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Evs Dropper

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Evs Dropper
Evs Dropper.jpg
Location: Hartsdale, NY
Purpose: To bring down the Company
First appearance Into the Wild, Part 1
Known members: Connie Logan, Evs Dropper clone
Affiliated sites: Evs Dropper's cabin
Equipment used: Guns, cunning manipulation

Evs Dropper (sometimes called "evsdropr") is the collective identity and work of Connie Logan and a clone of Julien Dumont. Evs has taken up the fight to bring down the Company from the inside following the deaths of Hana Gitelman and Richard Drucker.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Donna's Big Date, Part 1

evsdropr calls Donna Dunlap, warning her that her blind date Blake is a killer. evsdropr informs her of a gun under the restaurant table and tells her to leave her date.

Graphic Novel:Donna's Big Date, Part 2

evsdropr talks to Donna while she watches the video surveillance of the Haitian erasing her memory. evsdropr tells her that it is how the Company works and that evsdropr was the person who arranged for her bed to be next to Noah Bennet. evsdropr then tells Donna that she can help with bringing down the Company, which she agrees to do.

Graphic Novel:Career Choices

When Gael Cruz asks Donna into his office, Donna remembers that he is a higher-up guy evsdropr wants info on. Later, Donna breaks into a Company file room using a code evsdropr gave to her.

Graphic Novel:Trust Issues, Part 1

Thompson, Jr., Devin, and Gael Cruz track down Cushing, thinking that he is responsible for four murders in the Company. The trio discovers a fifth victim, Jamie Wu, lying dead next to a startled Cushing. According to Cushing, he met Jamie because he had received a note saying that Jamie Wu knew who evsdropr really is. With his dying breath, Cushing warns the trio that evsdropr is always watching.

Later, flowers with a condolence note signed "Evs Dropper" are sent to Thompson, Jr.

Graphic Novel:Trust Issues, Part 2

Donna receives a call from evsdropr, who tries to convince Donna to continue to take down the Company. Later, Donna finds the phone she threw away along with a bag she assumes is from evsdropr. Attached to the bag and above her phone is a note, "I think you lost this...". In the bag, Donna finds a bullet that appears to be from Cushing's murder. Donna later calls evsdropr and says that she's handling things her way now.

Graphic Novel:Faces, Part 1

Bob tells Penny and Connie that the Company has been tracking their next target halfway across the country, and that he has been tipped off by a mysterious source.

Later, the target is at home in Levittown when evsdropr calls and warns him not to open the door, claiming also to be the person who has kept him safe so far.

Graphic Novel:Root and Branch, Part 2

Sabine Hazel receives a text message from evsdropr. The message reads, "ur partner is not the root of the dumont system" "hes an impostor". Sabine dismisses the message, but continues to receive more messages, distorted phone calls, and files with hard evidence.

Graphic Novel: Root and Branch, Part 3

While Sabine and the root Julien flee from the Company, Sabine receives more text messages from evsdropr that help with the escape. The first message reads, "south west door. only 2 agents, u can take them.", telling her how to escape from the Primatech Research in the easiest way. The second message advises Sabine to "take 287 west across the river.", advising directions to elude the Company. After crashing over a bridge that crosses the Bronx River, Sabine meets a mysterious man and his passenger, to whom she asks, "Are you evsdropr?". The man, revealing his identity to be another Julien clone, replies, "Not exactly."

Graphic Novel:Berlin, Part 1

A mysterious figure pays the German a visit to warn him about the agents who are after him and to tell him that the informant gave them false information about his plans. The German is informed that killing will be necessary and gives him pictures of Gael Cruz, Devin Patterson and another person.

Graphic Novel:Hindsight

Donna Dunlap, while initially falling into the allegiance of Evs Dropper and aiding in Evs Dropper's work to bring down the Company, changes her loyalty to the Company and severs ties with Evs, throwing the phone she used to receive Evs's text messages off the roof and into the bushes outside Primatech Research. The phone was traced and found by Gael Cruz utilizing GPS, and Donna's ties to Evs Dropper are exposed, resulting in her imprisonment. Gael interrogates Donna at gunpoint, repeatedly demanding who Evs is, but Donna continuously says she doesn't know.

Gael becomes increasingly paranoid about Evs, realizing that the Company is being worked from the inside. Donna, watching the conflict between the human and evolved agents from her cell, realizes that, while she really doesn't know who Evs Dropper is, she is starting to wonder that maybe this is exactly what Evs Dropper wants.

Graphic Novel:Foresight

Evs Dropper texts Donna giving her a map of where to find him/her. Donna and Thompson, Jr. then follow a map to a cabin, where they both see people inside.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 1

Sabine Hazel and Julien Dumont are driven to a cabin by a clone of Julien and his driver to meet Evs Dropper.

