro and Ando go to retrieve their rental car from a parking garage. Ando argues with the garage attendant claiming that he's "only two minutes over." The attendant refuses to cut him a break. Hiro stares at the punch clock and tries to use his power to manipulate the clock but is unsuccessful. Hiro reiterates his claim that he needs to find the sword in order to restore his powers. He wonders if it's his destiny to kill the exploding man with his sword. As they walk to their car they notice a strange man with a gun standing by it. The man draws his gun and Hiro and Ando run. They try to get help from a van that drives up, but another strange man gets out of the van. Hiro and Ando keep running.

Nathan shows up at Mohinder's apartment and asks to come in. He tells Mohinder that he's looking for Peter and Mohinder replies that he, too, is looking for him. Mohinder tells him that the last he knew Peter was in Texas. Nathan tells him that be barely made it back from Texas alive and is afraid that this time he's going to somehow hurt people. Nathan asks Mohinder if he can explain what's happening to Peter. Mohinder tells Nathan about his father's work including the creation of the list. He tells Nathan that he's on the list, but Nathan says he's interested in Peter, not himself. Mohinder tells Nathan that Peter's abilities allow him to mimic the abilities of powers around him like a sponge. He tells Nathan that Peter's power could become dangerous if he absorbs too much or absorbs an unstable ability. Nathan asks if it would be possible to "fix" Peter. Mohinder tells him that it may be possible to develop an inhibitor, but will know more once he finds him. Nathan tells him he doesn't want Mohinder encouraging Peter. Mohinder tells him that Peter may be the most important and that if he can find him he may be able to help every evolved human.

Peter approaches Claude on the roof of a building where he lives. He tells Claude that he used to take care of the man who owns the building, Charles Deveaux. He points out that it's strange that he worked there while Claude lives there. Peter tells Claude that he needs to learn to control his power like Claude does. Claude tells him it can't be controlled. Peter insists saying that if he doesn't learn to control it then he will explode and destroy New York City. He tells Claude that he feels he met him for a reason: so he could teach him how to stop him from exploding. Claude claims that there's no way to control the powers. Peter tells him that there must be something he can do and Claude offers to kill him and solve his problem. He leaves and tells Peter not to try to find him.

Claire and Zach explore the family computer looking for any secret information. Zach expresses concern about Mr. Bennet returning home, and Claire tells him that her father is at work. Zach isn't able to find any information on the computer, but Claire believes there has to be some kind of evidence on the computer. Zach points out that if her father is so clever he's not going to leave secret information on the family computer. Mr. Muggles starts barking and runs to the door. Claire tells Zach to shut down the computer. Mr. Bennet walks in the door and notices the computer turned on. Claire tells him that they' were looking up some information on The Internet for a report. Mr. Bennet asks to speak to Claire alone and Claire asks Zach to go wait in her room. Claire tells her dad that the school paired her up with Zach. Her father reminds her that they used to be friends and that they might actually get along. Claire meets Zach in her room and hangs a wind chime outside her window. She tells Zach that she needs some answers and that "he" said that if she needed him she should hang them outside her window.

Janice and Matt talk outside about Matt's story about Mr. Bennet abducting him. Matt tells her that he needs to find out how Mr. Bennet did this and that he's going to take them all down. Janice expresses disbelief about the story. Matt tells her that he's got to find them and figure out what's going on. He hears Janice think that he should go to the FBI. He tells her that they think he's crazy and he can't go to them. Matt leaves to go get ready for a review hearing. Inside he tries to use the sink but finds it's broken. He tells Janice that he will call a plumber. She asks him if he's always going to be in her head and he replies that he can't control his power. She asks whether he can't control it, or won't control it.

In the parking garage Hiro and Ando hide under a parked car. Ando asks why they're being chased and Hiro tells him that it's because he's special. Ando tells him that he's tired of being chased. Hiro tells him he can surrender if he wants, but that a hero never gives up and he will not surrender. Someone gets into the car they are hiding under and drives away leaving them exposed in a parking space. The van that pulled up to them earlier pulls up again and spots them. Hiro and Ando run and the van pursues them. Hiro manages to climb over a small fence to get away, but the men catch Ando and take him to the van. Hiro climbs back over and tells them he's special and will go with them if they release Ando. They push both of them into a van and take them away.

