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* [[Peter]] tries to persuade [[Claire]] to stay and help him prevent [[the explosion]].
* [[Peter]] tries to persuade [[Claire]] to stay and help him prevent [[the explosion]].
* When his resolve in [[Linderman]]'s plan falters, [[Nathan]] receives encouragement from a surprising source.
* When his resolve in [[Linderman]]'s plan falters, [[Nathan]] receives encouragement from a surprising source.
==Watch Online==
==Watch Online==
[ Watch this full episode online at NBC's website.]
[ Watch this full episode online at NBC's website.]
==Story Development==
==Story Development==
{{StoryDevelopment|links=[[Virginia Gray]] &middot; [[Virginia's snow globes]] &middot; [[Clairvoyance]] &middot; [[Kirby Plaza]] &middot; [[Kirby Plaza building]] &middot; [[Claire's gun]] &middot; [[St. Louis]] &middot; [[Used car lot]]}}
{{StoryDevelopment|links=[[Virginia Gray]] &middot; [[Virginia's snow globes]] &middot; [[Clairvoyance]] &middot; [[Kirby Plaza]] &middot; [[Kirby Plaza building]] &middot; [[Claire's gun]] &middot; [[St. Louis]] &middot; [[Used car lot]]}}

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The Hard Part
Season: One
Episode number: 121
First aired: May 7, 2007
The hard part.jpg
Written by: Aron Coleite
Directed by: John Badham
Previous episode: Five Years Gone
Next episode: Landslide
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Story Development

Virginia Gray · Virginia's snow globes · Clairvoyance · Kirby Plaza · Kirby Plaza building · Claire's gun · St. Louis · Used car lot



After finding out that Isaac's new comic book is incomplete (it has pictures but no words), Hiro and Ando decide to return to Isaac's apartment.

Sylar is still at Isaac's loft painting the future, and visualizes that he will become the bomb that kills approximately half of NYC. Sylar then phones Mohinder for help, trying to understand why he would do such a thing. Rather than help him, Mohinder hurriedly attempts to call 911 on his cellphone while keeping Sylar on the line, but Sylar notices this with his enhanced hearing and hangs up. Sylar makes another call to an unknown person, who apparently agrees to meet with him.

Hiro and Ando arrive while Sylar is preparing to leave. They notice Isaac's dead body and hear Sylar in the next room, so they hide behind one of Sylar's recently finished paintings. Sylar hears their heartbeats and approaches the painting, but just before Sylar telekinetically moves the painting away, Hiro teleports himself and Ando to a convenience store next door. Ando convinces Hiro that he must kill Sylar for the good of the city, and they follow him as he leaves Isaac's apartment.

At the Petrelli mansion, Peter tries to convice Claire to stay in New York to help stop the explosion; Claire mentions that Peter's potential exploding is like Ted Sprague's ability. Claire explains to Peter and Nathan about what happened with Ted in Odessa. Afterwards, with Claire and Peter out of earshot, Nathan calls Linderman and tells him that he thinks they have a problem.

Ted defrosts the car.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bennet, Ted and Matt stop at a car lot to get a car to take them to NYC. Mr. Bennet stops Matt from phoning home to his wife, explaining that they need to protect the ones they love by not getting them involved. Ted defrosts and starts a car with his power of induced radioactivity and they leave.

In New York, Mohinder meets with Thompson, who convinces him to help Molly Walker, a girl whose parents were killed by Sylar. Molly has a blood disorder, the same one that killed Mohinder's sister Shanti, which prevents her from using her powers. Mohinder agrees to help Molly upon learning of her ability to locate any person, including Sylar.

Later, Nathan speaks with Thompson in his campaign office, and we briefly hear some of their discussion about Ted and the impending explosion. Nathan becomes upset about not being told everything and expresses his lack of conviction for Linderman's plan. Peter and Claire arrive to visit Nathan, but Claire sees Thompson through the shades and refuses to enter for fear of being caught. She explains to Peter that her adopted father, Mr. Bennet, used to worked for Thompson, and endangered himself so that she could escape.

As Sylar arrives at his destination, Hiro and Ando sneak around to a window to keep an eye on him. They are surprised to discover that the person Sylar is visiting is his mother, Virginia Gray, who seems happy to see him and is quite unaware of his recent activities. He decides to fix one of his father's old clocks, and his mother laments on how watchmaking is not a real profession; she suggests that he become an investment banker instead. He asks his mother to accept his desire to remain a normal watchmaker, but his mother refuses, saying she knows Sylar is special enough to be President if he wanted to. Sylar decides to show his mother just how special he is by creating a snow globe combining his powers of cryokinesis and telekinesis. His mother is very impressed; but when he accidentally cuts her with one of the snow globes, she gets upset and locks herself in her bedroom.

