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Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 3

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Into the Wild, Part 3
Issue #: 103
Released: September 15, 2008
Into the Wild, Part 3.jpg
Story by: Jim Martin
Art by: Jason Badower
Colors by: Annette Kwok
Lettering by: Comicraft
Produced by: Aspen MLT Inc.
Easter Egg: Cast and crew photo from the Season 3 Premiere Party held September 7, 2008 at The Edison Lounge in Los Angeles, CA
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Into the Wild, Part 3 title.jpg
The bullets and blood fly as the Evs Dropper saga concludes.
Evs Dropper's motives were exposed when Connie's previous life with Root Julien was revealed. While once married and happy, The Company lied and told her he was killed. Nineteen years later, Connie learns that her husband was still alive and with help of Duplicate Julien and an army of Julien Clones, sets a trap to destroy The Company that betrayed her.

At the same time, Gael and Bianca are on their way to meet Donna and Thompson who race to stop Connie's plan and re-obtain "the package" of Sabine and Root Julien. Finally arriving at the scene, Thompson finds himself surrounded, and with Donna holding a gun to his head.


Thompson, Jr. learns that it isn't Donna who has double-crossed him when Connie alters Donna's face to be Penny's. Penny explains that she took Donna's place a few hours earlier when Donna was changing in the motel bathroom. Thompson then asks where Donna is now, and Connie points to the bridge where Donna has been tied up next to plastic explosives set to go off in 3 minutes.

Meanwhile, Gael is driving with Bianca in a car, searching for "the package". Bianca tries to call Thompson, only to get his voicemail. Back in other sector of the woods, Thompson pleads for Connie to let Donna go. Instead, Connie changes Penny to a new face, and Penny moves in to shoot him. However, Fallon and his team have arrived and one of his men blows Penny's head off. Connie orders the clones to kill Fallon and his team, and she makes a break for it but ends up getting shot dead.

Just then, Gael and Bianca arrive in an SUV to where Sabine and the root Julien are hiding, and report to Bob they have a visual on the package. Connie's dead body is a few feet away and some clones are fighting nearby. Fallon's team helps Thompson to escape and he rushes away towards the bridge, radioing for backup as he proceeds.

Gael and Bianca are now driving away with Sabine and the root Julien in their SUV, and receive Thompson's message. Bianca tells Gael that they need to stop him, but Gael disagrees, and tells her that they have what they came for, and will allow him to make his own mistakes.

Thompson arrives at the bridge and begins to untie Donna, wondering where is the backup he called for. As he proceeds, he recalls some of the agents who died and wishes he were better at defusing bombs. They then notice that Donna's feet have been nailed through a piece of wood, and Donna tells Thompson to leave her. When Thompson refuses, Donna calls him by his first name, Eric, and pushes him off the bridge as he professes his love for her. As Thompson falls into the water, Donna whispers that she loves him too and a huge explosion goes off on the bridge. Donna dies, just as Isaac foresaw.

Fallon then reports by radio that there are no enemy survivors, and Gael responds for his team to do a full sweep and tally the agent casualties within the hour. Fallon also asks about the Bailey case; but Gael tells him to forget about it, that plans have changed.

Still driving through the woods, Gael's SUV encounters another group of Julien clones and he orders Bianca to cut the root. Bianca shoots the root Julien, and the other clones outside the SUV fall dead. Sabine is shocked, asking why they killed the root when he was their package. Gael replies that Sabine is actually the package, and Bianca explains that Sabine is pregnant with a son, who will have an ability. Bianca wishes Sabine congratulations as they continue to drive away.

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  • Penny's final face was actually chosen by fans. At, fans could slide face parts around to create their own face. Then fans voted on which face they would like Penny to have.

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