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* [ The Great Luke Ski]
* [ The Great Luke Ski]
* [ Video based on the song]
* [ Video based on the song]
* [ Another fanmade video for the song]
* "[[Wikipedia:Holding Out for a Hero|Holding Out for a Hero]]" by Bonnie Tyler -- Wikipedia
* "[[Wikipedia:Holding Out for a Hero|Holding Out for a Hero]]" by Bonnie Tyler -- Wikipedia
{{fan creation}}
{{fan creation}}

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Holding Out For Hiro
Holding Out For Hiro portal.jpg

"Holding Out for Hiro" is a fan song on the Funny Music Project written by Luke Sienkowski, and played by Carrie Dahlby and Jared Ringold of Possible Oscar, and ShoEboX of Worm Quartet. It is a parody of the Bonnie Tyler song "Holding Out for a Hero."


The song references many characters, events, and phenomena specific to Heroes, including:


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