Still outside, Hiro is again having doubts about killing Sylar. Ando succeeds in convincing Hiro to act now by showing him a page from the comic that Future Hiro had torn out: a page showing Ando being killed by Sylar.

Mohinder and Molly find a picture of Shanti.

Mohinder becomes increasingly frustrated as he tries to find a cure for Molly's condition. He searches his father's records for a cure he supposedly developed months after Shanti's death. While cleaning up various files with Molly's help, Mohinder finds an old picture of his parents and sister, with his mother clearly pregnant. Mohinder mentions that this is the first time he's ever seen his sister, and promises to Molly that he will be able to help her; in return she gives him a small drawing of a star for "protection."

Peter follows Claire back to the Petrelli mansion, and stops her from leaving for Paris. He tells Claire he knows how she can save the world. Peter gives Claire a gun and asks her to use it to kill him if he ever gets out of control. He also shows Claire his sketchbook, containing drawings of the explosion and a picture Claire confirms to be Ted. Peter recognizes the location of the drawing.

At the Sanders' home in Las Vegas, D.L. discovers that Linderman has abducted Micah, and leaves for the Corinthian Casino in search of him. As he leaves, Niki, who is still being suppressed by Jessica, convinces her to accompany D.L. and protect him. The two go to Linderman's casino looking for Micah, phasing through walls until they appear in his private gallery. They discover that Linderman has been keeping tabs on their family for years through personal records and Isaac's paintings, and conclude that they are some sort of science experiment for Linderman. They also find that Linderman left for NYC and decide to follow him there to continue their search.

Meanwhile, Micah, who is being held in a skyrise building, discovers that Candice is impersonating his mom. He tries to escape, but Candice changes the appearance of the corridors such that he cannot find a way out.

Back at Mrs. Gray's apartment, Sylar convinces his mother to leave her bedroom, but she orders him to leave the house, believing that he is "damned". She grabs a pair of scissors to defend herself as he tries to calm her, and is stabbed in the ensuing struggle. As she begins to fall, Hiro freezes time, enters the room prepares to kill Sylar; before he can deliver a killing blow, time resumes and Sylar catches the sword in his hand. Sylar orders Hiro to kill him, but senses his hesitation and threatens to kill Hiro instead, freezing the sword as he speaks. Just then, Ando bursts through the door, distracting Sylar long enough for Hiro to teleport them both back to Isaac's apartment. It is only then that the two notice that Hiro's sword had snapped in two during the encounter. At the Grays' home, Sylar reacts in shock to his mother's death; he then uses her blood to make a mural of the explosion on the ground using Isaac's precognition, rambling about "being special" and the presidency, foreshadowing the events of the future Hiro experienced.

Mohinder finally realizes that the healthy antibodies in his blood can counteract Molly's illness; Mohinder himself was the cure of which his father wrote. He tells Molly he was born too late to help his sister, but not too late to save her.

After Thompson leaves Nathan's campaign office, his mother arrives. Angela reveals to Nathan that Linderman called her and asked her to talk to Nathan to ensure that he will see the plan through. She also reveals to Nathan that she knew the details of the plan long before he did, and that it is not just Linderman's plan, but a work that has been prepared by many. She fully expects him to cooperate to ensure a better future, and to "be the one they need."

Leaving the Petrelli mansion, Peter and Claire run into Matt, Mr. Bennet and Ted on the street--the same location as in Peter's drawing. As Claire and Mr. Bennet enjoy a tearful reunion, Peter unknowingly absorbs Ted's ability and struggles to control it.

Memorable Quotes

"Don't worry, New York! WE WILL SAVE YOU!"

- Hiro

"I understood it before the killing, I had a reason - to take what others didn't deserve. It was natural selection."

- Sylar (to Mohinder)

"Molly is the only one who can stop Sylar."

- Thompson (to Mohinder)

"Mom you're not even listening to me!"

"I am listening..."

"No, you're making a tuna sandwich."

- Sylar, Virginia Gray

"You're different from the other doctors. They're much better at this."

- Molly Walker (to Mohinder)

"You can fly?"

[Nathan shrugs and nods]

"That's cool."

- Claire, (to Nathan)

"You're scared."

"Yeah, I am. I'm terrified. I have to find a nuclear man, and I don't know if I can contain all that power."

"Then run the other way."

"I can't."

"Why not?"

"Because if we save ourselves, who's going to to save everyone else?"

- Claire, Peter

"My destiny is to shoot you? The universe can't be that lame."

- Claire to Peter

Character Appearances

Character Appearances


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