Niki wakes up in her cell without her straight jacket. On the other side of the room is a woman who introduces herself as a psychiatrist named Dr. Withers. She tells Niki she's been assigned to her case. Niki tells her that it's dangerous for her to be in with her. When the doctor offers to put the straight jacket back on Niki tells her that it won't be enough and that the drugs are keeping Jessica weak. The doctor tells Niki she knows all about her sister Jessica and her accident. The doctor tells her that her initial belief is that Niki is suffering from a classic case of multiple personality disorder. Niki tells the doctor she's wasting her time and should just go. The doctor tells her that she understands why Niki might feel that her life is over and would just want to give up but that if she wants help she can still make something of herself. Niki tells the doctor that she can't help her and ask for another shot, but the doctor refuses and leaves.

D.L. speaks to someone on the phone and expresses concern about paying the rent, but the other party isn't able to help. Micah enters the room and asks D.L. if he's seen his lunch box. D.L. tells him it's wherever he left it last. Micah tells him that it's in the car, but D.L. tells him that the car is in the shop. Micah gets annoyed and tells him he makes bad lunches anyway. D.L. tells Micah that things aren't easy for them. Micah tells him that things weren't easy for Niki either, but she always found a way to earn some money. He tells D.L. that he's late for school and leaves.

Claire meets The Haitian at the construction site. The Haitian is concerned and asks her if she knows how dangerous it is for them to meet. Claire complains that she has to continually lie to her father. The Haitian asks her if she would prefer that he erase her memory. She asks him if he knows her real parents. He tells her that he doesn't know about her father, but that her mother died in an explosion in Texas 14 years ago. When asked if he's sure, he tells her that Mr. Bennet told him long ago and had no reason to lie about it. He suggests that she leave and forget about her real parents.

Mr. Bennet returns home and talks to Sandra. She tells him that Claire's at the library working on her report. He tells her that he's worried about Claire. Angela suggests he worry more about Lyle since he's been so absent-minded recently. Mr. Bennet gets a call from Hank who tells him that Sylar is dead. Hank asks what to do with the body and Mr. Bennet tells him to prepare it for shipping. Hank removes the restraints from Sylar. Sylar suddenly opens his eyes.

At a diner Claire and Zach review newspaper articles from 14 years ago. They find an article about a fire in an apartment in Kermit, Texas. They find that a woman named Meredith Gordon was killed in the fire supposedly along with her 18 month old daughter. Zach theorizes that the kid was actually Claire. Zach suggests she go talk to one of Meredith's relatives in order to find out more about her parents and possibly even find out who her father is.

Matt sits before the review board who review his report with disbelief. They ask Matt if he's sure that his story about Mr. Bennet abducting a super-powered serial killer is what he wants entered on public record. They ask him if he wants his future to be decided based on this story. He hears one of the officers thoughts that Matt should just say yes so they can "flush it down the toilet." Matt asks to recant his statement and claims that he made the story up. He claims he did it because he wanted to look like a hero. He apologizes and is given a 6 month suspension while they review his case.

Matt returns home and Janice calls him upstairs. In the bathroom the sink pipes are spraying water all over the bathroom.

Hiro and Ando are being driven away in a van. Hiro tells the man watching them that he's on a very important mission. The man says he knows all about Hiro's "mission" to save the world and that Hiro believes he has a power. The man tells him in Japanese that he is wrong and that he works for someone who has true power and wants Hiro to stop. He offers Hiro and Ando plane tickets back to Japan. Hiro tells the man that they will not be bribed and that he will tell the man's boss the same thing. The man tells Hiro that his boss will not like that.

Peter packs some belongings from his apartment. Nathan and Mohinder arrive and walk into his apartment. Nathan asks Peter if he's leaving town and Peter tells him that he's thinking of getting away for a while. Nathan tells him that there may be another way and to let him help him. Mohinder tells Peter that if he allows him to test him that they may be able to find a way to fix what's going on with him. He tells Mohinder that there's no time. Peter goes to leave, but Nathan doesn't let him. He tells Peter if necessary he could have his "mentally ill brother detained for his own safety." Peter drops his bag and tells Nathan that he knows Nathan wants to help and try to fix everything, but that this isn't something he can fix. Nathan ask Peter to sit down, but Peter runs out of the apartment. Nathan and Mohinder try to follow him, but he's gone. Nathan asks his aide who was outside where Peter went, but the aide didn't see him. Noticing the open window and figuring he flew away they leave for the airport to stop him. Standing invisibly against the wall, Claude holds his hand over Peter's mouth.

