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Fortune teller

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Fortune teller
LP-Fortune Teller.jpg
First appearance Stolen Fate
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Occupation Fortune teller at a carnival

A fortune teller at Sullivan Bros. Carnival gives Hiro a fortune.

Character History


Hiro tells Ando that fourteen years ago, the fortune teller at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival set his fate so he would be a hero. He wishes he could go back and stop the younger Hiro from visiting her.

Jump, Push, Fall

Hiro goes back in time so he can change his current fate, but decides to not change his future. Young Hiro receives his fortune from the fortune teller and then yells, "Yatta!"

Graphic Novel:Stolen Fate

The fortune teller tells Hiro that he will become a brave and powerful hero, and escorts him out of her tent. Edgar sneaks up and steals her crystal ball, and she screams at him to come back. She and Samuel confront Edgar and Lydia, and Edgar calls her a old hag, prompting Samual to slap him, and saying that all is not as it seems, as she takes off her hood and eyepatch, revealing a young women beneath. She tells them she does not want the crystal ball back, as it is now ruined. Lydia says it's fine, and that they saw things in it, but the fortune teller tells her it was a prop, and what they saw is Lydias' power, not hers, leaving her to ponder what she has seen.

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