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==See Also==
==See Also==
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Portrayed by Robb Conner
First appearance Strange Attractors
In-story stats
Known ability None
Nickname Zeke
Residence Sullivan Bros. Carnival
Occupation Carnival worker

Ezekiel works at Sullivan Bros. Carnival.

Character History

Strange Attractors

Ezekiel is at the carnival when Samuel brings Tracy there.

The Fifth Stage

When Samuel and Claire tell the carnival children stories, Ezekiel (wearing a purple shirt under a black vest) listens with them.

Let It Bleed

After Samuel takes down Sylar, Ezekiel is among those who come to observe his body.


When Samuel loses Vanessa and destroys a small village in anger, Ezekiel watches as he stalks back to his trailer.

The Art of Deception

Ezekiel listens in sadness as Samuel delivers an apologetic speech to the carnies. Soon, when the crowd of carnies come under fire from Eli, Ezekiel scrambles to find cover. He later listens as Samuel announces his ultimate plan to show the world who they really are.


  • In an email to Ryan Gibson Stewart, Robb Conner explained that he created the name "Ezekiel" for his character, just as many of the actors who portrayed carnies created names for their characters.
  • Many of the carnies also imagined their characters to have abilities. Robb Conner said that his character has the ability of elasticity. "It makes my character almost indestructible, as he can spread himself as thin or as long as necessary." To see Robb Stretch his skin, see here.
  • Robb Conner said that he "always considered Zeke the black sheep Sullivan Brother. The one Samuel always beat the crap out of as a kid, so he keeps himself to the shadows. I always pictured Samuel, Joseph, and myself as a cosmic Rock Paper Scissors game...I figured [Ezekiel and Joseph] would have to balance each other out."

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