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Fan Creation:Heroes Side Story

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Heroes Side Story
We know about the Heroes in the show, but what about the Heroes we don't hear about?

Heroes Side Story a fan-produced series that follows the lifes of Heroes we don't see or hear about on the show .


Johnny Benson

Darrel Raiden

Keira Cartell


The Day After...

After having his first experience with his "Abilities", Johnny decideds he needs to find out what's happening to him.


As Johnny's secret begins to tear away at him, he decides to let someone know, so he wont feel so down any more.

Reliving The Past

Johnny is still confused about what is happening to him, but even worse, just when he thought the memories from the night he discovered his "Abilities" were over, his dreams brought them back...

It's a Small World After All

Johnny has realized why he was so worried about the night he discovered his power, but will he realize just how close that threat is?


Still bothered, Johnny goes on another walk, trying to clear his mind. Instead, however, he finds something to distract him from the problems at hand.

Stress Reliever

Having found a place he can relax and be by himself, care free, Johnny decides to show his neighbor, Darrel, the place he found in the woods, just the day before.

Meanwhile, who is this mysterious new character? What does he have to do with Johnny, and where did he come from? Keep watching to find out.

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