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Explosion future

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Explosion future
Rooftop future.jpg
In the future, New York City has been destroyed.

First mentioned: Hiros
Date of event: Multiple possible futures

The "explosion future" is a glimpse of what would have happened had the the explosion destroyed New York City.



Hiro teleports into the future in New York City.

Don't Look Back

Hiro wanders through New York City and finds a comic depicting the events that led him to the city. He goes to find the artist, Isaac Mendez, but instead finds his dead body. The top of his head has been cut off. Hiro is then attacked by police officers and during an interrogation, he learns that he has time-traveled five weeks into the future. He then hears a loud noise and turns to the window. A large explosion is crashing through the city and seconds before Hiro is hit, he time travels away.


Future Hiro teleports from the future and tells Peter that saving the cheerleader is "the only way to prevent it". Confused, Peter asks what will be prevented. Hiro says, "Everything."


Hiro teleports himself and Ando to Charles Deveaux's rooftop. They overlook a New York City that appears to have been all but annihilated.


Hiro and Ando find themselves in New York City, but they don't recognize the extreme decimation. They go to Isaac Mendez's loft and find that it, too, is in ruins.

Graphic Novel:String Theory

Five years after the explosion, Hiro saves a woman named Sparrow. Upon returning to his loft, he works on a timeline consisting of strings, pictures, and articles of past events. Hiro thinks about his past, amongst which he narrates:

  • Sylar was the cause of the explosion on November 8th.
  • The explosion occurs the day after Nathan Petrelli is elected into congress.
  • Hiro attempts to kill Sylar to prevent the tragedy.
  • Hiro finds the date he believes he needs to go back to in order to contact Peter Petrelli without causing a rift. He hopes this will be enough to change the future.

Five Years Gone

The timeline in this episode includes the effects of Future Hiro's actions in String Theory and is consistent with the events of all previous episodes. Prior to the events of this episode, the following events occur between November 8, 2006 and November 8, 2011:

Graphic Novel:Walls, Part 1

A year after the explosion, the government tracks down and imprisons countless evolved humans in the Moab Federal Penitentiary.

Graphic Novel:Walls, Part 2

Immediately following the prison break, a showdown occurs: the agents versus Hiro, Peter, and Niki.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

In Kirby Plaza, Peter faces off with Sylar, but loses control of Ted's power in the process, causing him to start to explode. After Hiro stabs Sylar, Peter tries to get him and later Claire to kill him to prevent the explosion and this future. In the end, Nathan flies Peter high into the air where he harmlessly explodes, altering the future.

Fight or Flight

Nathan has a nightmare, created by Maury Parkman. He watches a destroyed New York from the roof of the Deveaux Building. He hears Peter's voice coming from a body on the ground, the body looks up and it his hideously disfigured alter-ego. The two then have a vicious fight but this is then interrupted by Matt inserting a thought into Nathan's head and stopping the hallucination. This future appears to be in the moments just after the explosion as there is ash falling all around and the entire city is in flames.

Memorable Quotes

"Five years ago, a man named Sylar exploded in the heart of the city, changing the world forever."

- Future Hiro (to Hiro and Ando) (Five Years Gone)

"After Sylar exploded, the world became a very dark place. And that is why we need to change it. Get him back so he can kill Sylar."

- Future Hiro (to Ando) (Five Years Gone)

"Is everything okay?"

"No. Let's go fix it."

- Ando, Peter Petrelli (Five Years Gone)

"We are trying to stop a bad thing. The bomb. Big boom. You must help. Or bad future will come."

- Hiro (to Nathan) (Landslide)


This alternate future was referred to several times in Saving Charlie.

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