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Evos Anonymous

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Evos Anonymous
Evos Anonymous.jpg
Location: Chicago, IL
Purpose: Support group for evos
First appearance Brave New World
Known members: Tommy Clark, Coach Lewis, Sue Grandry, "Angry Old Man", "Hipster Dude", "Biker Woman", "Dress Lady", "Chinese Guy", hhgregg employee
Affiliated sites: A Chicago church basement

An evo support group operated out of Chicago, IL. Tommy nicknames the group "Evos Anonymous".


Following the revelation of evolved humans and disaster on June 13, 2014, evos everywhere are hunted and persecuted. To combat this, some evos have set up a secret support group in Chicago. Those who attend refrain from sharing their names or identifying information. Entrance to the meeting is granted upon giving the password "cockroach".


Brave New World

On June 13, 2015, a group of evos gathers in a church basement in Chicago, IL. They watch the news coverage about the one year anniversary of the calamitous Odessa Unity Summit. The anonymous group members complain about being persecuted, and the fears and struggles they face. The evos argue about how to fight back, and one woman brings up El Vengador and his underground railroad, while Coach Lewis brings up incidents from other cities. One man suggests that the real enemy isn't the government, but those who lurk in the shadows. Tommy tells the group that he is in trouble with the law, has had to change his name, and that his mom doesn't sleep except with a gun. Tommy asks for help controlling his powers, but the evos can't help him. He then has to leave when his mom texts him.

After Tommy leaves, the group continue to discuss and argue their plight, even suggesting a revolution. Luke Collins listens to the meeting, but doesn't say anything until one older man says that Suresh was right about evos being the future. Luke laughs and tells the group about his son's tragic death at the June 13 summit. He blames evos and their "unnatural" powers. Right then, a man enters the group and tries to warn everybody that they have been found. Joanne follows after him and shoots him in the back. Luke and Joanne murder the entire group, and then set the church on fire.

The next day, Luke and Joanne read an article stating that Mohinder Suresh took credit for the massacre. Joanne is annoyed that Mohinder got credit while Luke notes how peculiar it is as it's the second time that's happened.

Send in the Clones

When recruiting Joanne, Erica Kravid shows her the article on the church fire and reveals Renautas covered up Luke and Joanne's involvement.

Heroes Evolutions

Brave New World

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