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Episode talk:Homecoming

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New episode checklist

Episode article:

___ Episode screencap
___ Monologue
___ Summary
___ Synopsis
___ Quotes
___ Trivia

Update/add other articles:
_X_ Episode redirect
_X_ Check that links from previous episode work
___ Update Portal:Episodes

Update Main Page:
___ AOTW
___ Next on Heroes
___ Index

Update Main Character pages

___ Peter
___ Nathan
_X_ Isaac
___ Claire
_X_ Matt
___ Hiro
___ Niki
___ Jessica
___ DL
___ Mohinder
___ Micah
___ Mr. Bennet
___ Sylar

Update other character pages as needed

___ Simone Deveaux
___ Brody Mitchum
___ Zach
___ Jackie Wilcox
___ Nirand
___ Ando Masahashi
___ Sandra Bennet
___ Mira Shenoy (Mo turns down her job)
___ Mohinder's Mother
___ Sanjog Iyer
___ Chandra Suresh
___ Eden McCain
___ The Haitian

Add new character pages as needed:
___ The waitress/owner at the diner -- listed in final credits?
___ (list needed characters here)

Plot Points

___ The Message
___ The Missing Painting
___ Isaac's paintings new painting--burning man?
___ The Algorithm
___ Sanjog's file -- Mohinder describes his power
___ The List
___ Update Portal:Plot Points

___ (list locations to update here)
___ (list new locations here)
___ Update Portal:Locations

___ Union Wells High School
___ Burnt Toast Diner
___ (list new places here)
___ Update Portal:Places

Update templates as needed
___ Template: Characternav
___ Template: Actornav
___ Template: Crewnav
___ Template: Research

Episode airs tonight

  • Might just be me, but it looks like NBC's been promoting this episode as a big one. I'll be writing up a full synopsis again and as usual I should have the article updated with it about 2 hours after the episode is finished. Will also take a screen cap for the episode if one's not already there by the time I'm done. We get a lot of hits after an episode airs and especially the following day so we should make sure we're ready with an updated article on this episode as soon as possible tonight. Every Monday I'm always impressed by how quickly we come together to especially get the episode article all filled out and promoted to AOTW. I'm sure tonight will be the same. :) (Admin 16:45, 20 November 2006 (EST))
    • Feel the anticipation as the new episode gets closer! I'll be doing my usual monogue(s), quotes, notes, and whatever else. I'm on vacation this week, so I'll probably be working on this quite a bit tonight and tomorrow. Should be a fun one :-) --Fcphantom 17:39, 20 November 2006 (EST)