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'''Gold''' could refer to:
* '''[[Alchemy]]''', the [[ability]] to transform the chemical composition of materials into other materials, including gold.
* '''[[Gold mimicry]]''', the ability to transform one's body into gold.
* '''Agent Golde''', who reports on [[Agent Penn]]'s disrobing.
* '''''[[The Golden Goose]]''''', the graphic novel which depicts the death of [[Hampton Connolly]].
* '''[[Joel Goldes]]''', a dialect coach for ''[[Heroes]]''.
* "'''[[songs#Five Years Gone|Goldfrapp]]'''", the artist responsible for "Oh La La", which was featured in ''[[Five Years Gone]]''.
* '''[[Jonathan Goldstein]]''', the actor who portrays a [[Cainan citizen]].
* '''[[Ryan Goldstein]]''', a set production assistant for ''[[Heroes]]''.
* '''{{link|Grant Gould}}''', one of the artists who worked on the ''[[Heroes]]'' [[trading cards]].
* '''[[San Antonio]]''', the Heavyweight Gold Gloves Champ of Kansas City, MO.
* Any of the '''''Golden Handshake''''' graphic novels:
{| width="56%" border="0"
| {{PortalComic|image=GN Golden Handshake P1.jpg|link=Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 1|text='''''Part 1:<br>Man Overboard'''''}}
| {{PortalComic|image=GN Golden Handshake P2.jpg|link=Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 2|text='''''Part 2:<br>An American in Paris'''''}}
| {{PortalComic|image=GN Golden Handshake P3.jpg|link=Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 3|text='''''Part 3:<br>One More for the Road'''''}}
| {{PortalComic|image=GN Golden Handshake P4.jpg|link=Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 4|text='''''Part 4:<br>Severance Pay'''''}}
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