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| title = Fathers & Daughters
| title = Fathers & Daughters
| link =
| link =
| image = [[Image:gn_fathersanddaughters.jpg]]
| image = Image:gn_fathersanddaughters.jpg
| caption = [[Mr. Bennet]] cradles [[Eden]]'s [[Sylar's victims|lifeless body]] as [[the Haitian]] recaptures [[Sylar]].
| caption = [[Mr. Bennet]] cradles [[Eden]]'s [[Sylar's victims|lifeless body]] as [[the Haitian]] recaptures [[Sylar]].
| number = 11
| number = 11

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Fathers & Daughters
Issue #: 11
Released: December 4, 2006
Mr. Bennet cradles Eden's lifeless body as the Haitian recaptures Sylar.
Story by: Andrew Chambliss
Art by: Travis Kotzebue & Micah Gunnell
Lettering by: Comicraft
Produced by: Aspen MLT Inc.
Easter Egg: Hi-res scan of Isaac's painting of the Exploding Man
Previous: Turning Point
Next: Super-Heroics

Everything but the guilt.
Claire Bennet has come to an important decision in her life. She has just told her father about her fantastic ability to heal from any injury. What she doesn't realize, however, is that Mr. Bennet already knows. The mysterious man in horn-rimmed glasses has been systematically capturing individuals with fantastic abilities, both good and evil. And even his own family may not escape his agenda...


Mr. Bennet visits Eden McCain's father to tell him his daughter is dead. When the man reacts with indifference, calling Eden a "cheap whore", Bennet becomes violently angry. He tells Eden's father that Eden sacrificed her life to stop Sylar from gaining her power. He then tells the Haitian not to clean the man out completely, but to "leave the guilt".


  • Fathers & Daughters marks Eden's third appearance in a graphic novel, making her the character with most appearances in the graphic novels. She will be superceded by Mr. Bennet with his fourth appearance in Wireless, Part 2.
  • Fathers & Daughters marks Mr. Bennet's second appearance in a graphic novel (after Monsters).
  • Fathers & Daughters marks Eden's father's second appearance. This makes him have the most appearances in the graphic novels of any character that is not the main focus of a graphic novel.

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