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Fan Creation:Heroes Exodus

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Heroes Exodus
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Heroes Exodus is an Alternate Reality RPG Forum, where a small group of people are forced to rationalize a brewing storm of unexplained phenomena.

"It starts right after 'Volume Two: Generations' ends, and before 'Volume Three: Villains' even begins . . .".

A serial drama that follows the lives of ordinary people who thought they were like everyone else… until they woke with discovering extraordinary abilities and incredible powers. Save the Cheerleader, save the world… are you on the list? Some people are born to be extraordinary, someone flies... someone dies, no one is safe… how do you stop an exploding man?



March 20, 2007

Hiro Nakamura, Nathan Petrelli and Matt Parkman try to stop Adam Monroe and Peter Petrelli from releasing the Shanti virus. • Nathan and Matt reveal Adam's true intentions to Peter. • Adam releases the only known specimen of Strain 138. • Hiro avenges his father, Kaito's death by burying Adam alive. • The first case of the incurable virus is reported. • Nathan contracts the virus in the first outbreak and dies shortly thereafter.

Gabriel Gray a.k.a. "Sylar" holds Maya Herrera, Dr. Mohinder Suresh and Molly Walker hostage to get his acquired ability, Telekinesis, back. • Maya is shot by Sylar but is restored back to life by the rapidly regenerative blood. • Elle Bishop attempts to get back into her father, Robert "Bob's” good graces by saving Maya, Mohinder and Molly from Sylar.

Claire Bennet's plan to reveal her ability, Rapid cell regeneration, hits a road bump with her adoptive father, Noah's return. • Claire watches in shock as her biological father, Nathan is rushed to the hospital on the news.

Sylar comes across a dossier on the Level 5 prisoners and takes it for himself. • Mohinder returns from the airport, having placed Molly on a plane somewhere "safe."

• In Tokyo, Hiro and Ando Masahashi are settling into executive management at Yamagato Industries.


Four Months Later

Hiro Nakamura was a programmer at Yamagato Industries based in Tokyo, Japan who possesses the ability to bend space and time. Bored with the monotony and conformity of his job as a salaried employee, Hiro turned to his love of science fiction and fantasy as an escape. A bit of a dreamer, he loved the idea of possessing powers, but the reality of it all became more than what he expected. Initially a happy-go-lucky fellow with an innocent view of adventure, Hiro's experiences forced him to become more serious and determined. He possesses a very strong sense of purpose and a solid moral foundation, and the events in his life only strengthen them.

So when Hiro returned to the present from 1977 to retrieve his sword. He informed Ando Masahashi that he must avenge his father, stop Adam Monroe and save the world. After trapping Adam in an unmarked grave in Aoyama Cemetery, Hiro was found in a cubicle at Yamagato Industries by Ando.

When Ando asked about Adam, Hiro cryptically replied that Adam would never harm anyone again . . .

The Ten Brides of Takezo Kensei

Adam Monroe and a group of twelve founders started the Company thirty years ago; their initial goal was to help other evolved humans. To find and protect them, even if it meant eliminating the "dangerous ones." The original founders were "like minded individuals" who wanted to save the world; Adam was the one who "brought them all together." But he was locked away for thirty years on November 2, 1977, concluding that he only spent about 10 to 11 months with the Company. Under the promise that they would "fix him", they rather only held him there to prevent him from "saving the world" or becoming a danger to others.

While in his cell, Adam refused to take his power negation pills. So his power gave way to madness, and now his deposition was evil. But he fancies himself a noble god, thinking that he can make the world a better place for him and Sophie Covington. Even after being trapped in a coffin by Hiro Nakamura, Adam's goal was still to eliminate most of humanity. So now he's working to bring down the Company, by killing Angela Petrelli and Bob Bishop.

But first Adam needed to escape, so he patiently waits for Sophie to find him . . .

Signature Created by Jason, thanks again man . . .

Memorable Quotes

"First you show me that I can be harmed by no weapon, and then you cut me deeper than any blade possibly could."

"As long as I have breath, anything you love I will lay to waste. I swear... You will suffer." -- Adam Monroe to Hiro Nakamura


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  • Setting: Odessa, TX

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