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Fan Creation:Syhindlar

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Sylar and Mohinder.

"Syhindlar" is a fan-created word coined to describe the relationship between the two characters Sylar and Mohinder Suresh.



At his apartment, Mohinder attempts to contact several people from the list, but is unable to get anyone to believe him. However, on his answering machine is a return call from one of the people he tried to contact: Zane Taylor. Mohinder heads to Zane Taylor's home in Virginia Beach.

Sylar arrives at Zane Taylor's home while Zane is waiting for Mohinder Suresh. He claims to be Suresh and asks Zane to demonstrate his ability.

When Mohinder arrives, Sylar introduces himself as Zane and displays his power by melting various objects. Mohinder asks for a DNA sample, and Sylar heads into the other room to make tea. Sylar swabs Zane's corpse's mouth and returns with the sample. Mohinder tells Sylar about the list, and Sylar volunteers to come with him and help him contact the others.


Sylar and Mohinder travel to Bozeman, MT, to meet Dale Smither. Sylar demonstrates his newest power to help convince Dale that undergoing testing would be a good idea. As she talks about her power, she hears Sylar's hearbeat quicken. That night, Sylar and Mohinder go to a motel, and they discuss the possibility of inhibiting the powers of evolved humans. Sylar asks Mohinder about the man who killed Chandra.

During the night. Sylar kills Smither and steals her power. When Sylar and Mohinder arrive the next morning, they find Dale's brainless corpse.

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