Back in Peter's apartment Claude tells Peter that with his family connections he could do a lot better than the apartment he's in now. Peter tells him he left the family business and is a nurse. Claude muses over the fact that Peter is a "nurse who's an empath." Claude tells him that he's not a people-person, but he's not going to allow Peter to kill everyone. Peter asks him again to help him control his power. Claude warns him that it will be a lot of work. Claude tells Peter to come with him.

Matt finishes fixing the bathroom sink. He tells Janice that he's been suspended and remarks that he thought his ability was going to be a good thing, but that he's now unemployed and about to lose his marriage. Janice reminds him that he hasn't lost his marriage yet. She tells him that they need to trust each other. She asks Matt to tell her what she's thinking. Matt hears her thoughts and realizes that she's pregnant and shouts in excitement.

Niki awakens in her padded room as D.L. phases through the wall and enters. He holds her and tells her that he's having trouble handling things alone. He tells her that he's going to find a way to get her out. Niki tells him that she's going to be in there for a long time and that he needs to get used to that. He tells Niki that Micah is having a hard time without her. Niki gives him some suggestions for handling Micah and tells him he needs to leave.

Micah walks up to an ATM and uses his power to make it dispense money.

Claire talks to Zach on the phone about tracking down people who knew Meredith Gordon. Mr. Bennet knocks on her door and she tells Zach that she'll call him back. She claims to her father that she was talking to Zach about her report. Mr. Bennet asks Claire if everything's alright and says they haven't talked in a while. She tells her dad that it's time for her stuffed bears to "migrate" since she's almost 16. Her father tells her that he'll always be there for her no matter how old she is. She asks him if it's not time she learns how to deal with her own problems. He tells her dinner will be in an hour and leaves after some slight hesitation.

Niki meets with the doctor and tells her that her family needs her. The doctor reminds Niki that success is not guaranteed. Niki tells her she needs to try to get rid of Jessica. The doctor asks to speak to Jessica. Niki is concerned and refuses. The doctor tells her that if she doesn't let her speak to Jessica that she may not see her son for a long time. The doctor goes to leave and Niki tells her to wait.

Micah returns home and D.L. tells him he was worried about him. He tells Micah to sit down and explains that Niki's not going to be coming home anytime soon. He tells Micah that he's going to need his help in order to make things work. Micah apologizes and tells him that he can try harder. He dumps a backpack full of cash and suggests that it may help. D.L. asks where he got it from and Micah tells him that he has a "secret", too.

The van with Hiro and Ando pull up in a secluded building alongside another car. Hiro asks if they're going to be let go and the man tells him that it's up to his boss. Ando tells him to just tell them what they want to hear. Hiro tells him not to worry and that he'll never betray him. The man opens the van and Hiro finds that the boss is his father.

Claire makes a call to yet another Gordon in Kermit, Texas looking for someone related to Meredith. Woman she calls asks how she knows the name Meredith. Claire says that she believes Meredith is her mother. The woman says that Meredith only had one daughter and that she died in the fire. Claire tells her that she believes that she is that daughter and didn't die in the fire. The woman tells her that she made the right call and that she is Meredith Gordon. Meredith lights a cigarette using her power and acknowledges that she's Claire's mom.

Mr. Bennet enters Sylar's cell and pulls back the sheet covering the body on the table finding Hank on the table instead of Sylar. Mr. Bennet turns around to find Sylar standing behind him. Sylar asks him how Claire is.

Memorable Quotes


- Hiro Nakamura

"I think you're the one that has to teach me how to stop this."

"I'm trying not to die — there has to be something you can do!"

- Peter Petrelli (to Claude)

"What I can do, you can't learn — you wake up in the morning, it's there."

"I can kill you myself right now, solve your exploding problem here — maybe that's why you dreamed me!"

- Claude Rains (to Peter)


If you watch on NBC's Rewind and encounter a problem such as the video not found, it can be because the javascript link was written wrong. On this episode for example the link for part 5 is javascript:void(playVideo('heroes12',9));, which is wrong, it SHOULD say javascript:void(playVideo('heroes13',9)); To correct this, simply copy and paste "javascript:void(playVideo('heroes12',9));" without the quotes into the url of your browser while on rewind, then hit the go or enter button. Make sure Javascript is on.


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