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Image:Enhanced synesthesia in Tabula Rasa (3).JPG|...skillfully and beautifully.<br />(''[[Tabula Rasa]]'')
Image:Enhanced synesthesia in Tabula Rasa (3).JPG|...skillfully and beautifully.<br />(''[[Tabula Rasa]]'')
Image:Enhanced_synesthesia_in_409.JPG|Emma returns to the piano to practice her ability.<br />(''[[Shadowboxing]]'')
Image:Enhanced_synesthesia_in_409.JPG|Emma returns to the piano to practice her ability.<br />(''[[Shadowboxing]]'')
Image:Emma's ability in 412 (1).JPG|Emma plays the [[cello]] in [[Central Park]]...
Image:Emma's ability in 412 (2).JPG|...creating a flurry of colors...
Image:Emma's ability in 412 (3).JPG|...which draws towards her an audience...
Image:Emma's ability in 412 (4).JPG|...including [[Ian Michaels]], on whom Emma is concentrating while playing.<br />(''[[Upon This Rock]]'')
Image:Emma's ability in 414 (1).JPG|Emma plays the cello and focuses her thought on Peter Petrelli...
Image:Emma's ability in 414 (2).JPG|...and soon, Peter shows up at her door.<br />(''[[Close to You]]'')
Image:Emma's ability in 418 (1).JPG|Under [[Doyle]]'s [[puppet master|control]], Emma plays the [[cello]]...
Image:Emma's ability in 418 (2).JPG|...attracting a large crowd to the [[Sullivan Bros. Carnival]].<br />{{epp|418}}
Image:Emma's ability in 418 (3).JPG|When Doyle's grip loosens for a second, Emma lashes out...
Image:Emma's ability in 418 (4).JPG|...striking Doyle with a sound-wave.<br />{{epp|418}}
Image:From the Files of Primatech, Part 1.jpg|[[Chris Coolidge]] uses his power...
Image:Uncle ira's.jpg| attract people to Uncle Ira's.
Image:AngelaDanielinUncleIras.jpg|Even inside, Chris uses his power.
Image:We're gonna start a riot.jpg|Then, Chris uses his power to stop the police.<br/ >(''[[From the Files of Primatech, Part 1]]'')

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Enhanced synesthesia is the ability to see sound as colorful light. A full list of examples of the power in action follows.

Season Four

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