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Trying to identify as many of these people as we can...

Back row:

  • The guy in the orange bandanna with his arms outstretched is Chill, who portrays Josh and Evan Davis.


  • The African American guy who is second from the left and holding something in his left hand is one of the Kendrick twins, who is a juggler.
  • The woman who is fourth from the left (next to Erlene) is Eva Germaine (Erlene's sister).
  • The woman who is fifth from the left with the black hat with cards in it is Erlene Garcia, the psychic carny.
  • The African American woman (seventh from the left, in front of Chill) is Lakrishi Kindred, the pregnant carny.
  • Next to her, the African American woman with dreads (fifth from the right) is Jessica Hammond, the multicolor eyed carny.
  • The older man, fourth from the right, with the tie, the whitish blond hair and long beard is Dana. I think his last name is Haas, but I'm not sure, nor am I sure how to spell it.
  • The big guy in the green shirt is Brian Estwick, who portrays Reginald Stanley.
  • The guy next to Brian with the hat, black jacket, purple shirt, and the cup of coffee, I think his name is Eric Saary, but I'm not sure.

Front row:

  • The second guy, wearing the green suit with the purple underneath, is Robb Conner, who portrays Ezekiel.
  • The African American guy all the way in the front in the red bandanna is one of the Kendrick twins, who is a juggler.
  • Between Robb and Stewart, and behind the Kendrick juggler, is Jennifer Bittiger-Kemp. We don't have a name for her yet.
  • The older guy squatting and wearing a gold vest is Stewart Tain, the older carny.
  • Between Stewart and Keola (and in front of Dana) is Martin Kemp. We don't have a name for him yet.
  • All the way on the right, in the multi-patterned shirt is Keith Keola Sakima, the balancing carny.

Some people are missing from the photo...and lots of people are unidentified. Anybody else want to take a shot? :) -- RyanGibsonStewart (talk) 09:20, 30 January 2010 (EST)