After Sabine and the clone put Julien to bed, Sabine demands to see Evs Dropper, which the clone refuses to do at that moment. Frustrated, she goes through a door against the clone's orders and finds many Julien clones equipped with military gear and guns. The clone shuts the door and confronts Sabine and she in turn holds him at gunpoint. The clone assures Sabine that they both want Julien safe. He also tells her that the clones are for a trap to take the Company down, and they want Sabine to join them. Sabine refuses and tells the clone that she wants to take Julien out of there. The clone states that Evs won't allow that to happen, and Sabine, enraged at the clone and hearing about Evs, hits the clone with her gun. She jams her gun under the clone's chin, and demands once again to talk to Evs and asks to know where he is. Evs places a gun to the back of Sabine's head and announces her presence. Sabine turns to address Evs, and sees that Evs is Connie Logan.

Inside the cabin, Sabine realizes both Julien and Connie are "Evs Dropper," and that they plan to destroy the Company altogether ensure that the Company won't come after them. Sabine believes it to be a suicide mission, as plenty had tried to destroy the Company and all had failed. Sabine appeals to Connie to allow her to take Julien to safety, as he is too fragile to go through a Company siege. Connie, however, doubts her sincerity, thinking Sabine would instead kill Julien. Connie and Sabine fight, with the clone trying to stop them. The fight spills into Julien's room with Sabine taking Connie's gun, and ends with Sabine holding Connie and the clone at gunpoint. The clone shoots the gun out of Sabine's hand, and other clones arrive and hold Sabine at gunpoint. Connie demands that, if Sabine doesn't step away from "her husband", Julien, she will be killed.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 2

Connie Logan recalls to Sabine the defining moments of her life, beginning 20 years ago with marrying Julien, and continuing when she was a year older, when Gael visits her and Julien in the hospital after she had given birth to Penny. Two years later, Connie signs a form for Gael noting her consent for Julien's blood to be tested and so an attempt could be made to mimic Julien's ability. And after two more years, Gael tells Connie that Julien was killed.

Connie then considers leaving town, but she likes seeing Julien's face. So she dates and falls in love with one of Julien's clones, who informs her that the root Julien is still alive. Connie then forces the clone to take her to him, and she visits the root Julien in his cell at Primatech Research. It is then that Connie decides to make the Company pay, and set him free.

In the present, Sabine then apologizes to Connie, saying she didn't know, and that she needs time to think. But an alarm then goes off in the cabin, meaning that the cabin's perimeter has been breached. Two of the clones then help the root Julien into a black Hummer SUV parked in back of the cabin. Connie and Sabine get inside a Hummer and begin heading down a back exit road into the woods, leading a big convoy of Hummers containing the rest of the Julien clones.

Connie and her team approach a bridge. Connie orders the clones out of their vehicles and to take positions as planned. A group of the clones then blocks the road, halting the pursuit of the Company. Thompson, Jr., Donna, and the other Company agents then exit their vans to confront them. The clones on the road use explosive weaponry to take out three Company vans on the road, and Donna and Thompson, Jr. head off the road into the woods to find Connie.

After some searching, Donna is able to lead Thompson, Jr. towards Connie and the Julien clones. Thompson, Jr. shoots one of the clones, but Connie and the other clones get the jump on them and they end up all pointing guns at Thompson. Then, Thompson, Jr. is pistol-whipped in the face and he falls to the ground on his knees. He asks, "Are you insane?" Donna, pointing her gun at Thompson, replies, "You have no idea."

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 3

Thompson, Jr. learns that it isn't Donna who has double-crossed him when Connie alters Donna's face to be Penny's. Penny explains that she took Donna's place a few hours earlier when Donna was changing in the motel bathroom. Thompson then asks where Donna is now, and Connie points to the bridge where Donna has been tied up next to plastic explosives set to go off in 3 minutes.

Meanwhile, Gael is driving with Bianca in a car, searching for "the package". Bianca tries to call Thompson, only to get his voicemail. Back in other sector of the woods, Thompson pleads for Connie to let Donna go. Instead, Connie changes Penny to a new face, and Penny moves in to shoot him. However, Fallon and his team have arrived and one of his men blows Penny's head off. Connie orders the clones to kill Fallon and his team, and she makes a break for it but ends up getting shot dead.

Gael and Bianca are now driving away with Sabine and the root Julien in their SUV, and receive Thompson's message. Bianca tells Gael that they need to stop him, but Gael disagrees, and tells her that they have what they came for, and will allow him to make his own mistakes.

Still driving through the woods, Gael's SUV encounters another group of Julien clones and he orders Bianca to cut the root. Bianca shoots the root Julien, and the other clones outside the SUV fall dead.

Heroes Evolutions

After Hana's death, a mystery person took over her messages and began sending out their own messages.

While Devin Patterson is in Berlin, evsdropr gains access to his PDA.


  • According to Robert Atkins, "Everything Evs does is for a reason, and could only be accomplished by someone who has a lot of inside information."
  • According to the introduction of Berlin, Part 2, Evsdropr is responsible for warning the German that the Company was out to get him, meaning the German's informant is either Evsdropr or working with Evsdropr. Later, in the introduction of Hindsight, the informant is identified as Evs.
  • In an online interview with Ryan Gibson Stewart, Evs Dropper answered a number of fan-submitted questions as well as answering some personal history questions and the motivations driving Evs Dropper to bring the Company down.
  • If you put the name together it is "evsdropper", but it sounds like "Eaves Dropper"

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Evs Dropper for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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